Two-Day Virtual Seminar for Women by EnlightenNext

Lenox, Massachusetts
Saturday, May 19, 2012

   A Two-Day Virtual Seminar by EnlightenNext
  Saturday & Sunday May 19-20

Download Free Teleseminar: 'From Attractive to Attractor'

Dr. Elizabeth Debold and Mary Adams just held a free 75-minute teleseminar: "From Attractive to Attractor—3 Essentials for Sourcing a New Power & Direction as Women."  You can download the seminar to get a glimpse of what Elizabeth, Mary and Andrew Cohen will be sharing with you on the Sex, Power & Leadership Virtual Seminar on May 19/20.

>>Download the audio. Right-click and "save link as."

From Attractive to Attractor—3 Essentials for Sourceing a New Power & Direction as Women
Did you catch Ashley Judd's response to all of the recent negative media hype over her looks? After a feeding frenzy, the actress hit back hard, refusing to allow any other person, group or the media to affect her confidence. As she wrote, "A central part of my spiritual practice is letting go of otheration."

How many of us have the courage and inner strength to let go of "otheration"?

So often we want to say that it doesn't matter—how we look, what people think of us, how attractive we are to men—but deep down there is so often a nagging insecurity. There's that little voice that keeps us constantly trying to please others while struggling to be ourselves.

But we women are not here just to be attractive and pleasing to others. We're living at a moment in which our full creative potential is so needed to take our culture forward. Download the the free teleseminar here.

Featured blog post on The Huffington Post by Dr. Elizabeth Debold:

"Too Many Shades of Grey." (4/27/12)

"In last week's Newsweek cover story, "Spanking Goes Mainstream," author Katie Roiphe set the blogosphere atwitter with her commentary on the cultural trend of bright young women willingly engaged in BDSM relationships: 50 Shades of Grey, Lena Dunham's HBO series Girls --even the wedding night of teen heart throbs Bella and Edward in the third Twilight movie. Roiphe pointed to the paradox that our postmodern freedoms are leading to an embrace of sexual subordination. Because Roiphe's modernist assertions of individual responsibility often clash with postmodern feminists' more nuanced understanding of how cultural and social forces shape us, her analysis was largely dismissed as just another of her potshots against contemporary feminism. But she's picking up something about female agency that I've had on my radar for a while, something women need to think about deeply: Why, when the women's movement aimed to liberate us from being sexually objectified and degraded in a male-dominant culture, are so many women objectifying and degrading themselves?" Read full blog post here


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  • "Elizabeth Debold and Mary Adams are rare and powerful teachers whose commitment to the evolution of consciousness, to awakened community, and to the innate power in the leadership of women is stunning. Rarely will you spend time in the company of teachers whose dedication runs more deeply than theirs."Diane Musho Hamilton
    (Lead Trainer, Integral Life Practice; Founder iEvolve)

    “For women who don’t ever wish to find themselves waking up, looking at their lives, and asking, ‘Is that all there is?’ I suggest they go directly to Elizabeth Debold and Mary Adams. These two brilliant, compassionate life forces have dedicated themselves to understanding on the deepest level the issues that inhibit women from finding their purpose, and then offer a unique program for profound self-transformation."Dalma Heyn
    (Bestselling author of The Erotic Silence of The American Wife; Marriage Shock: The Transformation of Women into Wives)

    "Profound, wise, and compelling pioneers of women’s evolution, Mary Adams and Elizabeth DeBold brilliantly articulate our collective journey as women in illuminating, clarifying and inspiring ways. These two are amongst the great women of our time. Their work is an extraordinary and central contribution to the conversation, and I recommend them as teachers to any woman serious about taking her rightful place as a co-creator of the future of our world."Katherine Woodward Thomas
    (author of Calling in The One,and co-creator of the Feminine Power transformative courses for women.)

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