Chicago Algorithmic Trading Conference: for Developers, by Developers

Chicago, Illinois
Thursday, June 07, 2012

Thanks to all who attended the 1st Annual 
Chicago Algorithmic Trading Conference: for Developers, by Developers on June 7th, 2012 - you helped make this event a success!

View details and register for the 2nd Annual Chicago Algorithmic Trading Conference: for Developers, by Developers on June 12, 2013 at W Chicago - City Center.

Developing Algorithmic Trading in Java
Are you worried that your algorithm is not fast enough? In this session our own OptionsCity Java experts talk about techniques they have used across-the-board to optimize execution time, including caching, coalescing queues, and divide-and-conquer strategies amongst others. As part of the session, we will also cover how to write JIT friendly code and how to troubleshoot JIT issues. The last part of this session will devote time to thread priorities, and why setting thread priorities can be detrimental to performance.

Criteria for a Successful Algorithmic Trading Operation
Do you have all the components to construct a successful algo platform? In this panel discussion, development leaders and forged industry experts discuss crucial concerns facing the development community, including potential pitfalls and novel strategies when designing a trading platform. Topical extensions in this session range from a developer’s fundamental choice of software language, to hardware upgrading and network topology, to parallel processing, back-testing, monitoring, and much more. Developers and financial technology professionals seeking to remain on the cutting-edge of these industry-specific issues certainly do not want to miss this session.

Automated Trader Magazine Algorithmic Trading Survey Report
Automated Trader’s recently published Algorithmic Trading Survey Report provided extensive insights into the key trends and developments taking place within our industry.  Based on responses from over 500 market professionals, the report highlighted the extent to which firms are using some of the latest technologies, the types of data that are driving algos, as well as how firms are looking to leverage their IP across markets, asset classes and regions in their search for alpha opportunities. In what promises to be a fascinating session, John Howard, CEO at Automated Trader Magazine will present the key points to emerge from the survey data.

Algorithmic Trading: The Rush Towards Automation
Our panel of leading industry figures, including asset managers, quantitative developers and technologists will debate the key points to emerge from Automated Trade Magazine’s Algorithmic Trading Survey Report and examine how the unrelenting rush towards full automation of the entire trade life-cycle has, and still is changing the way we trade. The panel will explore where firms need to focus to maintain a competitive advantage, as well as speculate on what the future might hold and what might interfere with the relentless pace of change.

Algo Development Workshop
Ever wonder what it really takes to write an algo? In this workshop session, experienced developers will walk you through all the steps - from conception, to coding, to testing, to deployment, and finally uploading to the Algo Store - all performed using a real-world Futures Magazine example as an introduction to a problem domain and how to commercialize a solution. Afterwards, the developers will engage the audience and field questions about the process, the platform, and other real world examples!

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