2nd Alcohol and Cancer Conference

Breckenridge, Colorado
Saturday, May 11, 2013
Deadline for registration has been extended to April 1st 2013

2nd Alcohol and Cancer Conference

Breckenridge CO, May 11-15, 2013

Scientific Program


Saturday May 11:

5 - 8 PM Conference Registration

6 - 8 PM Welcoming Reception

All presentations will be 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes of discussion.

Sunday May 12:

8:30      Welcome (Vasilis Vasiliou)

9:00      Max Parkin, “How much cancer is caused by alcohol”

9:30      Robert Wascher, “Alcohol & cancer epidemiology” 

10:00    Peter Eriksson, “Genetic-epidemiological evidence for the role of acetaldehyde in cancers related to alcohol drinking”

10:30    Coffee break

11:00    Scott Friedman “Alcohol, fibrosis and hepatocellular carcinoma”

11:30    Hide Tsukamoto, “Alcohol and liver tumor initiating cells”

12:00    Gunda Millonig “The role of iron in alcohol associated hepatocarcinogenesis”

12:30    Break for lunch 

2:00      Phillip J. Brooks, “Alcohol and cancer:  What do we know, what do we need to know, and how can we find out?”

2:30      Felix Stickel “Cirrhosis and liver cancer”

3:00      Gyongyi Szabo, “Alcohol and HCV: Implications for liver cancer”

3:30      Dennis R Petersen, “Lipid-derived aldehydes and cancer”

4:00      Laura Saba, "Using systems genetics to explore disease susceptibility: Possibilities in alcohol and cancer"


4:30-6:30           Poster viewing and discussions (cash bar)




Monday May 13:

                        8:30      Helmut Seitz, “Molecular mechanisms of alcohol-induced carcinogenesis”

9:00      Sebastian Mueller,Alcohol-mediated oxidative stress and cancer: Evidence and experimental models”

                        9:30      Art Cederbaum, “Role of the JNK MAP KINASE signaling pathway in synergistic toxic interactions between CYP2E1 and LPS/TNF”

                        10:00    Helmut Seitz, “Carcinogenic exocyclic etheno DNA adducts as a result of CYP2E1  induction by ethanol”

10:30    Coffee break

                        11:00    Silvia Balbo “Acetaldehyde from alcohol consumption induces DNA adduct formation in human oral cavity and peripheral blood cells”

11:30    Lorraine J. Gudas “Alcohol’s effects on tissue regeneration and cancer”

12:00    Anna Mae Diehl, “Alcohol signaling pathways and cancer”

12:30    Frank J Gonzalez, "Metabolomics and discovery of biomarkers for alcohol-induced liver disease and hepatocarcinogenesis"

1:00      Break for lunch 


Aerodigestive  Cancers

2:00      Akira Yokoyama, “The effects of ADH1B/ALDH2 genotypes on alcohol metabolism and GI cancer”

2:30      Eric J Duell, “Genetic variation in alcohol metabolism pathways and gastric cancer risk in a European population”

3:00      Mikko Salaspuro, “Major role of oral microbes and tobacco smoke in the exposure of upper digestive tract cancer to carcinogenic acetaldehyde”

3:30      Robert A. Sclafani, “Resveratrol chemoprevention in HNSCC”

4:00      Coffee Break


Breast, Colon and Pancreatic Cancers

4:30      Vasilis Vasiliou, “Alcohol and colon cancer: The role of ALDH1B1 and ALDH1A1”

5:00      Samir Zakhari, “Alcohol and breast cancer: Reconciling epidemiological and molecular data”

5:30      Lisa Hines, “The contribution of genetic and cultural differences in alcohol consumption and breast cancer risk”

6:00      Eric J Duell, “Heavy alcohol consumption and pancreatic cancer risk: evidence from pooled data analyses and consortia”

Tuesday May 14:

New Investigator Session

8:30      Ying Chen, “The role of glutathione in alcohol-induced carcinogenesis”

9:00      Yatrik Shah, “The role of alcohol-induced liver hypoxia”

9:30      Doug Feldman, "Metabolic control of self-renewal in tumor-initiating cells"

10:00    Chi Chen, “Metabolomics and novel alcohol metabolites”

10:30    Coffee break and poster viewing

Postdoctoral and Graduate Students Session (15 min + 5 min of discussion each)

Stem Cells

11:00    Graduate Student

11:20    Graduate Student

11:40    Graduate Student

12:00    Kelly Mercer, “Chronic alcohol consumption promotes hepatocarcinogenesis in mice through activation of β-catenin”

12:20    Postdoctoral Fellow      

12:40    Postdoctoral Fellow      

1:00      Break for lunch 

Stem Cells

2:00      Clayton Smith, “Alcohol, stem cells and hematopoiesis”

2:30      Keigo Machida, “Tumor-initiating stem cells and NANOG in alcohol-associated cancer”

3:00      John Arcaroli, “Colon cancer stem cells”

3:30      Coffee Break

Fetal Alcohol and Cancer

4:00      Dipak Sarkar, “Fetal alcohol and cancer in endocrine tissues”

4:30      Wendie Cohick, Fetal alcohol and mammary cancer”

5:00      Organizing Committee, “Summary, conclusions and the future of the meeting”


Meeting Dinner


Wednesday May 15:




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