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Los Angeles, CA
Wednesday, November 07, 2012

8:00 to 8:30

Welcome, Check In, Networking

8:30 to 9:30

Citizen Outreach:  Strategy as Part of the Plan by Lisa Stotelmyre of Interactive Enterprise Solutions

Strategy is what ties the vision to results.  This session will focus on strategies and considerations when moving to an electronic process for accepting requests from the public.  Often times government organizations cannot mandate the use of externally facing systems yet in order to leverage the investment made in the system, citizens must adopt a new process for engaging with agencies. 

The City of Los Angeles launched an outreach program in 2009 to shift a document based submission from a mail, fax, and in-box bound process to an electronic data focused submission process and has reached an 87% self service rate.  As a case study example, we will walk through an overview of the program as well as some of the key lessons learned. 

If you are in the process of working through your strategy or are wondering where to start, this session will provide some useful information on the important components of a citizen outreach program. 

9:30  to 10:30

Getting Started with Social Media: Strategy and Tools, presented by Marieke Hensel of Branding Personality

Whether you are involved in an outreach program, establishing an online community, or simply responding to customer requests, social media is gaining ground and acceptance by citizens and internal staff in your organization.  Who do you follow and who follows you and why does it matter?  This session will provide a step by step framework for beginning users of social media and will also provide some useful tools that you may not yet be aware of to help you formulate your getting started plan.  We will also provide some useful information and perspectives on future trends of social media tools.

10:00 to 11:00

Citizen Outreach:  Applying Social Media Tools, by Lisa Stotelmyre of Interactive Enterprise Solutions

This session will build on the previous 2 sessions by discussing how social media tools can be applied to a specific project or outreach program.  We will discuss and share pros and cons, benefits, and risks associated with incorporating social media into a project or outreach program. 

Highlights from several white papers published by the New Zealand Department of Public Affairs as well as the New South Wales Education and Training Department in Australia will also be shared.

The last portion of this session will be focused on addressing questions from attendees who would like some input or feedback on specific initiatives. 

11:00 to 11:30

2013 Focus Topics, Input, Planning


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The Self Service Government User Forum's mission is to enhance the visibility to self service government initiatives that are completed, in progress, or just getting off the ground. Our goal is to share information, experience, ideas, strategies and to:

(a) connect government organizations with resources to help get projects off the ground,
(b) make an informed choice on tools and technologies for self service applications,
(c) develop strategies for citizen outreach, on-boarding, and user adoption,
(d) set cost savings quantitative goals as well as qualitative metrics for success,
(e) measure and report on progress,
(f) measure and collect feedback.

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