Black Girls RUN! Sweat With Your Sole Conference and Race Weekend

Charlotte, North Carolina
Friday, September 06, 2013


The following are proposed sessions for the conference and are subject to change. Session formats are lecture or active. Lecture sessions are interactive but do not involve physical activity. For Active sessions, be prepared to workout! The workshops start at 1:00 pm on Friday and 10:00 am on Saturday.

Active Sessions
"AB" Solutely No Crunches
Tired of holding your head while you crunch your way to a six-pack? Our AB instructor will show you ways to get ripped without a single crunch!
Speaker: Stephanie McCray, All Eyes on You Health & Fitness
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Belly Dancing for Runners!
Sexy flexibility from head to toe!  Belly dance is a low-impact yet very aerobic activity that can benefit the hips, knee and ankles of runners by providing a full range for motion. Come to this fun-filled sensual dance session!
Speaker: Yasmine & Magic Hips
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BGR! Goes Insane
No guts, no glory in this insanity style workout. Come prepared to dig deep!
Speaker: Michael Conner, BEST University LLC
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Black Girls OM!

This vigorous class is for BGR! yogis who want to take their vinyasa practice to the next level. Explore technically challenging poses that train the mind to be in a focused and aware place – building coordination, strength, and stamina. This class is perfect for those looking to move, flow, and challenge themselves with new poses!

Cardio & Culture-African Dance Class with/Live Drummiing
This session features a mixture of strengthening exercises and traditional West African movement. You don't need dance experience. Come ready to move to the best of live drumming and get a great workout with a dash of culture.
Speaker: Niche Faulkner, SHAE Movement African Arts
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Cardio Kickboxing

Are you looking for a full body sweat? Burn enough calories to enjoy a guilt free dessert with this high intensity workout. Kick, punch, and jab your way to a toned body. 
Speaker: Tasha Turnbull, T2 Fitness
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Cardio Line Dancing
Get ready to Step, Wobble, and Cha Cha during this cardio workout. You will boost your memory skills and your heart rate!
Speaker: Venecca Mason

RUN! Safe
Feel more secure when you can't make your group run and out on the road. Representatives from the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office will give you the lowdown on how to "Bruce Lee" your way out of any situation.
Presented by: Captain Michael Smith & Team, Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office

Speed Training 201
Ready to kick it up a notch?  We're taking this workout to the streets to practice all the breathing, form and drills you learned in Speed training 101.Be ready for a few surprises.
Speaker: Bethsheba Rem

Wondering if you are tough enough to make the cut? Intimidated by the “bare bones” gym that is all the rave? Find out what all the fuss is about at this Crossfit session!
Speaker: Jason Bright, Crossfit Northlake
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Yoga for Runners
This class will help improve joint & muscle flexibility, and help re-lubricate joints through a practice of deeply held postures. This is a perfect complement to your active athletic endeavors to give you greater flexibility and help prevent injuries. All Levels – no previous yoga experience necessary!
Speaker: Prana

Shimmy on over to this power packed dance fitness session where you will definitely sweat and shed a pound or two.
Speaker: Dawn Owens
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 Lecture Sessions
BGR! Beauty Box
Love the skin you're in! Come meet this Associate Beauty Editor for Essence Magazine and get the scoop on all things skin,face, hair and more. She will give you the low down on the trending products to keep your skin looking firm and fit!
Speaker: Nicole Melton, Essence Magazine

Black Girls Cycle

Cycling is a great way to burn extra calories when you understand the rules of the road and proper handling techniques. Come and get a crash course on how to choose and maintain the right bike for you and tips to make you a confident rider.
Speaker: TrySports Representative
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Bling Junkies

Is your social calendar full of races? Do you need a part time job for your running habit? If so, come join us for a mini intervention to talk about budgeting, planning, and getting the best value for gear.
Speaker: Adrienne White

Choosing the Right Supplements
Many people take some kind of dietary supplement but knowing which ones to take and choosing the right brand can mean the difference between having better health and throwing our money down the drain. Get valuable information from a certified personal trainer on how to use supplements to increase your total body wellness and aid you in reaching your fitness and performance goals.
Speaker: Tasha Turnbull
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Dinner: Possible
It is possible to eat healthy on the go AND on a budget. Get the details on how you can make and choose healthy options that will help you stay healthy and fit.
Speaker Dr. Olivia Affuso
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I Am Not My Hair
You are not your why is your hair holding you back from your workout!? Meet our team of stylists who will tell you how to maintain your hair while getting fit!
Speaker: Saasha Wheeler, Mo Moxie Design
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Intro to Weightlifting
Bells, bars, machines "Oh My"! Come to this session and learn more about the benefits of weightlifting and how much muscle you need to burn calories in your sleep.
Speaker: Connie Itchon, "Ripped Goddess"
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Just Tri it
Tri It for Life
Black Girls Swim & Bike too!!! Thinking about breaking out your “Olivia Pope” Swim cap and riding circles around your neighborhood? Come learn about Tri’s with Charlotte's own TRI club!
Speaker: Megan White

Keep Calm & Meditate
Learn to relax your soul and open your mind. This seminar will give you the peace of mind you need to keep you going.
Speaker: Jennifer White, Embodied Bliss
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Making Time for Me
Do you work a 9-5, run your family from 5-9 and never find time to work out and reach your goals? Come learn how to manage it all while making time for YOU!
Speaker: Kendra Tillman, Good Life Diva Communications, LLC
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Marathon & Half Marathon Maniacs
Get ready to put some mileage on your shoes! We're talking long distance here!
Speaker: Darlene Baltimore

Mixology 101
Juice your way to better health! Join our resident mixologist as you learn the healing properties of juicing and how it can be used to improve your overall wellness.
Speaker: Koya Webb
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Nature's Gym
Are your workouts work? Looking to mix up your routine a little? Join our instructors outside the Westin for some fresh air and a session that will give you some ideas to incorporate cross training exercises into your activities. Change up your routine to include exercise and activity utilizing resources found in the outdoors.
Speakers: Paul Harwood and Brenda Lo-Griffin, REI
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Psychology of a Runner
Running isn't just a physical sport. Mental and psychological training is also needed to run your best. Did you know that your brain plays an important role in running fatigue. Back by popular demand is Bethsheba Rem to teach you how to develop mental toughness, train hard and give you the motivation you need to visualize the finish line and your next PR.
Speaker: Bethsheba Rem

Run Injury Free
Are you over KT Tape, knee braces and all the other gadgets you use to hold yourself up while running? Come meet our PT team to show you how to “floss your muscles” and stretch it all out!
Presented by: Bradley Wiest, Carolina Sports Clinic 

Runner's Fuel: Nutrition for Everyday Endurance

Learn how to build balanced meals to enhance running and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Come learn the truth about the “low fat, low calorie, gluten free” labels and how they affect your meal planning. The key is not to control every food circumstance, but to respond towards them in a balanced way. You don’t always have to change what you eat – just how you eat it.
Speaker: Rebecca Turner, Runner's FUEL
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Running From You: Embracing Your Flaws, Fears & Frustrations to Overcome

In a thought-provoking conversation, Traci Braxton and panelists explore the many issues that hold us back and ask the question what will you gain by losing? Losing the excess baggage, losing the fear of failure and the negative things and thoughts that prevent us from finding our true purpose and living our lives fully. Tracy and other speakers talk about understanding that you can’t run from you and share personal accounts of how they had to overcome distractions, fears and frustrations to overcome.
Speaker: Traci Braxton, WeTV

Speed Training 101
Just starting out? PERFECT! With thousands of BGR members across the country we definitely cater to ALL LEVELS of fitness. This workout will be great for beginners and experienced runners as well as ladies trying to improve for 5K,10K, and half marathons!
Speaker: Bethsheba Rem

This Athlete Runs on Plants
Vegan/Vegetarian runners unite! Come and sample some yummy dishes from recipes of your old favorites. Nom Nom Nom!
Speaker: Latrice Folkes, Life It Cafe
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ransformation Success Story: Black Girls Guide to Weight Loss
Come and meet Erika Nicole Kendall as she shares about her journey from 330lbs to personal trainer! She will discuss topics such as emotional eating, body image, beauty, recipes, and more.
Speaker: Erika Nicole Kendall, A Black Girls Guide to Weight Loss
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Vegan Vixen: The Sensual Secrets of Spice!

Let's go in the kitchen to explore global foods and spices to increase your libido & circulation, balance hormones, alleviate soreness and make your skin and hair more vibrant! You will get some great recipes to take home with you.
Speaker: Koya Webb
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What the Fartlek?
Not sure when to Fartlek? Then join us for a Runners 101 to learn all about Fartleking and more!
Speaker: Maurelhena Walles, Brooks/REI

Flex + Fit *Bonus Sessions *
Enjoy workout sessions off-site at the Flex + Fit facility just one block away from The Westin
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Barre-Fusing the principles of ballet, core conditioning & resistance training into one dynamic class, this total body workout will strengthen + stretch your muscles to create a longer, leaner physique.

Spin-This full body cardio and strength workout will accomplish everything you could possibly need. So take your body and mind to the mountains, the beaches or flattop roads. This ride will challenge your endurance, strength and racing performance.

Air-An art form fusing the disciplines of traditional ballet with aerial silk hammocks. This dynamic class utilizes the ballet barre and silk hammocks to burn fat.

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