Baltimore & DC Metro Area Fall Conference

Bowie, Maryland
Saturday, September 28, 2013

Baltimore & DC Metro Area Fall Conference
Saturday, September 28, 2013 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Hosted by the Baltimore & DC Metro Area Navigators

Woodstream Church
9800 Lottsford Rd
Bowie, Maryland 20721

Purity for Men
"Pornography is the #1 form of entertainment in American and poses the #1 threat to holiness and life-long laboring confronting the Church.  Learn about this threat, and a number of practical, ESSENTIAL discipleship principles that have proven to be successful in winning this battle."Bob Reehm has been on NavStaff for 34 years and is the award winning author of "The War Within...Gaining Victory in the Battle for Sexual Purity"

Purity for Women
We live in a culture that is becoming increasingly more sexualized. Sexual brokenness is affecting the way women view themselves, God, and relationships. We will look at how the Gospel can bring healing to the sexually broken. This workshop will be practical and helpful for both those who struggle and those who want to help bring wholeness to women around them.

How can Muslims Hear the Gospel as Good News?
Learn how to build common ground in relating our hope in Jesus to Muslims.  We will identify barriers and how to move past them into meaningful dialogue.

Cross-cultural Disciple Making
In some ways, making disciples is the same in every culture, but in other ways it can be quite different.  When we cross cultures, it demands we learn from the other culture so that we can adjust our ways & means to be culturally sensitive and easily "passonable" so those we disciple can "live and disciple among the lost" in their own culture.  Without compromising biblical truths, how do we adjust our ways and means to fit another culture and equip disciples to be fruitful among their lost friends?

Are you Comfortable in Your Own 'House'? (An “out-of-the-box” workshop)
How often do you go through your day without considering what’s going on inside of you? Are your head and heart working together?  How does reflection play into how we relate with all aspects of our lives? Come and learn to intergrate the mind and heart with God and others.  As God says in Eden: 'Where are you'?

Effectively Discipling the Millennial Generation (under 30) from proven, Ancient Sources
The millennials are fast becoming the most un-churched generation in our history. They are leaving our churches by the tens of thousands, never to return. How do we reach and retain them? The ancient source is the Bible, it still works. We have to simply distillate what JESUS really said from our culture, politics, and any other world views that confuse people about the simplicity of The Gospel, and stop mixing it in with the purity of HIS teachings alone. 

Trusting God: The Power Behind Kingdom Living
Life is an ever-changing mixture of hard challenges and great opportunities for Kingdom service. Come discuss how and why trusting God brings both the power to endure the difficult, as well as the motivation to risk it all in effective Christian living.

Finances in Light of Scripture
Money matters.  In order to develop a Kingdom view of money, one must begin with a balanced biblical understanding of key money principles (savings, debt, giving, investing) and a better appreciation for direct correlations between giving, stewardship, and financial peace.

Listening and Healing Prayer
Are you ever fearful, angry or depressed and don't really know why? Do you have bad habits that you can't seem to break? God loves to talk to us, His struggling children. Come ready to learn how to listen to God and walk in new freedom.

Missional Communities: 3rd Places
Many times we spend multiple hours in places that are neither our dwelling places nor our workplaces.  These “third” places -- be they gyms, pubs, kids activities, or hobbies -- are ripe for the Kingdom Gospel as experienced through your life.  Be fully present where ever you are at all times.

Missional Communities: Living Missionally in Workplaces
How can we be Christ’s light in the workplace? We will explore how to interact with others in natural life-giving ways. We will explore several practical tools including: identifying seekers, asking genuine questions, learning the art of affirmation, and using Bible reading groups to encourage discovery.

Missional Communities: Spreading the Gospel from Your Home
You will learn principles and practical tips for passing on the Gospel through day-to-day life in your neighborhood. Hear the experiences of some who are doing it: successes and pitfalls. Get practical help working on ideas and plans for your neighborhood.


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  • Mike Slone

    Conference Schedule:
    8:30am-Check In
    9:00am-Plenary Session 1
    3:15-Plenary Session 2
    5:00 End of Conference
    *Schedule is subject to change
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