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Membership Details


CACSDD Memberships is CAD$375.  Membership is based on rolling admission with your renewal date being exactly one year from your registration date.

For a list of current members, please click here.
Academic Certificate Details


This CACSDD Academic Certificate is designed for practitioners who are new to dental sleep medicine and require foundational medical and dental sleep medicine education.

This Certificate can help the interested dentist or denturist demonstrate proficiency in dental sleep medicine to sleep physicians he or she wishes to build professional relationships with. These relationships can translate into physician referrals resulting in increased income into the interested dentist’s practice over the long term. 

Further credentialing becomes a viable option once this certification has been earned.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a current Member in good standing of the CACSDD;
  • Have been in post-graduate clinical practice for a minimum of five (5) years;
  • Hold valid clinical licensure and certify as to liability coverage with proof faxed or emailed to our office at 1-480-575-1164 or
  • Have access to a high speed Internet connection

  • The Certification Process

    The certification process is online and on-demand. The member-candidate must complete a reading list, on-demand lecture modules, and on-demand review modules, and he or she must then pass the examination.

    To begin the process, the interested ACSDD member must submit his or her proofs of licensure and liability coverage to the ACSDD office. The required reading list and links to the downloadable training and review modules will then be sent to the member.

    The member has four months from date of download to complete the required reading, training, and review. He or she will then be instructed on how the examination will be administered.

    The ACSDD On-Demand Materials

  • Reading List: The reading list is a downloadable zip file that unzips into a folder containing the required reading as PDFs.
  • On-Demand Lecture Modules: The streamable on-demand lecture modules are designed to provide the core dental & medical knowledge.
  • Review Modules: The streamable on-demand review modules are designed to refresh the examinee on key content areas to be tested.
  • Exam*: The exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions covering the ACSDD approved dental and medical curriculum.

  • Registration

    You can register online here.


    *The examination can be retaken if you do not earn a passing score. Cost to retake the examination is $500.00. This fee includes 60-day access to the materials. If you fail the examination a second time, you are required to wait at least one year to begin the certification process again.

    Contact Information

    • Phone: 814-490-2019, Email: or
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