What's Next: The Search for Disruptive Innovation

San Francisco, California
Thursday, October 03, 2013

October 2
    Celent Roundtable: Making Innovation Happen

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October 3
  What's Next: The Search for Disruptive Innovation
8:27 a.m.
Registration and Networking Breakfast

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9:14 a.m.   Welcome

Craig Weber, CEO, Celent

The financial services industry is ripe for change and innovation. Some of this change is being mandated by regulators. Other disruptions are coming from customer demands and requirements as new devices and technologies are introduced. This session will set the stage for the day by highlighting the shifts in the market that continue to drive the need for innovation and disruption.
9:46 a.m.   Keynote Address

Thibaud Morin, Senior Vice President, Business Innovation, Vivendi

Hear how a company, founded by an imperial decree of Napoleon III in the mid-19th century to deliver water to the public of Lyons, evolved into a leading multinational mass media and telecommunications firm in the 21st. What brought about this dramatic change?  What were some of the steps (and missteps) taken along the way. How did they deal with the necessities of an ever-changing business model and the perpetual innovation needed to keep up with the sea of changes constantly hitting the media and communication  industry (i.e. P2P downloads, VOIP, video on demand, ITunes)? Acknowledging that not all your investments will be successful, how do you build a portfolio of innovative projects and startups to prepare for the future? This unique story promises to inspire you to search for the hidden potential within your own organization.
10:37 a.m.   Networking Break

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11:08 a.m.
The Outsider's Perspective of Disruption

How the Other Half Lives

Our panel of "outsiders" will share what disruption has meant to them, the lessons they have learned and offer their perspective on how the financial services industry could benefit from their experience.
12:29 p.m.   Networking Luncheon
1:33 p.m.
Choose Your Own Adventure: Case Studies on Disruptive Forces

Stream One: Analytics
Analytics is proving to be a real gamechanger. How do you determine, in the words of Eric Siegel, "who will click, lie, buy or die?" And once you do, what should you do about it? Learn how these companies have found ways to successfully "crack the code" and use the insights they have gleaned to fundamentally change how they do business. Find out how you too can use these tools to tap into the wealth of data available on your customers and how you can use this knowledge to bring your firm to the next level.

  • Case Study: Building a better matching algorithm for investment seekers: iMATCHATIVE’s altX

    Sam Hocking, CEO, iMATCHATIVE

    altX is a creation of iMATCHATIVE,  an innovative start-up leveraging the power of technology and data to change the way that investors find and evaluate investment managers.  Altx addresses marketplace ‘inefficiencies’ in capital placement and the investor selection process by serving as a facilitator. The company has developed a new matching algorithm which leverages both traditional financial information as well as other data sets, including psychological profiles.  altX can help investors save a considerable amount of time and energy finding the optimum investment managers for their preferences. The underlying technology is new and still being developed, but leverages mathematics, data-gathering and big data processing power. If it sounds a bit like how innovative companies are approaching the dating application market, we agree- altX is a little bit like eHarmony for investors and investment managers.

  • Case Study: eBcard

    Jack Lee, Team Leader and Head of Mobile Marketing, eBcard Company, Ltd.

    How do you use your smartphone? To conduct phone calls? Text? Check email, your schedule, your bank account? Play games? More and more, people are using the smartphone to pay for things real and virtual. Mobile payments is a field that is experiencing dramatic growth the world over. Hear how one company is using data to determine how to best capitalize on this growth and how you can apply the same principles to your business.

  • Case Study: Data-driven Online Sales: Time to Get the Lead Out

    Dan Dickinson, Head of Online and Mobile Banking Canada, BMO Bank of Montreal

    BMO Bank of Montreal doesn't have (or want!) the largest branch network in Canada, so they designed more efficient and non-traditional ways to drive sales. Find out how they built a truly multi-channel leads engine, improved the efficiency of their marketing spend, and significantly increased sales in the digital channels.
Stream Two: Digital
People are currently spending almost three hours a day on their mobile devices. What does that mean for you?  If you haven't adopted a digital strategy, you are in danger of being left behind. However, do not despair, it is not too late. Hear from a number of firms how they have managed to use the power of digital to find new ways to engage their customers. Learn how they have thrown out the old models and achieved success by embracing the new. Discover how you too can profit from meeting customers on their new turf.
  • Case Study: The 100% Digital Insurer: Kroodle

    Marnix Zwart, Co-Founder and COO

    Kroodle is a separately branded business unit of the Netherland insurance giant, Aegon. They sell personal lines insurance directly to the public exclusively through Facebook. Their model is based on reaching customers through a widely preferred method -- their Facebook account. Marnix will discuss how to engage customers digitally and the journey of building a completely new company while balancing the traditions and leveraging the resources of an established parent.

  • Case Study: Disruptive Innovation Using Mobile Technologies

    Tsukasa Makino, Manager, Corporate Planning Dept. & IT Planning Dept. at Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.

    In response to rapidly growing technologies and rising customer expectations, Tokio Marine & Nichido has been launching a series of innovative insurance products and services. That includes location-aware insurance recommendations, active health promotion, and proactive disease prevention. Those products and services are leveraging the latest technologies such as context aware computing, motion capturing, and bio sensing. They imply a new wave of customer experiences, market expansion, fraud prevention and intellectual property protection strategy. Hear how the 134 year old company continues to create unique product propositions by leveraging digital capabilities.

  • Case Study: Playing Around with 7imagine

    Mark Betteridge, Director, Preciousbluedot Ltd
    Lee Musgrave, Founder and Director, Preciousbluedot Ltd
    Tom Sheridan, CEO, 7IM

    What happens when you combine the gaming industry with financial services? Seven Investment Management decided to find out. They teamed up with Preciouslbluedot, people whose experience included The result is 7Imagine, an application designed for intermediaries and their clients -- the first financial services app with a musical score and sound effects. Hear how this new approach to an old problem is engaging old and new customers alike.

  • Case Study: Omnichannel Delivery: Integrating Digital and Physical Touchpoints

    Toby Bottorf, Principal, Continuum

    We’ve all heard about the need for an omnichannel strategy and how businesses need to integrate digital and physical touchpoints into a seamless experience. But omnichannel strategies will fail if they are not aligned components of a larger consumer strategy. It is not about the channel, but how it serves the customer. Hear how Continuum and BBVA used a strong understanding of the consumer to influence decisions about touchpoints. The result is an experience spread across multiple channels that always considers the user’s needs first. Learn how to devise a powerful consumer-centric strategy that incorporates all of your business' touchpoints.
Stream Three: Collaborative Business Models
Social media has forever changed the means of dialog between a business and its customers. Hear from a number of firms who have successfully navigated the shoals of social media and are now stretching these tools  for use in areas of their business beyondMarketing. Learn how you can determine the best strategy for your firm so you can reap the benefits and avoid the pitfalls.
  • Case Study: #99Problems But Social Ain't One

    Donato A. Montanaro, Jr. (Don), Chief Executive Officer
    TradeKing Group

    For many companies, maintaining an effective social presence is a nagging business problem. Done wrong, you open a can of worms.  But done right, social becomes a solution for establishing deep loyalty and trust with customers and an effective way to flag potential issues early on.  In 2005, online-broker dealer TradeKing pioneered new ground: fully integrating a rich social experience with its online brokerage platform.  TradeKing’s focus on social immediately differentiated the firm from the 600-pound gorillas in the online brokerage industry by providing a safe, collaborative environment for investors to interact with peers and with the company itself. Don will offer a glimpse into the challenges inherent in running a business in this incredibly transparent environment, where client brickbats and bouquets have potential to be equally on display.  He will share examples of how TradeKing operationalized social, working closely with securities industry regulators to leverage social’s power beyond marketing to build industry leadership in key business functions like customer service.  He’ll also discuss how TradeKing measures the impact of its social initiatives, including some surprising business benefits. 

  • Case Study: Leveraging Social to Improve Product Innovation and Increase Employee Engagement

    Jon Bidwell, Chief Innovation Officer
    Chubb & Son

    Chubb has implemented a social platform to reach directly to front line support staff interacting directly with agents and customers and engaging them in the product development and feedback process. They are using social technology to make these efforts part of the day-to-day, natural activity stream of their employees. Product performance reviews, traditionally done in a quarterly meeting, are now done on a continuous, instantaneous basis.  Jon will present what success factors were required to make this transition and the surprising learnings they have gained along the way.

  • Case Study: Back to the Future: Using Social and Digital Technology to Return Insurance to its Basics

    Sebastian Herfurth, Founder and Co-CEO, Friendsurance

    Financial institutions face a menu of objectives -- reduce fraud, manage risk, decrease losses, minimize customer acquisition expense, lower processing costs. Friendsurance is using social collaboration tools to turn the traditional model on its ear and accomplish all these goals simultaneously. Customers use social networks to agree to "cover" each other if there is a loss. Sebastian Herfurth, CEO and founder, will describe the concept, their start up phase and the progress they have made so far. Hear how Friendsurance is using modern collaboration tools to deliver on their promise to “make insurance social again”!
3:06 p.m.   Networking Break

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3:34 p.m.   Identifying Winners in Financial Services Innovation:
A Venture Capital Perspective

John Raguin, Managing Director, Devonshire Investors

VC firms make their living picking the companies that will successfully innovate and even disrupt markets. John Raguin will share what he finds important in making such decisions and what financial institutions and their technology providers should consider in making their own choices.

4:02 p.m.
  An Innovation Practicum

Mick Simonelli, Independent Consultant

As a leader in your company, how do you position the innovation effort in your company for success?  What are the practical steps thavation a competitive advantage? Mick Simonelli, previously Chief Innovation Officer at USAA, will share his recommendations about what makes a meaningful difference. Join him as he explains how companies can build processes and competencies that allow them to launch, build and sustain an innovation culture.
4:29 p.m.
  Call to Action: The Leadership Challenge

Craig Weber, CEO, Celent

A repeated theme of Celent research is the necessity of strong leadership in order to make innovation happen. Companies pursuing this path will need to align their organization and lead from the front. Craig will provide the inspiration and enthusiasm needed to take the message back to your organization and begin the disruption!




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