The Breast Course 2014 - Exhibitors Information

28020 Madrid
Sunday, May-04-14

Equipment for workshops

  • Companies who wish to provide equipment for workshops must specify it on the registration form
  • Some workshop will take place at the same time.  If you wish to provide equipment for more than one workshop, please make sure you bring enough material.
  • Each company can provide as many systems as they want
  • The organisation reserves the right to adjust the number of systems required per workshop, and to have different companies in each workshops
  • It is YOUR responsibility to provide a competent application specialist to help use your machine during the workshops.

Workshop descriptions.

"Wet Workshop"                     Rotating stations where participants will need to practice different intervention techniques (biopsies, markers, etc.) on turkey breasts and other phantoms with Ultrasound.

"Dry Workshop"                      Rotating stations where participants will attend demonstration on  Stereotactic or MRI biposies, CAD and Mammography image interpretation

"Screening Workshop"           Mammography screening cases prepared and presented by the faculty - no machine required.

Ultrasound Demonstration      Ultrasound scan of real patients during a plenary session

Notes :

1-       Booth attendance and workshops are NOT at the same time.  You can use the same machine

2-       U/S system for demonstration will be selected by the faculty giving the lecture

3-       U/S Biopsy workshops performed on Turkey Breasts.  Be ready to serve approx 350 participants with enough  needles.

4-       U/S systems and Biopsy tools will be paired on site according to availability

5-       No live biopsy done during Stereotactic workshop


-          Workshops to be held in the conference area, in Madrid, Spain

-          Live Cases to be held in Quebec City, Qc, Canada (to be confirmed)

Workshop schedule (Madrid, Spain

  • All workshops take place on May 5 and 6,  in the Melia Castilla  Hotel Convention center, in Madrid, Spain
  • Your application specialist is required in the room during workshop to support the speaker in the hands-on application
  • The hotel requires that you send them a proof of insurance for all equipment delivered on site.  Please send to the hotel at the address below one week before the event.

Live Cases schedules (Quebec City, Qc, Canada)

Please take a look at the following links to see the previous Live Cases and understand what it is about !
Part 1:  Click here
Part 2:  Click here
Part 3:  Click here
  • The live cases are being performed on Sunday May 4th, 2014 in Quebec City, Qc, Canada.
  • Live cases are interventions performed by Dr Nathalie Duchesne on 7 to 9 volunteer patients, broadcasted to the conference center where cases will be commented by speakers and participants.
  • Companies providing equipment for Live Cases need to ship their equipment at the clinic 2 weeks prior to the event to provide proper training to the team involved.
  •  Your application specialist is required at the following times
    • Saturday May 3rd for final rehearsal
    • Sunday May 4th to support the live interventions

    • Tentative Live Cases Schedule (Sunday- Madrid Time):






      Stereotactic Biopsy #1



      Stereotactic Biopsy #2



      U/S Guided Biposy – non-vac



      U/S Guided Biposy – non-vac



      U/S Guided Biposy – Vac



      U/S Guided Biposy – Vac



      MR Guided Biposy

       Detailed schedule will be announced for companies providing equipment.

      Important adresses

      For Contract and payment

      The Breast Course
      DTR inc
      605 Pine
      St-Lambert, Qc, J4P 2P4


      Live Cases site (equipment for Live Cases ONLY)

      C/O The Breast Course
      Dr Nathalie Duchesne

      (to be confirmed)


    Conference site (promotional material, booth, equipment for workshops)

    C/O Dominique Duchesne

    The Breast Course 2012

    Melia Castilla

    Capitan Haya 43
    28020 Madrid
    Tel:  (34) 91 567 50 77


Contact Information

  • Phone:
    International:              1 (514) 272-7011
    Skype:                        thebreastcourse


    Attn:   Dominique Duchesne
    DTR Inc.
    605 Pine Av.
    St-Lambert, Qc
    J4P 2P4


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