2014 Texas High School Mock Trial Competition

Dallas, Texas
Monday, December 16, 2013

Calendar of Events

The mock trials are open to the public and we encourage any teacher, student, parent, etc. who are interested in the law to attend and observe these teams in action!  Refer to the schedule below with dates/times to see trials near you! Please check in at the Lobby of the courthouse with the Coordinator/Staff and you will be given directions when you arrive.


Mock Trial Clinic, Dallas, TX - November 8, 2014 

State Competition, Dallas, TX - March 5-7, 2015

National Competition, Raleigh, NC - May 14-16, 2015
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As a rule of thumb, please note that the Regional Competition meets are held only between January 15 - February 15.  Regional winners are the only teams that will advance to the State Competition held in March during the current school year.

2015 Regional Competition Dates/Times/Locations and Coordinators by Area
The Texas High School Mock Trial Competition Regions are determined by school district locations (or home school headquarters) within the TEA Regional Map.  To locate your Region, see below or click here to find through the TEA's online map.

Region 1 (South Texas-area)
   Dates of Competition:   TBD (Regional)
   TBD (Finals)
   Location: Hidalgo County Courthouse, Edinburgh, TX
   Regional Coordinator/Contact: Liana Martinez

Region 2 (Corpus Christi-area) 
   Date of Competition:  TBD  
   Location: Nueces County Courthouse, Corpus Christi
   Regional Coordinator: 
Mr. Tim Dowling

Region 3 (Victoria-area)  

Region 4 (Houston-area)  
   Date of Competition:  TBD
   Location:  Harris County Courthouse, Houston, TX
   Regional Coordinator:
Lisa Watkins
Region 5 (Beaumont-area)  
   Dates of Competition:  TBD
   Location:  Jefferson County Courthouse - 1001 Pearl St., Beaumont, TX   
   Regional Coordinator:  Julia Matheny   

Region 6 (Huntsville-area)  
   Date of Competition:  TBD
   Location:  Walker Cty. Courthouse - 1100 University Ave., Huntsville, TX  
   Regional Coordinator:  Dale Gideon

Region 7 (Tyler-area)   
Date of Competition: TBD
   Location: Smith County Courthouse, Tyler   
   Regional Coordinator:
Ms. Donna Ashby or 903-988-6774   

Region 8 (Mt. Pleasant/Paris-area)   
Region 9 (Jacksboro/Wichita Falls-area)  

Region 10 (North Texas-area, except Dallas ISD)
   Dates of Competition: TBD (Rounds 1,2 & 3)
   TBD (Semi- & Final Rounds) - Top 8 only
   Location:  George Allen Sr. Courts Building, 600 Commerce St., 75202
   Clinic:  Sat., Nov. 8 - (8am-noon), Courthouse - Sign-up Here!
   Regional Coordinator:  Ben Reed

Region 11 (Ft. Worth/Decatur-area) 
   Date of Competition:  TBD
   Location:  TBD
Clinic:  TBD - (8am-noon), Courthouse - Sign-up Here!

Region 12 (Waco-area)
   Dates of Competition:   TBD
   Location: Baylor University Law School
   Regional Coordinator: Josh Borderud

Region 13 (Austin-area)
   Dates of Competition:   TBD
   Location:  Bexar Courthouse

   Regional Coordinator: Scott Seelhoff

Region 14 (Abilene-area)

Region 15 (San Angelo-area)  

Region 16 (Amarillo-area)  

Region 17 (Lubbock-area) 
    Dates of Competition:  TBD
    Location: Lubbock Cty. Courthouse
    Regional Coordinator: 
Misty Reiber

Region 18 (Midland-area)  

Region 19 (El Paso-area)  
    Dates of Competition: February  7-8, 2014
    (Registration)  TBD -Commissioner's Courtroom
    TBD (Rounds 1 & 2) - 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
    TBD (Round 3, Semi-Finals & Finals) 8:00 am -3:30 pm
    Location: El Paso County Courthouse 
    Regional Coordinator:  Rene' Railey

Region 20 (San Antonio-area)
    Date of Competition:  TBD
    Location:  Bexar Courthouse
    Regional Coordinator:  Scott Seelhoff

    Dates of Competition:
    Sat., January 24 (Rounds 1, 2 & 3 - ALL Teams) - 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
    Thurs., January 29 (Quarterfinals - Top 8 teams only) - 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
    Sat., February 7 (Semi-Finals & Finals - Top 4 teams only) - 7:00 am - 1:00 pm
    Location:  George Allen Sr. Courts Building, 600 Commerce St., 75202
    Clinic:  Sat., Nov. 8 - (8am-noon), Courthouse - Sign-up Here!
    Regional Coordinator:  Dr. Greg Lendvay

*If you have a question and a Regional Coordinator is not listed above, please contact the State Coordinator.  Thank you!

Contact Information

  • Kimberlynn Taylor
    State Coordinator 
    214-220-7484 (phone) 
    214-220-7465 (fax)

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