17th Annual FAA Commercial Space Transportation Conference

Washington, District of Columbia
Wednesday, February 05, 2014

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 Agenda | Wednesday, February 5 

Registration Opens

  0800 - 0810

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Dr. George C. Nield, FAA Associate Administrator
   Office of Commercial Space Transportation

  0810 - 0830

NASA/FAA Human Spaceflight
Mr. Bill Gerstenmaier, NASA Associate Administrator
   for Human Exploration and Operations

  0830 - 0900

Member of Congress
The Honorable Steven M. Palazzo

  0900 - 1000

Space Launch and Operations Safety
Dr. Michael Romanowski, FAA Office
   of Commercial Space Transportation
Ms. Audrey Schaffer, Deputy Director, Space Policy Engagement,
   Office of the Secretary of Defense
Mr. Ronald Busch, Vice President of Network Engineering, Intelsat
Ms. Deirdre Healey, Director, Mission Support Division, NASA HQ
Mr. Daniel Murray, FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation
  1000 - 1015
Networking Break (15 min)
  1015 - 1045

Legal Regulatory Issues

Professor Frans von der Dunk, International Space Law Expert,
   University of Nebraska

  1045 - 1115

Space Industry Deep Dive Survey
Mr. Brad Botwin, Director, Industrial Studies,
   U.S. Department of Commerce

  1115 - 1145

Congressional Staff Perspectives
Senate Staffers:
Ms. Ann Zulkosky, Senior Professional Staff,
   U.S. Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Science and Space
Mr. Bailey Edwards, Policy Director for Aviation,
   Science and Space, U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce,
   Science and Transportation
Mr. Tom Hammond, Senior Professional Staff,
   U.S. Senate Committee on Science, Space and Technology         
House Staffers:
Ms. Megan L. Mitchell, Senior Policy Advisor

  1145 - 1315
Lunch & Networking Break (90 min)
1315 - 1345

NASA Flight Opportunities Program

Mr. L. K. Kubendran, Program Executive, 
   NASA Flight Opportunities Program
Mr. Ron Young, Program Manager,
   NASA Flight Opportunities Program
  1345 - 1415

Featured Speaker
The Honorable Michael G. Whitaker, FAA Deputy Administrator

  1415 - 1445

Space and Air Traffic Integration
Mr. Edward L. Bolton Jr., FAA Assistant Administrator for NextGen

  1445 - 1500
Networking Break (15 min)
  1500 - 1600

New Developments in Commercial Cargo and Crew

Mrs. Pamela Underwood, FAA Office
   of Commercial Space Transportation
Mr. Phil McAlister, Director, Commercial Spaceflight, NASA
Mr. Mark Sirangelo, Corporate Vice President,
   Sierra Nevada Space Systems
Mr. Adam Harris, Vice President, Government Sales, SpaceX
Mr. Bill Claybaugh, Senior Director,
   Human Space Systems, Orbital Sciences
Mr. Chris Ferguson, Director, Commercial Crew, Boeing

  1600 - 1700 

Human Space Flight Safety
Mr. N. Wayne Hale, Director, Human Spaceflight Programs, 
   Special Aerospace Services
Mr. Jeffrey Greason, President, XCOR Aerospace
Dr. Ken Heyer, Deputy Director, Bureau of Economics,
   Federal Trade Commission
Mr. Ken Reightler, Professor, U.S. Naval Academy, Astronaut
Mr. James “Russ” McMurry, Senior Counsel,
   Boeing Network and Space Systems              

 Agenda | Thursday, February 6 

Registration Opens

  0900 - 0930

Welcome & Opening Remarks
Mr. George Zamka, FAA Deputy Associate Administrator
   Office of Commercial Space Transportation
Captain Ken Ham, USN, Chair, Aerospace Department
   U.S. Naval Academy, Astronaut
  0930 - 1000

Mr. Mike Gold, COMSTAC Chair
Mr. Michael Lopez-Alegria, COMSTAC Vice Chair
Mr. Russ McMurry, Vice Chair, Business/Legal Working Group
Ms. Janet Karika, Chair, Operations Working Group
Mr. Livingston Holder, Chair, Systems Working Group

  1000 - 1030

Encouraging Innovation in Space Technology
Mr. Richard DalBello, Assistant Director, Space and Aeronautics
   Office of Science and Technology Policy

1030 - 1130

Commercial Human Spaceflight Medical Issues
Dr. Melchor J. Antuñano, M.D., M.S., Director,
   Civil Aerospace Medical Institute

  1130 - 1300
Lunch & Networking (90 min)
1300 - 1330

Center of Excellence for Commercial Space Transportation
Mr. Ken Davidian, FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation

  1330 - 1530

International Spaceport Development and Readiness
Mr. Derek Webber, Executive Director, Spaceport Associates
Mr. Andrew Nelson, Chief Operating Officer, XCOR Aerospace
Mr. Maurice Adriaens, Director, Curacao Airport Holding
Mr. Rafael Harillo, Stardust Consulting
Ms. Karin Nilsdotter, Chief Executive Officer, Spaceport Sweden
Mr. Robert Feierbach, Head, 
   Swiss Space Systems (S3) USA Holdings

1530 - 1545

Closing Remarks
Dr. George C. Nield, FAA Associate Administrator
   Office of Commercial Space Transportation

 Agenda subject to change. Last updated: February 3, 2014

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