Kamp Kurat 2014

Somerset Center, Michigan
Friday, August 22, 2014

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Kamp Kurat 2014 Schedule

3:00,   Check-in begins.  Enjoy rest or outdoor recreation (swimming, hiking...) during free time.* 
5:30,   Dinner 
7:00,   Ethiopian children's games, bonfire and folktales


8:30,   Breakfast
10:00, Keynote Speaker, Terefe Ejigu and 1-mile family fun run
12:30, Lunch
1:30 -5:30  Multiple break-out sessions related to adoption, identity and Ethiopian culture.  
6:00,   Ethiopian dinner and cultural celebration

8:30,   Breakfast
9:30,   Coffee ceremony
10:30, Staying connected panal discussion with ENAHPA and Ethiopia Reads
12:00, Lunch for those who would like to eat before drive home
12:30, Closing

(*free time to enjoy Somerset Beach Campground is always an option for families who would like to take a break from scheduled activities). 

Kamp Kurat Confirmed Speakers
   Keynote Speakers
Terefe Ejigu

Eastern MichiganUniversity student and track star, Terefe left Ethiopia at 13, settled in New Zealand with his family and later became the subject of Anna Cottrell’s documentary, “Running for His Life.”  Terefe will share his story of moving to a new a country and finding courage and strength through running.  With the help of parents, he will lead children on a 1-mile fun run.  

(audience = families)

   Jane Kurtz
Co-founder of Ethiopia Reads and author of over 25 children's books.  Jane was born in Portland, Oregon, but when she was two-years-old, her parents became missionaries in Ethiopia. The entire family spent decades in Ethiopia where her parents raised their five daughters and one son in remote Maji, a small village in the southwest corner of the country.  It took nearly twenty years to finally find a way to explain her childhood to others – through her children’s books. Her writing career started when she began to write stories from her childhood.  Many of her books have connections to her childhood home and provide a glimpse into her life there.  Jane will share her books on Saturday (audience = families) and and Sunday discuss Ethiopia Reads, a organization that builds and operates children’s libraries and schools throughout Ethiopia (audience = parents). 

   More Fabulous Speakers!


Elizabeth James
...a third generation storyteller, following in the tradition of her grandmother and mother
...currently the Programming person for the Department for Afroamerican and African Studies at the University of Michigan
 ...dedicated to sharing multicultural stories, particularly those depicting her African-American and Native American heritage....honored to share stories from around the world with curious souls.
(audience = families)

  Darryl Mickens
Growing up in Detroit in the 1950’s, Darryl began his spinning of stories shortly after his siblings were born; they became his first audience.  A Detroit teacher since 1988, Darryl joined the Ann Arbor Story Guild (AASG) in 2002 and has performed in many storytelling concerts with the Guild.  He enjoys interpreting multicultural folktales, writing his own, and developing his personal and family stories. 
(audience = families)
  Ohio State University, Ethiopian and Eritrean Student Organization
Sit back and watch or join in the fun as OSU students perform traditional dances from Ethiopia and Eritrea. 
  Dr. Kristine Freeark & Katie Zucker
"Making sense of it: How our family traveled the path of adoption together" 
We will be sharing insights from our own experiences to help you recognize the possibilities for connecting and conversing as an internationally adoptive family. Using specific moments and situations from our 26 years of working through the tough stuff, we will show how understanding was created. We will bring 4 perspectives to these reflections -- child, mom, psychologist and young adult adoptee. We look forward to engaging with your questions as well."
(audience = parents)

  University of Michigan Gelada Research Project
Sometimes referred to as "the bleeding heart baboon," geladas (Theropithecus gelada) can be found in the Simien Mountains National Park of Ethiopia.  Members of the UMGRP, an interdisciplinary group conducting research on a population of geladas, will join us for an educational talk on gelada behavior and conservation.  
(audience = families with school-age children)

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