2015 Ruderman Inclusion Summit

Boston, Massachusetts
Sunday, November 01, 2015

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  Jay Ruderman
Ruderman Family Foundation
Shira Ruderman
Israel Director
Ruderman Family Foundation
Sharon Shapiro
Trustee and Director of the Boston Office
Ruderman Family Foundation
  Why I’m IN?
"I'm in because I believe that the rights of people with disabilities will move forward in our society only when a strong network of activists exists. The Ruderman Inclusion Summit is the first step toward creating such a network."
Why I’m IN?
"I’m In because I do not want to be on the wrong side of history. I’m In because I truly believe that Inclusion is a social Justice matter and everyone’s business. I’m In because I do not want to miss the greatest gathering for Inclusion."
Why I’m IN?
"I’m so excited to bring together many different people who care about the same important issue of inclusion. Together we can make change."
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Tad Asbury
Vice President & Executive Director
Marriott Foundation for People with Disabilities

Patric Barbieri

Executive Director
LABBB Collaborative

Why I’m IN? "I am in because I believe in the transforming power a real job can have in the life of a young adult with disabilities."
Why I’m IN? "To show how the LABBB/Middlesex Community college ICEI program has given our students the opportunity to be included and experience college life."

Alison Barkoff
Director of Advocacy 
Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law

Beverly Beckham
Columnist and Honorary
Boston Globe
Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress

Why I’m IN? "We have an unprecedented opportunity to make change. Together we must advocate for true and meaningful inclusion of people with disabilities in every aspect of life."
Why I’m IN? "“Have you made friends?” I asked my granddaughter who recently started Middle School. “Yes,” she said, beaming. Lucy has Down syndrome. That’s why I’m in."

Justice Richard Bernstein
Michigan Supreme Court Justice
Michigan Supreme Court

Howard Blas
Director, National Ramah Tikvah Network
Camp Ramah

Why I’m IN? "People coming together for this conference will lead to great changes that will impact the lives of many."
Why I’m IN? "Eager to meet colleagues from around the world as committed to inclusion of people with disabilities as we are in the National Ramah Tikvah Network."

Betsy Closs
Senior Director for Vulnerable Populations
Combined Jewish Philanthropies
Why I’m IN? "I’m in because I’m no more important than anyone else simply because I can walk on two legs, hear with both ears, and my chromosomes are all in place."
Why I’m IN? "I’m in because achieving the full inclusion of people with disabilities will make our community stronger, engaging more people committed to building a bright future."
Steven M. Eidelman
Faculty Director
The National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities

Rabbi Refael (Rafi) Feuerstein
The Feuerstein Institute

Why I’m IN? "Inclusion of people with disabilities and their families in the Jewish community is vital to our survival and we have a long way to go to be fully inclusive."
Why I’m IN? "The guiding principle of the Feuerstein Institute is the belief in human potential; as a father of a child with Down syndrome, I see proof of that potential every day. Human potential can only be fully realized through integration – it is our duty to break down the barriers which society imposes on the special needs community. Let’s bring the light!"

Ed Frim

Glenn Gabbard
State Coordinator, Massachusetts Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative
Executive Office of Education, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Why I’m IN? "Inclusion defines who we are and our future as a people. I am honored to further this work in partnership with the Ruderman Family Foundation."
Why I’m IN? "To support the democratic aspiration to honor the rich contributions that all citizens can contribute to the social and economic vitality of community life."

Haben Girma
Staff Attorney
Disability Rights Advocates

Stan Goldman, PhD
Program Director for Disabilities in the US and Israel
The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation

Why I’m IN? "Advocating for the civil rights of people with disabilities, DRA moves us towards a more inclusive world through free legal representation and community education."
Why I’m IN? "To encourage affordable, accessible, safe, scattered-site housing integrated into the community so that people with and without disabilities can live together in the same neighborhoods."

Peter Greenspan, MD 
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics; Vice Chair, Department of Pediatrics
Harvard Medical School
Massachusetts General Hospital

Dawn E. Gross
Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Program Coordinator
Middlesex Community College

Why I’m IN? "Mass General and MassGeneral Hospital for Children are actively committed to the short and long term care for all children with disabilities."
Why I’m IN? "I’m in because inclusion creates the richest environment for all."


Ann E. Guay, Esq.
Board Member
Massachusetts Advocates for Children

Brian Guay
Student, ICE Program through the LABBB Collaborative
Middlesex Community College
Why I’m IN? "Ready or not, Brian will turn 22 in July. Brian has definite ideas about his future. Like most parents, we want him to be happy and enjoy the work he does. Now we need to figure out what type of supports are needed to help him attain his goals."
Why I’m IN? "I am in because now that I am an adult I want to make my own plans for my future."

Dan Habib
Filmmaker and Parent Advocate

Rabbi William Hamilton
Congregation Kehillath Israel
Why I’m IN? "We systematically segregate millions of students with disabilities. But research is definitive: they will have better outcomes if they are included. Let’s end the segregation."
Why I’m IN? "Being passionate about inclusion makes me more fully human. Faith-based communities thicken the holiness they seek to enliven when they fully embrace inclusion."

Jason P. Harris
Founder, Spokesperson, Chief Idea Officer
Jason’s Connection

Why I’m IN? "I’m in because I like to see all the capabilities and perspectives that everyone has and brings to the table and I feel inclusion does that. Inclusion is in every aspect of our lives."
Why I’m IN? "I am in because we need to grow the size of the disability labor force globally."

Dr. Beverley Jacobson
Chief Executive

Keith P. Jones
President & CEO
SoulTouchin’ Experiences
Why I’m IN? "I share the Ruderman Family’s passion for people with disabilities to live fully inclusive lives as contributors to their local communities."
Why I’m IN? "I am in because Social justice has had an inability to be inclusive." 

Jean Judes
Executive Director
Beit Issie Shapiro

Jacob Kamaras
Managing Director and Editor in Chief
Jewish News Service
Why I’m IN? "As leaders in the field of disabilities, the Ruderman Family Foundation always brings new and cutting-edge perspectives on the full inclusion of people with disabilities in society. I look forward to this important gathering of friends who are committed to make a change."
Why I’m IN? "I want to raise awareness about the power of language and how our words shape the debate on important social issues like disability inclusion."

Arlene S. Kanter
Distinguished Professor of Law
Director, Disability Law and Policy Program

Rachel Kaprielian
Regional Director, US HHS
US Health and Human Services
Why I’m IN? "The full inclusion of people with disabilities in our families, neighborhoods, schools and workplaces is not an option; it is a basic human right."
Why I’m IN? "Inclusion is fairness, inclusion is richness, and above all, inclusion is strength of organization and community. This summit will tackle the practical effect of the ADA--and work to make inclusion not a goal but as a way of life."
  Robin Katcher
Senior Program Advisor
Management Assistance Group & Katcher Consulting

  Elaine E. Katz
Senior Vice President of Grants and Communications
Kessler Foundation
 Why I’m IN? "Vibrant, strong and just communities require all of us to be fully in. Barriers to inclusion undermine our collective beauty and power."  Why I’m IN? "The summit is a great opportunity to collaborate with stakeholders and gain a better understanding of how we can all work together to build inclusive communities."

Dana Keil

Why I’m IN? "I'm in because I believe that a quality Jewish education is not a privilege, but a right, for every Jewish child."
Why I’m IN? "We must teach the world benefit of inclusion of people with disabilities. Together, we highlight our contributions, and ensure that they continue to grow."
  Dr. Sarah Kranz-Ciment, PT, DPT
Barbara A. L’Italien
Why I’m IN? "RCII creates a culture of inclusion where all Jews feel welcomed, supported, and valued throughout their life cycle. We accomplish this, we change our world." Why I’m IN? "Because we must keep talking and organizing to make positive changes that improve the lives of people with disabilities and their families."

Rick Laferriere
Lead Manager, Workforce Initiatives

Patricia Lampron

Henderson K-12 Inclusion School
Why I’m IN? "I’m in because we have a great opportunity to share stories and templates of employment programs and pathways for people with disabilities that have worked."
Why I’m IN? "I'm in because we are better together!"

Tirza Leibowitz
Associate Director for Legal Advocacy with the Human Rights Initiative
Open Society Foundations

Dianne Lescinskas
Director of Inclusive Services
Boys & Girls Club of Dorchester
Why I’m IN? "I look forward to learning from and sharing experiences on barriers and opportunities, advocacy and practice building toward equality and inclusion." 
Why I’m IN? "The Inclusion of our youth and adults with disabilities in our communities can change the course of their life." 

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