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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

                                                                March 9-12, 2016

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The following information is available as a download for your reference:  
Tech/Production General Information (in progress)

2016 Northwest Conference
Theater & Technical Information
Greg Owen Technical Director gowen2@uwyo.edu (307) 766-2281
Sharon Huizinga Lighting Designer shuizing@uwyo.edu (307) 766-2452

We look forward to your visit to our campus.  Our technical and design team is in the process of preparing for an outstanding week of rehearsals and performances.  We have designed a number of documents to help us organize your technical needs.  Please download all of the information and share it with members of your technical team.  If you have any questions please contact me using the information above.  Our goal is to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience at the conference.  We request your help in making the tech experience run smoothly by meeting all posted deadlines. Thank you.    
The Adjudication Concerts will be held in the Buchanan Center for the Performing Arts (BCPA) Main Stage Theatre.  The Complexions Contemporary Ballet, two Informal Concerts, and the Gala Concert will be held in the Arts and Sciences Auditorium (A&S). 

General description of theatres:
BCPA Main Stage:  388 seat house, proscenium, very well-appointed venue
A&S Auditorium:  1800 seat house, proscenium, older central-campus venue
For your safety and to prevent costly damage to theater equipment, please rehearse using the stage dimensions provided below prior to arriving at the conference.

Spacing/Technical Rehearsals:
A spacing/technical rehearsal for all participants in the Adjudication Concerts will be scheduled (see tech schedule doc, in-progress).   Each dance will be given 18 minutes onstageto set an audio level, adjust the light cue levels previously programmed, and to space and run the dance. The schedule is very tight and will be strictly followed.

All dances are given the same amount of time for technical rehearsals.  Schools are expected to arrive 30 minutes prior to their schedule time to receive instruction about flow of travel to dressing rooms, waiting area and stage. Signage will be clearly placed.  
Stage Manager/Technician:
Each participating college/university must provide a person who will be responsible for all technical elements and for calling all cues for each dance in rehearsals and performances for the Adjudication and Gala concerts.  For the Adjudication Concerts (BCPA Main Stage) cues will be called from the control booth in the back of the house.  For the Informal and Gala concerts, cues will be called from a center-house console.   Dances with props and scenery may require a stage technician and a stage manager.
General Policies & House Rules:
Food/Drink  - Food and drink (except water) are not allowed inside the dressing rooms, on the stage, or inside the auditorium.  Food and drink are allowed inside the Green Room or outside the building ONLY.  

Smoking – Smoking is not allowed inside any area of the facility.  Smoking is permitted outside, 20 feet away from the facility, ONLY.  

Flammable Material – No flammable material such as bunting tissue paper, crepe paper cardboard, etc. will be permitted to be used for decorations.  All materials used for decorative purposes must be treated with flame proofing and approved.  Pyrotechnics or fire usage (including candles and incense) will not be permitted.

Aisle Lights – For safety reasons, the aisle lights in the auditorium must remain on at all times during all rehearsals and performances.

Standing Room Only (SRO) – Standing room does not exist within the auditorium.  No one is permitted to stand or sit in the aisles so as to impede evacuation or the smooth flow of patrons entering or exiting the auditorium.

Performers EntranceAll performers and event personnel must enter the facility through the door marked “Stage Door.” For the BCPA Main Stage, the Stage Door is located off the Green Room, Stage R side of the Main Stage.  For the A&S Auditorium, the Stage Door is located at the end of the hallway that parallels House R.  There will be ample signage to direct you.

Security – Do not leave valuables unattended at any time in the dressing rooms, Green Room, backstage area, or auditorium.  The University of Wyoming will accept no liability for lost or stolen items.

Personal Conduct – Be on time. Be responsible for your personal and collective belongings. There will be many people moving to various areas of the campus in short periods of time.  Be respectful to all whom you encounter.

Scenery and/or PropsThe visiting institution and its Stage Manager bringing scenery and/or props are completely liable and responsible for damages to personnel, space, or equipment that might be caused by the scenery or props. The Conference Technical Director and/or Lighting Designer may refuse the installation or use of any scenery or props that s/he considers to be unsafe. Nothing may be nailed or screwed into the stage floor or wings.
BCPA Main Stage Specifications for Adjudicated Concerts: 
Performance area dimensions:  40' wide X 33' Deep. Proscenium height: 22'
Wings:  Four per side approximately 8' deep
Crossover space is available upstage of the full-stage black curtain.
Main Drape:  Dark Maroon, manual fly operation. (Main Curtain will be used between each dance) 
Background options:
                                  White cyclorama with no scrim
                                  White cyclorama with black scrim
                                  Black velour curtain with black scrim

Dance floor surface:  Black Harlequin dance floor on top of a sprung sub-floor composed of plywood covered with Masonite.  

Please note:  No rosin, talcum powder, glycerin, lotions, or other similar substances may be used.  Shoes that could potentially damage the dance floor surface, such as hard-soled shoes, painted shoes, or jazz tennis shoes, may not be worn.  Tap shoes may be worn as long as the screws are tightened and smooth.  The visiting institution is liable and responsible for damages to floor surfaces caused by tap shoes with rough/improperly mounted taps, heeled shoes, etc.
A&S Auditorium Stage Specifications for Informal and Gala Concerts:  
Performance area dimensions: 48' wide X 25' deep. Proscenium height: 26'
Wings:  Four per side approximately 6' deep
Crossover space is available upstage of the full-stage black curtain.  There is an easily-accessible under cross.
Main Drape:  Dark Maroon, manual fly operation. (Main Curtain will be used between each dance for Gala.  No closing of drape for Informal Concerts) 
Background options:
                                  White cyclorama with no scrim
                                  White cyclorama with black scrim
                                  Black velour curtain with black scrim
Dance floor surface:  Black Harlequin dance floor on top of a sprung sub-floor composed of plywood covered with Masonite.  
Please note:  No rosin, talcum powder, glycerin, lotions, or other similar substances may be used.  Shoes that could potentially damage the dance floor surface, such as hard-soled shoes, painted shoes, or jazz tennis shoes, may not be worn.  Tap shoes may be worn as long as the screws are tightened and smooth.
Rigging and Flying (Main Stage and A&S):
There are no resources for flying scenery.

Anyone with specific rigging needs, or any other special needs, should contact Greg Owen gowen2@uwyo.edu  as soon as possible and no later than January 15, 2016 to discuss what can be accommodated.
Soft Goods (Main Stage and A&S):
The legs and borders are black velour.
There will be a black scrim upstage with a while Cyc behind that.
There will be no upstage traveler.
Lighting (Main Stage and A&S): 
Maximum number of cues for adjudicated pieces, including opening and closing cues:  Twelve (12)
 Note:  No bows for Adjudicated Concerts.  Standard bow cues will be allowed for the Gala Concert.  

Control Board:  E.T.C. Ion Control Console

A Ground Plan is available for download.
BCPA Main Stage Ground Plan
A&S Auditorium Ground Plan

 A complete dance light plot will be utilized comprised of low, medium, and high sidelight; backlight; front light; down light “pools”; and cyclorama color washes.  
BCPA Light Plot
A&S Auditorium Light Plot

Color changes will be possible in the low (shins), mid (waist high), and medium (head high) sidelight. All schools must bring their own color for side light (color frame size is 6.25" x 6.25").  These materials should be presented when a school registers.  If a school does not bring their own color, the shins, mids and head high side light will be the color noted in the light plot.

The Magic Sheet is a simple graphic representation of the light plot, with the numbers showing where a specific channel within a wash hits the stage (or originates, in the case of the side lights). Each box represents the stage as viewed from the house, with the bottom of the box being downstage. The numbers next to the wash name represent its color: L = Lee Filters color and R = Roscolux color. OW means open white 
            BCPA Magic Sheet (updated 1.28.16)
            A&S Magic Sheet

Please fill out the Lighting Cue Sheets with your best approximation of the cues you want.  Please include levels for every channel in every cue.  If a channel goes out in a cue, please write 0 for a level.  Number your cues 1 through 12 in the "Q #" slot.  Remember that starting and ending blackouts must be included in the 12 cues.  Please specify what color you would like for the color mixing top wash using a Rosco or Lee gel color number.  
        BCPA Cue Sheet PDF (updated 1.20.16)   this is a fillable pdf form
        A&S Cue Sheet PDF
        A&S Cue Sheet Excel

Followspots are not available.
Note: Each participating school is responsible for submitting required technical information. Schools that do not submit the required technical information OR contact the host school's TD/Lighting Coordinator by the posted deadline are not guaranteed that all lighting cues will be ready by the attending school's designated technical rehearsal.  Attending schools in this situation can opt to select a general warm or cool look or, provided the TD/Lighting Coordinator has been contacted and approves, use their technical rehearsal to develop additional cues.  In this case, attending schools may not have time to run their dances fully.
The house speaker system consists of 3 – channel control (left, right & center) and two onstage monitors. 
Playback option:  CD playback or MP3 file.  Please upload your sound file into your Dropbox folder.  Additionally, as a backup, please bring a hard copy of all media. 

Each concert quality CD should only contain the track for the designated piece and be labeled with the following information:
    Title of the dance
    Name of the college/university
    Name of the choreographer
    Length of music/sound in minutes and seconds.

MP3 players are not recommended.  Phone as playback devices are highly discouraged.  Don't do it!!!
Please remember to retrieve your CD’s after the concert(s).

Due to limitations related to the set-up for the Adjudication & Gala Concerts, the only projection position available for the Adjudication Concerts will be from the back of the house in the booth.  For the Informal and Gala Concerts, projection position will be from a mid-house console.  This means that dancers onstage will be in the field of the projected image and their shadows will be projected on to the background.  If projection is required for any dance, the college/university submitting the dance will need to provide the video source and the operator.  UW will provide the projector, and it will be the only source for projections.  The projection source can be tied into the audio system.  WE are able to supply HDMI and VGA connectors to the projectors (in-progress).  Any use of projection must be accomplished within the technical time slot assigned to the dance. 
Scenery /Props: 
All props and scenic elements are the responsibility of the person acting as the stage manager/technician for each school.  Schools must indicated in online registration the nature of the props/scenery.  The Technical Manager and/or Lighting Coordinator may refuse the installation or use of any scenery or props that s/he considers to be unsafe or potentially damaging to the theater.

Due to the limited amount of technical rehearsal time available, rigging and flying of scenery will not be permitted. Please note that all scenery must be freestanding and that no equipment will be allowed that could possibly damage the dance floor.

Anyone with special needs should contact the Technical Director as soon as possible to discuss what can be accommodated.
Dry Tech: 

A dry tech will be scheduled (tbd) for focusing projectors and other special needs. No dancers may be on stage, and no lights other than props will be hung or focused during this time.
Dressing Rooms: 

      BCPA Main Stage for Adjudicated Concerts:

There are four dressing rooms in the theater (two large, two small) with space for 85 performers at a time.  Makeup mirrors with lights are available in two separate makeup rooms.  Showers are available in the two larger dressing rooms.  Dressing rooms will be assigned for all technical rehearsals and performances for the Adjudication Concerts.

The two large dressing rooms are located house left of the theatre.  The two small dressing rooms are located house right.  Clear signage to these spaces will be provided.

A&S Auditorium for Informal and Gala Concerts:

 There are three dressing rooms in the theatre, all small, with limited space for makeup.  It is recommended that makeup for Informal and Gala Concerts be attended to prior to arriving at the theatre.  There is no shower availability.  Dressing rooms will be assigned for all technical rehearsals and performances for the Informal and Gala Concerts.

With the large number of participants, it is recommended that you do not leave valuable items unattended.

If there are any questions or problems concerning the information in this package, please contact us by email or at the numbers listed above so that they can be answered or solved. Please weigh your requests for special consideration carefully, as each request for exceptions to the rules will have to be considered in light of its effect on all of the participating productions. With these considerations in mind, we hope to have an exciting and productive conference.


Informal Concert(s) will be held at the Arts and Sciences Auditorium.  The two concerts will take place Friday and Saturday of the conference. See specs above regarding venue. A 15 minute tech/spacing rehearsal will be provided for each school. We anticipate a maximum of five lighting cues.


A&S Ground Plan
A&S Magic Sheet
A&S Light Plot


Contact Information

  • Conference Coordinator: 
    Marsha Knight 
    Email: nwacda16@uwyo.edu
    Phone: 307.766.6122
    Fax: Please scan and email documents to address above

Payment Instructions

  • Checks, money orders and purchase orders are accepted forms of payment.

    All checks should be payable to
     "UW Department of Theatre and Dance"

    Send payment to:
    Marsha Knight
    Dept. 3951 Theatre and Dance
    1000 E. University Avenue
    Laramie, WY  82071

    If you need the University of Wyoming's Federal ID#, please contact Jack Chapman directly.
    jchapman@uwyo.edu or 307.766.2198

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