2016 MINT TNT Application

Montreal, Quebec
Saturday, March 12, 2016

Public Service Fund (PSF) Support to Attend the 2016 MINT TNT and/or Forum

Montréal, Québec Canada   26th September -1st October 2016

Dear MINTies and MINTies-to-be,

Would you like to come to this year’s MINT TNT and/or Forum in Montréal, Québec, Canada but can’t find the means to do so? If this is the case, this message may interest you. 

We would like you to consider applying for financial support to attend this event. You may need support in your travel costs, or for accommodation, or maybe just by having your registration fee for the TNT, Forum or pre-Forum workshop waived. This year, like last year, the PSF (Public Service Fund) will support some MINTies and MINTies-to-be who wish to attend the TNT and/or Forum or pre-Forum workshop but who have limited funds to do so.

To apply, simply fill in the application form outlined here 2016 Application for TNT and Forum.docx and send it to PSFapplication@gmail.com by 5p.m. GMT on 15th June and explain why you wish to attend this year’s TNT/Forum/pre-Forum workshop, what kind of support you would need to be able to do so and why.  The PSF review committee will review the applications from folks who have been accepted to the TNT and from MINTies. We will try to support as many of you as possible.  

The reviews are based on your reasons for attending this particular TNT/Forum and your financial need as you report it.  All applications are reviewed by three reviewers without your nominative information (name, address, e-ddress, etc.). Maybe you have been working hard on your MI skills and your center is expecting you to train everyone there this year and you were waiting for a North American TNT/Forum since you live on that side of the Atlantic, or your center needs more MI trainers, or you’re a fairly new MINTie and want to connect (or you’ve been away from the community for awhile and it is time to connect again) or maybe you need to upgrade your MITI coding skills to support your center and there is a pre-Forum workshop that will be appropriate, etc.  We want to know! And although we don’t need detailed financial reports, please let us know if you have experienced financial changes and/or challenges and what they are (ex. My agency doesn’t support training, I work for a non-profit agency, I just started a new job after not being employed for 6 months, I am supporting an ailing family member, I have lost my job, I have been ill for X time, I am recently divorced, I am a single parent, etc.)  Let us know how you are giving back your community—whether it is by participating (or being willing to) in a MINT committee or offering free trainings, mentoring or consultation.  All of these things count when the reviewers look at your application.

The deadline for submission is June 15th.  Unfortunately, applications submitted after that date will not be considered.  If you do not get an e-mail letting you know that your application was received within 48 hours of sending, please let us know at: PSFapplication@gmail.com.  Successful applicants will be notified by 7 August 2016.

You may feel that others are more in need than you and you do not wish to take their place. The PSF wishes to support all members, whether their needs are more or less important. The review committee will make sure the financial support goes to those for whom it is be the most necessary, according to their applications.

Should you feel uncomfortable with the idea of asking and accepting this type of support, and you wish to repay MINT for this support, there are various ways to do so, such as mentoring a new MINT member over the next year, joining one of MINT’s committees for a year, etc. This is, of course, completely voluntary.

Queries may be addressed to rachelfgreen@gmail.com  or to PSFapplication@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from many of you.


MINT Board of Directors & the PSF Application Review Committee 


Contact Information

    • The 2016 TNT Workshop has reached capacity.  We are no longer accepting payments.  More information to follow via e-mail.  Thank you.  MINT Inc.
    • Colin O'Driscoll 
      TNT Coordinator

Payment Instructions

  • Your initial application fee of $125 US (non-refundable) will cover the cost of the MITI-coding of your Work Sample, and can be paid securely at this site with VISA, MasterCard, or Discover.  If you prefer NOT to make a secure online payment by credit card, payment can be made by check in US dollars payable to MINT Incorporated, and sent by postal mail to:  (Please note that your application is not complete until this payment is received.)

    Vital Decision c/o MINT
    Colleen Marshall
    379 Thornall Street, 3rd Floor
    Edison, NJ 08837

    For other issues regarding payment, please contact Tim Godden, MINT Treasurer at:

    Phone:  (647) 268-3577 (in Canada)
    Email:    treasurer@motivationalinterviewing.org


    PSF Financial Assistance
    (Please click link below)

    2016 PSF Announcement for TNT and or Forum.docx
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