2016 Spring Convention & Trade Show

Saratoga Springs, New York
Friday, April 08, 2016

Friday April 8th Sessions



Data Driven Storytelling — Jennifer LaFleur

Look. Up in the Sky — It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a . . . drone! - Mickey Ostericher                        

Community 360 in your Newsroom — Garry Pierre-Pierre

Leadership effectiveness:  Moving from survival mode to growth mode - Bill McKendree        

Prospecting that Pays — Kelly Wirges

Driving Digital Agency Success: Leveraging “Small Data” to Target Ready-to-Buy Customers - Jed Williams

InCopy: The basics of how it works and how newspapers use it in their editorial workflow — Kevin Slimp

Seamless Sequencing for Video Storytelling — Darren Durlach



Libel — Tom Sullivan & Rick Weber

Using Social Media to Engage Your Audience — Lisa Rossi              

Beware of the Watchdog: Integrating Enterprise & Investigative Journalism into Your Routine —
Chris Coates         

The Impact of the New Wage & Hour Laws & Other HR Minefields Publishers Should Avoid — Nick D'Ambrosio

Sold! On Classified — Kelly Wirges     

Selling Print in a Digital World —Tim Smith

Tips to improve your ad and page design — Kevin Slimp

Character-driven Storytelling — Darren Durlach



FOIL — Bob Freeman 

Engaging the Younger Audience: Ask Them What They Want — Tony Elkins              

Video: Where the Market Is, Where It’s Going & How to Monetize Today — Todd Handy

Using New Technology for Reporting High School News — Matthew Derienzo

How to Out Service the Competition — Tim Smith

The Mirror Doesn’t Lie Or Does It? Look in the Mirror & Reflect on Your Management Style — Kelly Wirges     

InDesign Users at Newspapers (Part 1) — Kevin Slimp

Video Storytelling — Adam Vance



Little Data: New Techniques for Finding Stories  that Matter to Local Audiences - Ryan Thornburg

Managing Freelancers — Laura Browning

Sales & Marketing Strategies; Single Copy Sales; Growing Digital Audience — John DeAugustine and Mark Vinciguerra

Sales by Numbers — Tim Smith            

Developing a high performance team — Kelly Wirges

InDesign Users at Newspapers (Part 2) — Kevin Slimp



Saturday April 9th Sessions



Best Practices & Strategies for Data Reporting for All Journalists — Frank Bi       

How to Really (and Substantially) Talk with Your Audience — Monica Guzman   

Spruce Up/Redesign Your Newspaper — Claire Regan             

Be a Project Manager Leader — Irene Mauch             

Time Management Mania — Ryan Dohrn

Layout & Elements of Design (Part 1) — Steve Gall

Photo editing (Part 1) — Kevin Slimp

Create Video News Packages with Your iPhone — Cindy Rodiguez



Using Alternative Story Formats — Timothy Schmitt

Using FOIL to Get Stories that Otherwise Wouldn’t Get Told — Sarah Cohen

Good Design on Limited Resources — Claire Regan

Effective Project Management: Sidestep the Top Ten Project Management Pitfalls — Irene Mauch 

Layout & Elements of Design (Part 2) — Steve Gall

Why Print Matters — Joe Mathes       

Photo editing (Part 2) — Kevin Slimp

Handling graphic video in the viral media landscape — Regina McCombs


2:15– 3:30

Finding Time for In-Depth News — Timothy Schmitt

Best Practices for Reaching Your Digitally Savvy  Millennial Audience — Jennifer Maerz  

Creating an Events Team from Scratch — Eileen Brown          

10 Strategies to Close Business When You Have the Client’s Attention — Ryan Dohrn

How to Own Your Digital Market — Joe Mathes                           

Adobe Bridge for Photo Archiving, Plus a little bit of Acrobat for fixing PDF issues — Kevin Slimp       

Planning video stories for web, mobile and social media — Regina McCombs




Fact Checking the 2016 Elections & Beyond: A Crash Course in Accountability Journalism  —
Jane Elizabeth     

Editors’ Roundtable: How to Win When Breaking News Becomes National News —  Bob Parks,
John O’Connell and Grant Parpan         

The Impact of Rich Media Ads on NYPS’ Premium Advertising Network — Colm Grealy

Overcoming Objections — Ryan Dohrn

Pitch Anything with Emotional Intelligence — Joe Mathes

Updated & New Software and Tools for Newspapers (free and commercial) — Kevin Slimp

Multimedia Journalism — Lisa Berglund






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