2017 ARCOS User Conference

St. Pete Beach , Florida
Sunday, February 26, 2017

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ARCOS Learning Lab and Conference Session Descriptions

Pre-Conference:  Sunday February 26, 2017 


9:00 AM - 4:00 pm  EXPERT CAFE
The ARCOS Expert Café is a great way to answer all of your questions about ARCOS solutions and services. Led by our Chief Technology Officer, Ted Schneider, the Expert Café provides a one-on-one opportunity with all of our product and user experience experts. This year we have upgraded the Expert Café to include two different areas:

Technology Bar-Meet one-on-one with the solution experts, professional services and product development teams.  Appointments and walk-in meetings are welcome. Email jteeters@arcos-inc.com if you wish to schedule an appointment.

Useability Lab- Participants will be able to test the user interface of the ARCOS mobile app and provide feedback. Any feedback you provide will earn you an entry into a prize drawing!    


9:00 AM - 10:00 AM  
Track 1:   List Maintenance
Are you “master” roster builder in ARCOS?  New ARCOS users will learn different options available when building rosters in ARCOS.  This session will provide real life case scenarios and step by step direction on how to set up lists that will function as described in the cases presented.
Who Should Attend:  New ARCOS Users
Facilitator:  Dana Lemble, Implementation Manager, ARCOS

Track 2:   ARCOS Reporting 
In-depth reporting can be a lifesaver in many scenarios, but being able filter and use the data is key to these occasions. An Implementation Manager from ARCOS will use real-life scenarios to introduce several reports and their practical applications. Users will learn how to create their own reports, utilize saved reports, and most importantly come away with new ways they can take advantage of the information available for reporting. This class will review reports that are seldom used but contain important information where even advanced users will benefit.
Who Should Attend:  New and Experienced Users responsible for ARCOS Reporting
Facilitator: Joe Ramos, Implementation Manager, ARCOS  

10:15 AM - 11:15 AM 
Track 1:   Maximizing Crew Manager – Perspectives
Learn more about Crew Manager from your peers! ARCOS Experts have teamed up with PG&E and Eversource to bring best practices on how they are effectively using Crew Manager within their utilities. Attendees will have a first-hand look at how:
  • PG&E and Eversource tackle common challenges around assigning work and managing crews  
  • The "why" behind their approach and the different strategies to tackle similar challenges 
  • Best Practices on how to improve workflow with Perspectives and Work Orders 
Who Should Attend: Anyone currently implementing, using, or considering Crew Manager
Facilitator: Dan Ballstaedt, Implementation Manager, ARCOS
Guest Facilitators: Krisi Gorbet, Mobile Connect Specialist, Pacific Gas & Electric; Kaira Ellis, Emergency Preparedness Analyst, Eversource Energy   

Track 2:   SysAdmin Explained 
Do you have ARCOS System super powers? Are you using all of the functionality ARCOS SysAdmin offers to take full advantage and control of your super admin powers? This class will walk you through the “behind the scenes” administration functionality of ARCOS: User Login Admin, Loader, & Configuration. Attendees can expect to leave with a better understanding of the ARCOS System Admin functionality and empowered to take more control of their ARCOS solution.
Who should attend:  New and Experienced ARCOS System Administrators       
Facilitator:  George Brown, Implementation Manager, ARCOS 

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM 
Track 1:  Crew Manager Implementation Basics 
Do you know what it takes to successfully implement the ARCOS Crew Manager Solution? Our experts will take you on a guided tour, from start to finish, of the Crew Manager Implementation process. This session will focus on the special requirements an implementation needs and what can be done by the project team and utility to ensure a successful project.

Who Should Attend:  Utilities who are getting ready to implement Crew Manager or are considering it for their organization.
Facilitator: Dan Ballstaedt, Implementation Manager, ARCOS

Track 2:  Research Tips for Investigating Callouts
Where do you look to when management asks to investigate a callout? What about when you need to find out employee availability? Staff expert Joe Ramos has teamed up with Scott Powe of Southern Company to bring a series of hands-on demonstrations to show the power of using ARCOS reporting while investigating callouts.  Attendees will leave the session with skills to:
  • Begin the Investigation - Callout Detail Report  
  • Identify Key Metrics to help improve callout responses - Availability by Company & Availability by Employee Reports  
  • Identify Process Improvements - Company Report, Rollup Report & Result Summary Report 
Who should attend:  Callout users who generate reports, work with management positions, or are in management positions.
Facilitator: Joe Ramos, Implementation Manager, ARCOS
Guest Facilitators: Scott Powe, Customer Operations Team Lead, Southern Company 

1:45 PM - 2:45 PM
Track 1:  The Best of "Tips and Tricks"
This class will demonstrate the top “Tips and Tricks” that have been documented over the  years to give the participants some new tools to use while navigating the ARCOS system. This class has taken all of the experience from customers and the ARCOS' team and narrowed it down to the most beneficial Tips & Tricks commonly used by utilities on ARCOS. Some fan (and staff) favorites that will be included are:
  • Using Speed Dial to Call the ARCOS Inbound System  
  • Correcting an Employee Callout Response from Accepted to Declined or from Charged to Credit/Excused  
  • Start of Year Admin to Reset OT Hours at start of the new year               
Who Should Attend:  New ARCOS  Users 
Facilitator:  Dana Lemble, Implementation Manager, ARCOS       

Track 2:   ARCOS Mobile for Field Users  
This class will teach new or potential Mobile users how to prepare for, train and deploy ARCOS Mobile to your field employees. Features that will be covered:
  • Responding to a Callout - Types of notifications 
  • Schedule Features - Schedule View, Callout Release 
  • Holdover and Exceptions, First Time-User Setup - accounts for new ARCOS users and those who have used inbound VRU 
  • Updating Contact information, Availability, Password, Name Recording 
Attendees will come away with an understanding of key tools and principles to use when  deploying ARCOS Mobile to new personnel.

Who Should Attend:  New and potential ARCOS Mobile Users
Facilitator:  Meg Boggus, Implementation Manager, ARCOS

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM 
Track 1:  ARCOS Solution Applied
This class will take a closer look at the ARCOS Resource Management Exercise and explore how the full ARCOS platform works in harmony to improve how you respond, restore and report during your daily operations or an event.  Learn how to:
  • Respond quickly using the integrated functionality of Crew Manager, Callout and Mobile 
  • Create Crew and Resource Assignments 
  • Utilize Supervisor and Executive Dashboard Reporting    
Attendees will leave with a better understanding of how the ARCOS Resource Management  tools will apply to their own specific business requirements and processes.

Who Should Attend: New or Potential Crew Manager Users
Facilitator: George Brown, Implementation Manager, ARCOS 

Track 2:  Mobile for Admins & System Administrators
Explore the functionality of ARCOS Mobile from an administrative perspective. An Implementation Manager at ARCOS will guide attendees through schedule management, Callouts, account setup and security features that administrators use in the Mobile app. Demonstrations will be shown in the administrative and field personnel views to highlight key differences and ensure admins are familiar with what field personnel encounter.

Who Should Attend:  Experienced Users of ARCOS Mobile 
Facilitator: Meg Boggus, Implementation Manager, ARCOS

Day 1 - Monday, February 27, 2017 - General Session

8:00 AM - 8:20 AM   Conference Welcome 

8:20 AM - 9:05 AM   ARCOS Keynote  & Utility Trends and Challenges
ARCOS Keynote:
 ARCOS today and in the future.  Learn how utilities are leveraging ARCOS across the country and get a peek into our strategic vision.  In this session, CEO Bruce Duff will provide the State of ARCOS and present the corporate direction for 2017 and beyond including important trends ARCOS will address.

Speaker:  Bruce Duff, CEO, ARCOS

Utility Trends and Challenges: How can you help ensure the success of utility operations in the future? Learn what's on executives' minds and how to strategize and use technology to help solve operations challenges.  Dave will share an overview of Duke’s service area in addition to the top utility trends and challenges today. He will share key insights resulting from the ARCOS Utility Operations Executive Summit and what these challenges mean to you in utility operations. This informational session will be valuable in having a conversation with your executives about how you can contribute to the success of operations. 

Speaker: Dave Maxon, Sr. VP Construction & Maintenance, Duke Energy 

9:05 AM - 9:20 AM      Why SAMsix and What it Means to YOU
Learn about the history of SAMsix and the evolution of the ARCOS SAMsix mobile workforce technology application.

Speaker:  Steve McMaster, Managing Director of SAMsix Products, ARCOS            

9:20 AM - 9:40 AM -  Mobile Damage Assessment at Southern Company 
Southern Company is improving workforce efficiency with technology. Chris led the design of SoCo's corporate-wide mobile data capture and reporting system. With his colleagues in each operating company he oversaw the implementation of the SAMsix mobile solution. Chis will share what SoCo regards as essential aspects of both mobile system design as well as back office reporting and information management.

Speaker: Chris McClain, Team Lead - Distribution Technology Solutions, Southern Company

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM  
  ARCOS Product Roadmap:  Future Proof Your ARCOS Solutions
You asked, we listened! Learn about the latest product updates and features based on customer feedback and see how they can benefit your company by reducing restoration time, saving money and improving efficiency.

ARCOS is continually striving to provide utilities with tools to quickly Respond, Restore and Report during daily operations and emergency events. This session, led by ARCOS experts, will feature new and upcoming solutions in 2017 including the addition of SAMsix technology-location services, and new capabilities for event and resource management.

Speakers:  Ted Schneider, CTO, ARCOS; Matt Mikula, Senior Director or Product Management, ARCOS; Steve McMaster, Managing Director of SAMsix Products, ARCOS

11:00 AM - 11:30 AM    ARCOS Resource Management Exercise               
We have prepared an ARCOS Event & Resource Management Exercise to show how utilities are using end-to-end crew and resource management solutions. The exercise is a great tool to share best practices and promote learning. This year, you can expect to:
  • Receive Hands-On ARCOS Mobile Experience (Use the ARCOS Mobile App on your device) 
  • Learn how ARCOS solutions can reduce costs and increase efficiency during an event 
  • Network with other utilities in a fun setting
In this session, Christi Stermer and Jim Nowak will give a quick introduction of the exercise (Ducknado) and a debrief on the status of ""restoration"" and explain next steps.

Day 1 - Afternoon Breakout Sessions 

1:00 PM – 1:45 PM - Breakout Session 1

Solution Showcase: Mobile Damage Assessment and Inspections with Location Services          
Get a closer look at ARCOS SAMsix mobile technology being used in emergency management and blue-sky-day inspections with Damage Assessment and Mobile Inspection applications. See how location services are used to manage and empower the mobile workforce and how utilities are getting to ETR and restoration faster with mobile.
Speaker:  Steve McMaster, Managing Director of SAMsix Products, ARCOS

From Blue-Sky to an Event and Back 
Resource management can be complicated! This panel discussion will feature guest speakers from Ameren and TECO sharing the advantages of using ARCOS during daily operations and events.  Attendees will leave this session understanding:
  • How ARCOS can provide situational awareness for both traditional and non-traditional internal resources.
  • Why ARCOS is essential and simplifies managing resources during a daily operations and an event
  • Advantages of using ARCOS for a smooth transition from daily operations to an event and back 
This session will feature ARCOS Solutions: Callout and Crew Manager.

Moderator:  Jim Nowak, Director of Utility Services, ARCOS
Panelists:  Larry Magelitz,  Manager, Illinois Crisis Management,  Ameren Illinois;  Luke DiRuzza, Distribution Operations Manager, Tampa Electric Company 
Find your Zen with ARCOS Support      
Did you know that ARCOS Support is rolling out a new tool to improve your customer and support experience?  What does this change mean to you?
  • Improved interaction with ARCOS Support
  • More information about the status of your case at your fingertips
  • Searchable Knowledge base and more
New users to the tool (ZenDesk) will also have an opportunity to learn more about the new support system, how to navigate, and tips on how to get more from your ARCOS Support Team.  If you are an OSCAR User and not yet set up on the new ARCOS Support System, sign up at the conference with an ARCOS Support team member.

Speaker:  Shara Hutchinson, Services & Support Manager, ARCOS

2:00 PM – 2:45 PM - Breakout Session 2

Solution Showcase: Faster Contractor Mobilization with ARCOS Resource Assist™              
ARCOS has been busy developing new solutions for the industry to simplify and expedite the restoration process.  This session is a first look at the ARCOS Resource Assist™ solution expected to launch in 2017. In this session you will:  
  • Learn how ARCOS Resource Assist™ can streamline planning, requests and management of external resources 
  • Take a first-hand look at the product capability and workflow 
  • Get the facts on when this product will officially launch  
Who should attend: Emergency response team members, Dispatchers or resource planning personnel, Event administration personnel Speaker: Matt Mikula, Senior Director of Product Management, ARCOS

Southern Company: Improving Workforce Efficiency with Mobile Apps
Hear first-hand how Alabama Power is using ARCOS SAMsix mobile damage assessment and inspection to guide assessors/inspectors through the list of checkpoints you want reviewed while creating an instant summary through a management console back at the office. This application reports on and records your proactive inspections, saving time and improving safety. See how the back office map-based reporting interface drills down from full service territory to individual damage reports from assessors.

Speaker:  Chris McClain, Team Lead - Distribution Technology Solutions, Southern Company

Managing Crews During an Event (Crew Manager)
Learn how to restore power faster and improve cost recovery for major events. In this session, see first-hand how to quickly identify which crews and resources are available for work and improve your ability to assign, manage and track these resources.  

Speakers:  Hunter Young, National Account Manager, ARCOS; Josh Isaacs, Sales Engineer, ARCOS   
3:00 PM - 3:45 PM - Breakout Session 3

Communication and ARCOS: Beyond Callout
Does your utility have an initiative to improve internal or external communications? Learn from the experts at PG&E and Eversource on how they are using ARCOS to support critical communication tactics in daily and emergency response situations. This interactive panel discussion will focus on:  
  • Moving beyond 'Callout' to communication 
  • Communication scenarios where ARCOS is being used with internal/external personnel 
  • Determining the best communication strategies and solutions for your utility needs   
 Attendees can expect to leave with knowledge of ARCOS solutions and ideas on how your utility can improve internal and external communications with ARCOS Callout, SIREN, and Mass Notificaiton. 
Guest Speakers:  Dennis Desrosier, Business Integration Manager,  Eversource;  Krisi Gorbet, Mobile Connect Specialist, PG&E
Moderator:  Dani Hays, Senior Professional Services Consultant, Lead,  ARCOS 
Roundtable Session: How to Impact Technology Adoption and Employee Satisfaction with Change Management   (session will run from 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM)       
You are implementing the ARCOS solution and now your team(s) will begin using it regularly. Communication and preparedness are key factors for the success of an implementation when an organization begins using new technology. Put yourself in their position and make sure you have answers to the following questions:
  • Why are the key stakeholders investing in this solution? 
  • How will it positively impact my daily responsibilities? 
  • Who owns decisions about the implementation?  
Join your peers in this interactive session led by industry leaders who specialize in change management at their own organizations.  Learn from their experiences and discuss topics intended to equip your organization to bring about change to Administrators, Field Personnel and Supervisors.

Lead Facilitators: Gary McCormick, AISP ARCOS Administrator,  ComEd;   Len Socha, Sup CAD/OMS Operations Supervisor – Electric Distribution Asset Management, Wisconsin Public Service
Moderator: Joe Ramos, Implementation Manager, ARCOS     

New Solution Showcase - ARCOS Event Management & ICS
Are you ready to learn more about the new ARCOS Event Management launching soon?  This sneak-peek session will cover: 
  • An Introduction to ARCOS Event Management  
  • How it Aligns with ICS 
  • Review the Product Capability and Workflow  
Attendees will leave this session with an understanding of how ARCOS Event Management helps utilities align with ICS, streamlines related operations and provides event status transparency. 

Who should attend:   Emergency Response team, Dispatchers or Resource Planning Personnel, Event Administration Personnel             

Speaker:  Matt Mikula, Senior Director Product Management, ARCOS 

Day 2 – February 28, 2017: General Session

8:00 AM - 8:15 AM   Welcome & Awards      

8:15 AM - 9:00 AM   Mobile: Emerging Trends, Challenges, and Solutions
The rapid pace of technology encourages successful adaptation of new solutions and a forward-looking perspective for ways to improve operations.  This session, led by Nisource's Jim Wolfe and ARCOS CTO Ted Schneider, will summarize realistic approaches to technology that utilities can use as well as look at the future for increased mobility in the workforce. Attendees will come away with an understanding of the challenges and trends regarding mobility, as well as proof that ARCOS recognizes the need for innovation and will support customers in realizing these goals.
Speakers:   Jim Wolfe, Manager, Business Applications and Support, NiSource; Ted Schneider, CTO, ARCOS  
Moderator:  Paul Clark, National Account Manager, ARCOS

9:00 AM - 9:30 AM   ARCOS Resource Management Exercise - Update
The ARCOS Team will give a daily update of the ARCOS Resource Management Exercise (Ducknado), including summaries and updates on “restoration” progress. This daily debrief will highlight the strategic, financial and operational benefits of the ARCOS platform for notifying, activating, mobilizing and managing crews and resources throughout the lifecycle of an event.

Speakers:  Christi Stermer, Solutions Consultant, ARCOS;  Jim Nowak, Director Utility Services, ARCOS

9:45 AM - 10:30 AM ARCOS Customer Keynote: Featuring Duke Energy

In this keynote presentation, Luis Ordaz from Duke Energy will give you an overview of Duke’s territory and the trends and challenges they are facing in the Southeastern region. He will also explain how technology played a role in restoring power to customers during Hurricane Matthew, the first category 5 Atlantic hurricane since 2007. 

Keynote Speaker:  Luis Ordaz, VP Engineering - Storm Director, Duke Energy

10:45 AM - 11:30 AM   Live Exercise - Damage Assessment
Be one of the first 30 participants to sign up for this hands-on experience with the ARCOS SAMsix Mobile Damage Assessment application via your own handheld device. Mock damage will located outside and recorded on overhead infrastructure near the hotel. "Field" participants will take photos and notes in the system. Inside the general session, we'll see the summary of results on the management console. See how utilities are getting to ETR faster.

Day 2 - Afternoon Breakout Sessions

1:00 PM - 1:45 PM - Breakout Sessions
Expanding the ARCOS Mobile App

Join this session if you want to know the Present and FUTURE of the ARCOS Mobile app. This session is packed with current and new functionality, including Location Services, (via GIS mapping) ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) Event Management and Creating Callouts

Speaker:  Sean McAuley, Senior Product Manager, ARCOS 

Advantages of Documenting and Maintaining ARCOS Business Benefits
This breakout is all about VALUE - being able to demonstrate and understand the total value of the ARCOS solution.  Christi Stermer, Solutions Consultant, will be leading a panel of guest utility speakers while they discuss how they have demonstrated ARCOS' value within their business.  Users will come away with examples of key business cases that helped get ARCOS features/services approved, scenarios where annual measurement ensured smooth renewals and continued success, and ways internal business cases and external communication be used internally to prove ARCOS value to coworkers & keep customers satisfied.

Moderator:  Christi Stermer, Solutions Consultant, ARCOS
Guest Speakers:  Luke DiRuzza, Distribution Operations Manager, Tampa Electric; Stephanie Carstairs, Business System Principal, Pacific Gas & Electric; Tracy Hokanson, Repair Dispatch Supervisor, Portland General Electric

Advance Your Reporting with ARCOS  
If you are currently involved in your utility's reporting process and have been tasked with providing detailed reporting of metrics and data, this session is for you. You will get a first hand look at how the Advanced Reporting Module optimizes your reporting strategy.  Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of how to:   
  • Leverage your company’s existing ARCOS data for better decision making power 
  • Utilize the flexibility of generating and saving custom views, reports and dashboards of data 
  • Determine when to partner with ARCOS for reports  
Speaker:  David Franklin, Application Engineer, ARCOS 

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM - Breakout Sessions & Roundtables

Uniting Your Systems - The Benefits of ARCOS Integrations
We live in a time where critical data is being collected at a rapid rate from a multitude of business applications throughout the utility. One of the toughest challenges utilities face today is establishing a pathway between these repositories to pull data and use it in a meaningful way. Integration is the key. This interactive session will provide: 
  • What it means to integrate with ARCOS 
  • Key offerings to make this a smooth process of integration smooth and effective  
  • Discussion opportunities with ARCOS and Customer experts on the "how-to" and "benefits of" integrating key systems with ARCOS     
Attendees will come away with first level knowledge of the benefits and technical approach to creating an integration with ARCOS, as well as, insights from utilities who have already realized benefits from their own integrations.

Facilitators: Ted Schneider, CTO, ARCOS; Jim Klein, Professional Services Manager, ARCOS
Customer Experts: Kaira Ellis, Emergency Preparedness Analyst, Eversource; TBA   

Breezy Breakout: The Well Connected Field Tech
Do you have the technology in place to equip your field techs with mobile options to support safety, rapid response and immediate situational awareness? What technical and organizational challenges do you face with the growing availability of mobile solutions? Join in the discussion with your peers as they address challenges and best practices for striking a balance between mobility, safety and employee satisfaction.   

Facilitators: Phil Lewis, Emergency Restoration Planning Manager, American Electric Power; Jim Wolfe, Manager, Business Applications and Support, NiSource
Moderator:  Hunter Young, National Account Manager, ARCOS   

Emergency Response Best Practices (Interactive Discussion) 

How are utilities tackling the challenges that come along with the need for rapid, yet controlled response during an event? This interactive discussion, led by industry veteran, Ann Steeves, will focus on best practices around ICS and how it is being used within utilities, with first response partners in the community and during large events. Topics of discussion with your peers will include:
  • Planning and scripting out how you respond to a variety of events 
  • How do you activate and manage native and non-native crews resources 
  • How you maintain control and focus through demobilization 
  • How to maintain documentation and incident or event records 
  • How are you using ICS and more
Facilitator:  Ann Steeves, CEO & President, HC-EMI, LLC
Moderator:  Matt Mikula, Senior Director Product Management, ARCOS

Day 3 - March 1, 2017 - General Session 

8:00 AM - 8:45 AM    Application of ICS: A Utility Veteran's Point of View  
In a recent survey, 86% of utility respondents said they have an ICS or Emergency Preparedness Structure in place. During this session, industry veteran, Ann Steeves, will share her experiences relating to emergency response best practices. Including how planning, documentation management and real-time data improve a utility’s overall response to an incident or event. Ann will provide practical insights on tackling common challenges that the industry faces with incident or event preparedness, planning, response and recovery.

Topics addressed:
  • Common operational challenges and best practices impacting a successful ICS plan 
  • Managing Phases from planning to activation, ramp-up to demobilization
  • Why addressing multiple, and diverse scenarios is critical to planning which supports successful execution Activating and managing native and nonnative resources 
  • How the ARCOS Platform with Event Management can bring together a powerful solution to simplify and automate response.
Speaker:  Ann Steeves, CEO & President, HC-EMI, LLC

8:45 AM - 9:30 AM  Breaking the Case with ARCOS Support
Whether it is a simple or complex issue, The ARCOS Support Team is on the case!  ARCOS Support goes beyond the "how-to" in product support and partners with customers to find answers to the toughest challenges.  Many times, customers are faced with issues, that if left undone, can lead to serious consequences. In this session, you will hear from three customers sharing their story on how they were able to turn a troublesome situation into success with the help of ARCOS Support.

Guest Speakers: Krisi Gorbet, Mobile Connect Specialist,  PG&E, Joe Hiatt, APC/GEN Team Lead, Southern Company
Moderator:  Shara Hutchinson, Services & Support Manager, ARCOS 

9:45 AM - 10:00 AM  ARCOS Resource Management Exercise               
Christi Stermer will give a final recap of the ARCOS Resource Management Exercise (Ducknado), including summaries and the status of the “restoration” progress.  This recap will highlight the strategic, financial and operational benefits of the ARCOS platform for notifying, activating, mobilizing and managing crews and resources throughout the lifecycle of an event.  
Speaker:  Christi Stermer, Solutions Consultant, ARCOS;  Jim Nowak, Director of Utility Services, ARCOS

10:00 AM - 10:30 AM  Maximizing the Benefits of ARCOS
ARCOS helps Utilities to  Respond, Restore and Report. In this session, we will take you on a journey in the 'Day and Life of a Utility" and share how the ARCOS Solution supports an event from start to finish with a real-time view of resources at any given time during your daily operations or an unplanned event. Learn how your peers are tackling challenges ranging from identifying & mobilizing resources, to more effectively communicating and providing real-time situational awareness.

Speakers:  Mike Brubaker, Vice President of Sales, ARCOS; Jim Nowak, Director of Utility Services, ARCOS


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