The Solar Mounting Training Conference 2017

Anaheim, California
Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Sessions provided by the 40 best-in-class solar mounting companies, presenting NABCEP™ courses. Each presenter will lead two, four or six hours of classroom training along with hands-on training with a variety of topics related to solar mounting on a rooftop, ground or carport construction. SOMO™ is the only place to receive this level of training direct from the manufacturer and in one location. An event you don't want to miss.

Course Descriptions and Speakers

KEYNOTE: Bernadette Del Chiaro, CALSEIA Executive Director

Ms. Del Chiaro came to CALSEIA in July 2013 with over a decade of policy and advocacy experience on renewable energy issues in California. As the Director of Clean Energy and Global Warming Programs at Environment California, Ms. Del Chiaro was a leading voice within several major clean energy policy initiatives including the Million Solar Roofs Initiative (SB 1) and the resulting California Solar Initiative, the Solar Water Heating Initiative (AB 1470), and the renewable portfolio standards established at the state and local levels. She's authored several clean energy reports and has been quoted widely in the media including MSNBC, NPR, BBC, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and dozens of local and trade outlets. Del Chiaro, a California native, graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 1995. She lives in Sacramento with her husband and two young children, Oliver and Willa.


COURSE: The Perfect Marriage of Solar and Metal Roofing

During this one-hour course, you will learn the actual value of solar on a metal roof, how easy it is to install on a metal roof, the cost associated with installing PV on a metal roof, proper installation techniques and the best practices when mounting solar on a metal roof.

SPEAKER: Rob Haddock

Rob Haddock is CEO of S-5! and director of the Metal Roof Advisory Group, Ltd, a consulting firm performing a variety of services for a worldwide clientele. Included in Rob’s background
is a long list of credentials: contractor, technical writer, training curriculum author, forensic expert, world traveler, inventor, educator, and even rodeo competitor. Having 44 years of industry experience, Rob is a member of NRCA, ASHRAE, ASCE, CSI and ASTM as well as a lifetime honorary member of the Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association, and the Metal Construction Association. He holds thirty U.S. and foreign patents, and innovated the concept of seam clamps to attach roof accessories to standing seam roof profiles. The trade names Roof floater, S-5! and ColorGard are all Haddock innovations. He has authored curricula and served as faculty for the Roofing Industry Educational Institute, the Roof Consultants Institute and the University of Wisconsin. He is also a technical editor for several industry publications. He has been the top-rated speaker at MetalCon International for 25 consecutive years. He is a recipient of the ASTM Carl Cash Award, the MCA Larry Swaney Award, the RCI Dick Horowitz Award and a charter inductee to the Metal Construction Hall of Fame. Rob’s presentations and technical writings have been translated and published in at least six languages; yet, he is a down-to-earth speaker who melds technical knowledge with years of hands-
on experience and a twist of country wit for an informative, entertaining presentation. Attendees at his seminars agree that he is an engaging guy with a unique ability to make technical subjects interesting and fun to learn.

Presented by: S-5!


COURSE: Pitched-Roof System Design: Technologies and Strategies to Increase ROI

The course describes technology and methodology to decrease total system cost during the design and installation of pitched roof systems. Proper preparation in design will decrease planning time. Smart technological choices decrease material costs. The course will focus on sharing best practices and will include live sample of material and displays.

SPEAKER: Frank Gallagher

Frank Gallagher studied industrial design and consumer psychology at Academy Art College San Francisco. He has worked in product design, technology development, and sales for a commercial printing company for over five years. In 2014, he started in the solar racking industry with HatiCon Solar, covering first the Bay Area then quickly advancing to full west coast coverage. In January 2015, Mounting Systems purchased HatiCon and Frank was brought over to service the Northwest Region for Mounting Systems. He has experience and knowledge what it takes for a project to develop from just an idea on paper to a complete, power-producing system. With the ever-changing guidelines and restrictions on solar arrays, Frank has a vast amount of knowledge on how to approach, develop, and construct solar projects to ensure a successful installation for any given application.

Presented by: Mounting Systems, Inc


COURSE: Ground Mount Systems: Success through Design, Planning and Execution

The lecture style course shares best practice to have successful ground mount systems installed. It explains differences and suitability of systems in regards to number of posts, foundation types, materials, etc. Advanced design criteria such as wind shading are explained. Planning and scheduling interactions with OEM to successfully meet project schedules are explained.

SPEAKER: Qwentin McArthur

Qwentin brings more than 8 years of solar experience to the table. Starting his solar career in construction, he was determined to learn as many aspects of that business as possible, quickly working up the ranks from warehouse to Operations Manager for their Partner Services Division.

Continuing his career with one of the most prominent installers in California, he was given the opportunity to take on VP of Operations covering departments from Site Evaluations to Permitting. During his tenure, the company grew from 200kw per month of residential installations to over 1.3MW per month. Eventually, Qwentin made the jump from contracting to distribution where he was able to utilize his years of experience to truly connect with customers and integrate himself into their teams.

Fast forward to 2016, Qwentin made yet another progression from Distributor to Manufacturer and began working for one of the most seasoned racking companies in the world, Mounting Systems. Again, Qwentin continues to utilize his experience to truly understand his customers’ needs and help develop solutions that work. His well-rounded background allows him to anticipate his customers’ needs and work with teams on both sides to develop strategies and solutions that make both sides successful.

Presented by: Mounting Systems, Inc


COURSE: Solar Roofing Best Practices & Intro to Rail-free

This presentation is a combination of Quick Mount PV's Solar Roofing Best Practices training and Quick Rack: Design & Installation training for rail-free systems. Solar Roofing Best Practices will guide solar professionals through codes, standards, best practices, and proper product application for various rooftop mounting systems. Quick Rack: Design and installation will give an overview of rail-free racking systems.

SPEAKER: Johan Alfsen, Director of Training & Technical Services

Johan Alfsen has been in the solar industry since 2004 where he started as an installer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently the Director of Training for Quick Mount PV, Johan has been a keynote speaker, trainer, and author of various articles on the topic of roof penetrations and code compliance for residential solar installations. Spearheading the goal to connect the solar industry with the roofing industry he has trainer solar PV and thermal installers all over North America on the importance of following roofing codes with his NABCEP registered presentations. Johan holds a degree in Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice.

SPEAKER: Jeff Spies, Sr Director Policy Quick Mount PV

Jeff Spies has been on the forefront of solar training since his entry into the PV industry in 2007. Thousands of contractors and installers have attended his popular online trainings and live training events and he is a regular speaker at major industry trade shows and conferences including Solar Power International, Intersolar, and the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and has worked in sales, marketing, and technical training for 30 years. Jeff also serves as Secretary for the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), leads the Task Group on Bonding and Grounding for the UL 2703 standard for Rack Mount PV Systems, and serves as Chairman of the Codes/Standard Committee for the California Solar Energy Industry Association (CALSEIA).

Presented by: Quick Mount PV


COURSE: PV Mounting in Asphalt Pitched Roofs Best Practices and Code with Rail-less RT-[E] Mount®

Discover why more installers choose Roof Tech when they recognize the benefits of its integrated flashing, lower point load, and resistance to thermal contraction and expansion of the array. At this presentation, you will learn about Roof Tech’s background, legacy, design approach, NDS code, IBC (International Building Code) and IRC (International Residential Code) Codes, NRCA’s (National Roofing Contractors Association) PV mounting guidelines and the rigorous testing that led to Roof Tech’s pioneering ICC (International Code Council) evaluation report on its Integrated Flexible Flashing system.

SPEAKER: Milton Nogueira

Milton Nogueira has been an advocate of solar energy for nearly three decades and has extensive experience in photovoltaic system design and sales. In early 2013, he joined Roof Tech in their first U.S. operation. In his role as Senior Business Development Manager, Milton cultivates new business opportunities nationwide through training and outreach and oversees the company's marketing, compliance and technical activities. Previously, Milton worked for 17 years as a sales engineer for a major distributor of solar photovoltaic systems in Northern California. He is a former board member of the Northern California Solar Energy Association and holds a C-46 California contractor’s license. Milton earned his bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from the University of Santa Catarina in Joinville, Brazil.

Presented by: Roof Tech, Inc


COURSE: How To Save Time and Roof Penetrations with Hybrid Racking Systems

The Reducing Roof Penetration with Shared-Rail Racking Systems course is designed to provide the participants with different solar racking systems and installation methods and a comparison of the systems. It will also focus on utilization of shared rail systems for reduction of roof penetrations. This 1 hour course will also demonstrate available online BOM calculators and the proper input of data to get the best results. The material offered with this course will be sample UL approved installation manuals, PE certified span charts and sample comparison sheets. In addition to the training, a 2 hour hands on workshop on test roof will be available and offered as a 2 credit unit to participants’ .This course will address the following:

  • Confirm System Sizing
  • Review System Component Selection
  • Install Mounting System
  • Install Grounding Systems
  • Install PV Modules

SPEAKER: Shane Shamloo, President and CEO

Shane Shamloo is an executive-level professional with over 30 years’ experience as a senior executive in businesses such as insurance, software, technology, import and exports and manufacturing. Shane has number of joint patent fillings in the area of solar racking technology and is an active member of the innovation team at Solar SpeedRack, Inc.

SPEAKER: Michael Salvati, Vice President – Design and Engineering

Michael has ten years’ experience in design and prototyping across multiple industries and has developed several of the innovations for which we have filed patents. He holds degrees in commercial design and mobile electronics and is an accredited SolidWorks user.

SPEAKER: Brett Seaman, Manufacturer’s Representative – Installation

Brett has a sixteen years’ experience in construction and over 300 photovoltaic design and installation and is the owner and CEO of Bear Mtn Solar. Brett has extensive experience with the following training and certifications: C-46, SSR Shared Rail and Hybrid racking installation certificate.

Presented by: Solar Speedrack


COURSE: Making Solar More Accessible Through Innovation

Join us as SolarRoofHook shares its insights into reducing costs of solar installation with the QuickBolt and innovative Roof Hooks, derived from 30 years of experience in the woodworking industry. Attend this session to learn:

  • Why SolarRoofHook believes innovation is the key to making installation easier
  • How innovative screw designs make solar installation easier
  • What innovations have been made in order to make the 100% waterproof Quickbolt, for installations on Asphalt Shingle


SPEAKER: Russell Eisenman, Outside Sales

Russell Eisenman is in Outside Sales for SolarRoofHook. In less than 5 years, Russell has become one of the company’s top salespeople. Starting out in Marketing for Quickscrews, our parent company, Russell was able to take his knowledge of wood fasteners and apply it to our Solar Mounting technology. His drive to solve installers’ problems has been an important factor in SolarRoofHook’s ability to make solar more affordable. Good conversation starters with Russell are sports and traveling, he would love to converse with you about either of these topics.

Presented by: SolarRoofHook


COURSE: Many Ways to Proof the Roof and Stand and Land with SunModo Racking

In this training workshop, participants will be introduced to SunModo, the three types of PV systems and the SunModo products that address these applications. Pitch roof solar mounting on shingle, metal, tile roofs, and standing seam roofs, large Flat Roof PV systems with minimal penetrations (less than 1 per kW), and Ground Mount systems will be discussed in detail. Concrete and post, auger mounting and ballasted mounted ground systems will be discussed. Design, wind loading, tilt and shading, and structural considerations will be covered. The class provides detailed explanations of the SunModo products and includes the features and benefits of each product.

SPEAKER: Roland Jasmin

Roland Jasmin joined SunModo in August of 2015 where his areas of responsibilities include project management, product design, document control, product certification and QC support. He has a diverse background in product development with over 30 years of product design experience in a wide variety of industries. Graduating with honors, Roland earned his Bachelors of Science degree at George Fox University. Outside of work he enjoys hiking, fishing, and long drives to Eugene, Oregon where you will find him cheering the Ducks onto victory.

SPEAKER: Brandon Gwinner

Brandon Gwinner, recently promoted to Senior Account Executive, is responsible for developing and implementing SunModo’s distribution and sales strategies in the West region. Brandon has been with SunModo for 6 years in the solar and renewable energy industry with a track record of being the top producer. Brandon brings to SunModo extensive experience in sales management, customer relations, support, service & lives and works by the golden rule, “Due unto others, as you want done unto you”. Before SunModo, Brandon held sales positions with Verizon and Clear Channel Radio. Outside of work, he enjoys Snowboarding, Fishing, Camping, Surfing around the world and spending as much time as possible with his Brazilian wife of 7 years, 3 year old son Zachary and 2 year old son Noah.

Presented by: SunModo Corporation


COURSE: Zilla Hybrid Flashings — Best-in-Class Solutions for a Better Bottom Line

For years Zilla innovations have paved the way for faster, safer and stronger installations. Today, Zilla takes flexibility in the field to new heights with a variety of products and solutions that meet the most common and even the most challenging needs of solar professionals. Learn how Zilla Hybrid Flashings and integrated solutions can provide your business with a better bottom line.

SPEAKER: Dave Kreutzman, Chief Technology Officer

Presented by: Zilla Corporation


COURSE: Renusol Solar Mounting Systems

Explore RBI Solar, (RBI) and Renusol America, (Renusol) solar mounting solutions and products. This solar mounting training course is designed as an introduction to the products and services offered by RBI and Renusol. This course provides an overview and details related to pitched roof mounting solutions, and carport solutions. There will be an emphasis on best practices combined with proven engineered results. The course contains actual product examples, and field examples to support the presentation.

SPEAKER: James Cormican

James has been involved in the PV industry since 2003. He has a BA in Business Administration and is an alumnus of the San Juan College Renewable Energy Program in Farmington, NM. James is a NABCEP certified PV installation professional, as well as an IREC certified PV instructor. He serves on the UL 2703 Standards Technical Panel and coordinates PV related Codes and Standards compliance for RBI Solar. He has experience in sales, design, and installation of residential and small commercial scale PV systems. James holds PV licenses in Rhode Island and Nevada and is a licensed journeyman electrician in Clark County, Nevada.

SPEAKER: Adam Brescia

Adam is an outside sales representative for the west coast. While becoming a vital asset to RBI’s revenue stream, Adam has also played a large part in shaping our presence in the solar roof mount sector by working with Renusol, our roof mount distributor. He has successfully guided many difficult projects from start to finish including a 15 MW ground mount on Pearl Harbor, a 400 kW ballasted ground mount for the Acme Landfill in Martinez, CA, and a 750 kW roof mount outside of Las Vegas, NV. Adam joined RBI in 2014. Prior to joining RBI, Adam worked for Haticon Solar, LLC., a manufacturer of solar racking systems, where he was the Manager of Business Development for 5 years. Adam’s thorough knowledge of photovoltaics and proven experience coordinating commercial & residential projects with all parties involved whether it be our internal team or the EPC has made him a vital part of RBI’s exponential growth in the solar racking industry. Adam has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration & Management from California State University Chico.

Presented by: RBI Solar (Renusol)

COURSE: Get off the roof faster! Lean Installation Practices.

Learn simple strategies to cut your crew’s time on the roof. Installation factors including division of labor, racking style, hardware, tools and warehouse preassembly all help save time & money. Increase your expertise through tips & tricks to improve project preparedness & installation proficiency.

2 Sessions - 1.5 HR NABCEP APPROVED

COURSE: Design considerations for PV racking on commercial flat roofs – 0ne hour “expert” class

PV racking for commercial flat roofs has changed dramatically in the last few years, and a south-facing-array-tilted-at-latitude is no longer always the best choice. This class assumes PV design knowledge, such as the effects of azimuth and shadow spacing, and experience making economic decisions for commercial PV arrays. We examine the pros and cons of low tilt and dual (east/west) tilt, and discuss how to tailor the best solution for your custom array. We don’t supply the answers, but we clarify the questions.


COURSE: Design considerations for PV racking on commercial flat roofs – Two hour expanded explanation class

PV racking for commercial flat roofs has changed dramatically in the last few years, and a south-facing-array-tilted-at-latitude is no longer always the best choice. This class examines the pros and cons of low tilt and dual (east/west) tilt, and explains how to choose the best solution to meet your needs. Many of the terms relevant to low-tilt design, and discuss how to make the best economic decision for custom arrays. We don’t supply the answers, but we clarify the questions.



SPEAKER: Andy Davison

Andy Davidson is a NABCEP certified PV installation professional with more than 10 years of solar Installation experience aiding field service engineers, project designers, installers and project managers. He heads up Unirac University, a training facility dedicated to increasing product knowledge, installation proficiency and project preparedness for installation of Unirac products. Andy is currently focused on efficient management of customer’s larger projects. He is dedicated to making solar installations seamless, and creating enthusiastic advocates for progression of racking in the solar industry.

Presented by: UNIRAC


COURSE: The Importance of Integrated Wire Management in Solar Mounting Systems

Course will discuss wire management using cross-industry perspective, followed by why wire management is important for solar mounting and its effect on installations. The course will end with benefits and examples of proper wire management. SnapNrack solutions are focused on simplifying the installation experience through intuitive products and the best in class wire management in the industry.


SPEAKER: Cody Norman, Senior Manager, Applications Engineering

Presented by: SnapNRack Solar Mounting Solutions


COURSE: Optimize your Business with SolarEdge

Learn how SolarEdge’s optimized inverter solution is designed to achieve more energy, increase design flexibility, provide module-level production data and create a safer more reliable PV system.


SPEAKER: Cameron Stewart, Training Manager, SolarEdge North America

Cameron Stewart’s mission is to educate PV installers and Authorities Having Jurisdiction about the safety and benefits of SolarEdge’s products. Prior to joining SolarEdge, Stewart has held a myriad of positions in the solar industry. For example, he was a training specialist with Power-One/ABB, field supervisor at American Solar Electric, and at SOLON Stewart serviced and diagnosed problems with utility scale systems. Stewart holds a B.S. in Chemistry from Arizona State University and earned a OSHA10 certification. Outside of work, Cameron enjoys the outdoors, his two dogs, and is currently restoring a 1961 Triumph TR3A..

Presented by: SolarEdge North America


COURSE: Advanced Ground Mount

As you know, no two Ground Mount Systems installations are the same. In this presentation, we explore the wide array of site conditions installers encounter and review best practices around topics like: dealing with ground water, building on sloped land, and planning for cold climates. In addition, we'll share a field-tested and proven method of saving time on large-scale installations. The course includes a hands-on demonstration showing several tips on how to streamline construction.   We'll also show you how to use the new visual interface in Ground-based Design Assistant to plan your project and generate a bill of materials.

COURSE: Advanced Pitched Roof

IronRidge Training Manager Dan Felix draws from over 20 years of experience as a solar installer to share his tips and tricks for residential installations. Topics covered include: attachment best practices for different roof types, how to splice rails and square modules, and how to design a residential solar project in Pitched Roof Design Assistant. The course includes a hands-on portion allowing attendees to install a system with the new FlashFoot2 and UFO products.

Presented by: IronRidge


COURSE: Commercial Ballasted Racking Installation, Project Design and Project Management Training


SPEAKER: Elie Rothschild, Chief Executive Officer

Elie Rothschild has devoted his professional career to the development of clean energy. For the past 16 years, Mr. Rothschild has been involved in the renewable energy and sustainable building industries. He is a licensed solar contractor (C46) in the state of California. Mr. Rothschild is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin business school, and is a dedicated father and husband.

SPEAKER: Lee Rothschild

Lee Rothschild is a Physics Engineering Graduate from the Colorado School of Mines. He has been working in the commercial solar industry as a solar designer and engineer since 2012. Lee is dedicated to the solar industry with a portfolio of over 40MW of projects designed and executed globally.

Presented by: Sollega


COURSE: Commercial Rooftop ID and Roofing ITC Integration

This course is designed to arm the solar installer with the tools they need for proper commercial rooftop identification. In addition, we will cover how the use of U-Anchors can allow the roof be ITC eligible.

COURSE: Commercial Rooftop Attachment Selection and Installation

This course will cover the product selection process and available commercial rooftop attachments & the installation process used for each commercial roof type.


SPEAKER: Joel Stanley, Founder & President

As president, Joel partners with industry leaders to provide engineered solutions to global challenges. Joel has over 35 years of experience working with thermal plastic membranes and has been involved in the production of various formulas of thermal plastic films, as well as the assembly of membranes designed to cover large open areas. Joel has developed and produced hundreds of prefabricated accessory items for use with thermal plastic membranes, the attachment of solar materials, and flashings that prevent air/water leaks at penetrations and perimeter edges. Throughout his career, Joel has developed and managed sales and distribution networks throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean Islands. Joel currently holds multiple patents involving membrane attachment solutions and has several other patents pending in the U.S. and Internationally.

Presented by: Anchor Products


COURSE: SnapINverter Best Practices Parts 1 and 2

In this course we will discuss, demonstrate and pinpoint the not-so-obvious methods and applications when installing Fronius Inverters. Culminating in a best practices installation and arc mitigation, NEMA 4x rating and definition, NEC 2014 compliance, and more!


SPEAKER: Emmitt Muckles, Master Trainer, Fronius USA

Fall 2010, Emmitt Muckles joined with Fronius USA in Brighton, Michigan as Technical support and Technical trainer for the Fronius Solar Division. After coming aboard with Fronius Emmitt has progressed to lead Trainer for Field Service, trainings and the Fronius Field Service Program referred as Fronius Service Provider (FSP). Emmitt has work in the technical fields of Cytometers, Spectroscopy and even Gaming. Providing training and field service for companies such as MGM Grand , John Deer, Chrysler, General Motors, and General Electric’s Nuclear division to name a few.

Presented by: Fronius


Best and Worst Practices in Solar Wire Management

It's the details that distinguish a great installation from one that underperforms or fails over time. And the details include cable management, in terms of aesthetics as well as functionality. In this presentation, we'll show you what we've seen - from the worst to the best - in PV system installation and cable management, while also covering: -Why connections matter in regard to long-term energy generation and safety -The reasons why cable ties from big box retailers just can't match true, solar-specific cable tie solutions -Low quality labels fade quickly; high performance labeling is critical to safety and delivers ROI through limited maintenance


SPEAKER: Phil Walker

Presented by: Hellerman Tyton


The Importance of Partnership with Equipment Distributors – For Manufacturers

In the ever-advancing market of Solar PV Materials and, in particular, Solar PV racking, it is key to develop a partnership with your materials Distributor. Gone are the days of Distributors playing a simple “middle-man” role between the manufacturers and installers. Now, more than ever, partnership with your Distributor is key. Learn how to partner with BriteStreet Energy to power your business to a successful and profitable future.

The Importance of Partnership with Equipment Distributors – For Installers

In the ever-advancing market of Solar PV Materials and, in particular, Solar PV racking, it is key to develop a partnership with your materials Distributor. Gone are the days of Distributors playing a simple “middle-man” role between the manufacturers and installers. Now, more than ever, partnership with your Distributor is key. Learn how to partner with BriteStreet Energy to power your business to a successful and profitable future.


SPEAKER: Benjer Peterson

With seven years experience in the Solar PV industry and ten years in Commercial Construction, Benjer brings a wealth of knowledge to any project. He has led and overseen the design and engineering, permitting, and construction of multi-million dollar commercial construction projects to Solar PV projects spanning over 30 public school campuses simultaneously built in California. He has served in many roles in the Solar PV industry including IT, Asset Management, Operations Management, and was Project Manager on over 50 solar PV projects totaling over 50MW that achieved Commercial Operation. Benjer received his Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Denver and his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Colorado Denver. He enjoys hiking in the mountains, snowmobiling, cycling and spending time with his family.

Presented by: BriteStreet


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