Rochester Scor! Camp 2017

Penfield, New York
Tuesday, July 11, 2017
What will I experience at Scor!?
(Below are descriptions of the General & Performance Track. For more info on the Basic Track, CLICK HERE.)

Chamber Music
Chamber Music is plentiful at Scor!. Look forward to these opportunities:
  • Coachings: Your group will develop under the expert tutelage of a professional coach through daily coachings.
  • Rehearsals: Practice applying the advice of your coach & make music with friends.
  • At your level: Your group & music will accommodate your level. Chamber Music is neither easy nor difficult by nature - the level is simply customized to the individuals in the group.
  • Skills Class: Unraveling the ensemble-playing mysteries of the pros.
  • Reading Session: Sight-reading extravaganza (optional).
  • Music Library: Find some friends & read on your own!
Build your ensemble skills, learn some beautiful string orchestra music, and focus on making a good section sound. Experience the joy of playing with others like yourself, and enhance your ensemble skills and musicality.


New every year, there are many types of instructional sessions offered at Scor! tailored especially for adult string players like you. Sample sessions are listed below.
  • Technique Sessions: Tone production, Shifting, Vibrato, & more
  • General Music & Skill-based Sessions: Music Theory, Efficient Practicing, Sight-Reading Tips
  • Playing Sessions: Cello Ensemble, Fiddling, Groove Ensemble (jazz, blues, rock etc.)
  • & more!
Featured Sessions at Rochester Scor! this year include:
  • See Music Differently
  • Hear Music Differently
  • Vibrato: Vicious or Vivacious?
  • Articulate!
  • & more!
For more details & descriptions of sessions

Private Lessons (optional add-on)
A private lesson is a great way to get an hour of unique customized instruction from our knowledgeable and dedicated faculty during Scor!. Come with specific questions or the desire to improve your playing. Solve your playing mysteries! What do you want to learn? The time is yours. (Private lessons will take place during Main Camp.)

Don't miss working with our extraordinary faculty, including Dr. Robert Gardner, Dr. Lisa Caravan, Scor! Founders Beth & Kyle Bultman, & more! (Click here for faculty bios.)

Fiesta!: Add a day to Scor!
Tuesday 10:30-5:00

A day to play, play, play! A whole day of learning, playing, and enjoying! Elongate your Scor! experience by adding Fiesta! the day before Scor! Main Camp, or come just for the day. Devour music through our reading sessions. Chamber Orchestra reading, Cello Ensemble/Fiddling, Chamber Music Reading, & more! Learn from expert teachers and performers. Join the fun! Read more below...
CLICK to read all about Fiesta!


What is Pre-Camp? An opportunity to enjoy more of Scor! on the morning immediately preceding Main Camp. Experience hands-on learning & choose from various engaging and popular topics.

When is Pre-Camp? 
Pre-Camp will be held on Wednesday, July 12, 2017, the day Main Camp begins.

9:00-9:15  Check-in
9:15-10:30  Pre-Camp Session 1
11:00-12:15  Pre-Camp Session 2
12:15-1:30 Lunch

This is all before main camp begins (1:30).

Pre-Camp Options
Want more specialized instruction right before Scor! Main Camp on Wednesday? Sign up to experience these popular and engaging topical sessions below.

  • See Music Differently
  • Technique Builder
  • Articulate!
For detailed Pre-Camp descriptions and FAQs, please CLICK HERE.
What about my level?
We have a place for you at Scor! Rochester Scor! accommodates players at many levels from recent beginners to advanced amateurs into 3 tracks. Learn about playing levels at Scor!, tracks designed specifically for adults like you, and how you fit in!

Started recently? Read more about our Basic Track HERE.

Performance Track
In addition to the Basic & General Tracks, we offer a Performance Track for advanced amateurs at Rochester Scor!. See how you fit in here!

New: Music, Sessions, & More!

Every year is unique at Scor!. Look for brand new session topics, classes, ensemble music, teachers, and friends. Experience the same contagious enthusiasm with well-loved returning faculty, & new & old friends alike.

"I learned more in the 3 days of Scor! than in any of my years of playing. Thanks for helping make dreams come true." -Tracy, 1st year Scor! Camper

Instrument Rental
Traveling by plane? Don't want to buy an extra seat for your cello? You can rent an instrument from Scor!. This option will appear on your registration form. (You must rent your instrument by the registration deadline.) 
Check out the Scor! FAQs page for answers to your questions!
Scor! Saves you Money
Here's how...

  • Early & Discount Prices are offered (in addition to other discounts) so you can save money by registering earlier.
  • Scor! Main Camp is scheduled so you can drive on the same day as camp starts and ends to avoid hotel costs for an additional night.
  • An installment plan option allows you to pay less now & sign up for automatic monthly payments. (The installment plan will not be available when camp is less than 3 months away.)
  • Scor! helps you save money on hotel costs by getting a group rate at an area hotel (save $30 per night!), and offering a roommate directory, where you can see others who are looking for a roommate for the hotel. Bring a friend, or room with a new friend!
  • Scor! helps you save rental car & gas costs by providing rides from volunteers between the event facility and the hotel (where applicable). No need to rent a car!
  • 4 days of camp too expensive? Single Day & Partial Day Options (Fiesta! & Pre-Camp) offered to fit your budget. Spend a lot less on hotel & tuition.

Unbeatable Value 
Scor! offers great value. Pat says "Scor! was well worth every penny! " Here's why...

  • Rochester Scor! faculty are graduates of the country's top music schools, highly trained and experienced educators, and you get an all-in-one experience with them for a few days for one relatively low price. 
  • Highly trained presenters for 1/2 of the cost of professional conferences.
  • For the cost of 7-8 hours of private lessons, you get 18+ hours of unique & valuable hands-on instruction from fabulous faculty on a variety of fascinating & unique topics, plus more - ensemble playing & instruction from national leading adult string educators.
  • At Scor!, you won't just learn the same things you're learning in private lessons or orchestra rehearsals. Learn the secrets of professional chamber musicians and much, much more that is not taught in lessons or orchestra.
  • Quality & healthy food offered at a value price. Unbeatable on-site culinary quality & convenience.
  • Make friends & gain connections for more playing in your local area. Who can put a price on musical camaraderie & friendship?
  • Coming to Scor! is not just like an orchestra rehearsal. It's more like an immersion experience. You get invaluable instruction to improve your playing for life, not just improve the piece you're currently working on. You'll never know how valuable your Scor! experience is until you try it!

We offer an installment plan.
 (Remember to register online or by phone before sending payment.)

 Item:  Fee:  Description:
Main Camp
 $569 Wednesday 1:30 - Sat 3:00: 4 days of chamber music, orchestra, instructional sessions & more!. Coached chamber music now included free of charge! (Less than $145/day!)
 $89 Optional add-on: Wednesday 9:15-12:15. Join us for a valuable, educational, & fun addition to your Scor! experience. See "Pre-Camp" above for more info.
Fiesta!  $165
Optional add-on: Tuesday 10:30-5:00. Fiesta! is all-day musical fun, including lots of sight-reading new music! Read string orchestra music & chamber music, & enjoy Cello Ensemble/Fiddling, & more! See "Fiesta!" above for more info. Value Price.
Coached Chamber Music  FREE Coached chamber music is now FREE! Your chamber music group will develop under the expert tutelage of a professional coach. Your group will receive daily 40-minute coachings and will also have built-in rehearsal time without a coach. Now FREE - enjoy a $47 savings! 
Private Lesson   $79 Private lessons address your specific questions and concerns... your chance for a completely customized hour of instruction. Order during initial registration for guaranteed availability. Order 1 or 2 of these 1-hour individual instruction opportunities. $89 at camp (limited quantities only)
Main Camp Meals  $126 All meals served during Main Camp. Includes Wednesday lunch & dinner, Thursday lunch & dinner, Friday lunch & dinner, and Saturday lunch(Breakfasts are on your own and included if you are staying at the hotel.)
Main Camp Lunches Only  $60 Includes lunch on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
Single Dinner  $22 You may choose to order individual meals.
Single Lunch  $16 Lunch on Tuesday during Fiesta! or lunch as an individual meal.
Faculty Recital  FREE Enjoy $15 savings with our now FREE of charge Faculty Recital. Friday at 1:15PM. Open to the public.
Instrument Rental  $75 Rent an instrument if you cannot bring one on the plane. (You must rent your instrument by the registration deadline.)

Payment FAQs & Options
Do I pay at the time of registration?
Yes. When you complete an online registration, you must also make your payment. (If you signed up for E-Check, you'll need to wait for us to send you a form or give you a call.) You may either make the full payment or make a partial payment and sign up for our installment plan. Your registration is not complete or valid until payment is received by Scor!. 

What are my payment options? We have several payment options for your convenience. Payment options and instructions are listed below. These will also be available at the completion of your online registration process, and in the email you will receive when you are finished registering.

How long do I have to pay? Your required payment must be sent within 3 days of your online registration.

Can I register now online but wait to pay until I am sure I can come? No. If you are unable or unwilling to pay either the full balance or the first payment of your installment plan now, we ask that you wait to register until you're more sure you can come and are ready to pay.

What if I need to spread out my payments?
 We offer an installment plan. If you are participating in this plan, then you must make your first payment by credit card or e-check within 3 days of your registration. The remaining schedule of payments will be indicated in the plan. See more information on our installment plan here. (The installment plan is no longer available when camp is less than 3 months away.)

Can I use my credit from my cancellation when I register? Absolutely! Please see the Payment Instructions Page to find out how.

Payment Options
We accept various payment methods for your convenience. Some of you have asked what method Scor! prefers. Electronic Check (secure bank transfer) is our preferred method of payment (smallest fees). We pass on those savings to you with a $7 discount for using this payment method. Mailed checks are our second choice. However, feel free to choose whichever one works best for you.

Simply go to our
 Payment Instructions at for details.

1. ONLINE: Electronic Check (secure bank transfer) (Get a $7 discount by using this method.)
2. ONLINE: PayPal
3. ONLINE: Credit or Debit Card. Canadian Cards also accepted.
4. MAIL:    Check or Money Order (US Funds)
5. PHONE: Credit or Debit Card
6. OTHER: FlexNoteWhat is FlexNote?  

Cancellation Policy
What if I am no longer able to attend and have to cancel?  Please the Scor! Cancellation Policy.

Scor! programs are operated by Symerge, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. 


Contact Information

Click for Scor! home page. Scor! is a program of Symerge, a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.
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