2017 IBBA Annual Conference

Dallas, Texas
Friday, May 05, 2017
Keynote Speaker

Nick Anderson
"What Sales Winners Do Differently"

Friday, May 5th 

If you’ve ever lost a sale to a competitor, chances are you wondered what they did differently than you.

In its What Sales Winners Do Differently research, the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research studied 700 buyers across industries to find out why they decided to purchase from certain providers over others for specific services and products, and what those providers did differently than their competitors to win the sale.

This keynote will take you inside groundbreaking research to help you understand exactly what you need to do to start beating your competition, get more listings, and close more sales.

You'll learn:

The differences between winners and second-place finishers in sales
3 core things every seller needs to do to maximize wins, loyalty, and referrals
What it means to sell in the “blue ocean”
Popular sales advice that you may hear, but that you should NOT take

You’ll not only get a look into the minds of professional buyers, but you’ll get tactical tips that will immediately help you sell to them more effectively.

Seminar Speaker 

Roman Basi
"President Trump + The House Ways And Means Committee: Alien-Like Changes"

Friday, May 5th 

There’s a new President in the White House and with the new President, there will most assuredly be a new tax regime.

The House Ways and Means Committee is praying for radical change to our tax code. The changes include a “better way” for new jobs and better growth. The two are much aligned in their thoughts. This could mean only one thing…Kang and Kodos have arrived! Yes, our current tax code is going to probably change radically in the next year. Instead of multiple brackets, we will have 3. Instead of high corporate taxes, they will be lowered for the first time in many years! This seminar will examine important historical changes as well and the effect they still have today.


he 2016 Fall Conference will offer workshops on Saturday November 13th and Sunday November 14th, for a record breaking total of 26 workshops!  Workshop offerings are placed into one of two categories. The two categories include "Fast Track To Success" offering workshops geared towards new brokers, and "The Next Level" offering workshops geared towards experienced brokers. Workshops will take place Saturday November 12 and Sunday November 13 and will be taught by veteran intermediaries and IBBA members.

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