VersionOne Foundations

Virtual, Georgia
Wednesday, April 19, 2017
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Accelerate Software Delivery

Learn how to:
  • Create and manage backlog items
  • Navigate your backlog according to your preferences
  • Search within VersionOne for efficient project visibility
  • Get online help in VersionOne and interact with the VersionOne user community 
  • Improve your individual and team productivity and agility 
  • Create a focused work area to encourage team collaboration
  • Converse with your team and notify one another of key events/decisions
  • Build flexibility and quick access to team level data via core reports
  • Easily see progress of stories, tasks and tests and adapt where needed 
  • Inspect and adapt as you explore reports and dashboards
Specific features covered:
  • Help
  • Grid filtering, sorting, and customization
  • Adding, deleting, and ranking items in views
  • Navigation shortcuts
  • Conversations
  • Subscriptions
  • TeamRooms
  • Storyboard
  • Taskboard
  • Testboard
  • Visualizations (Ultimate Edition)


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