The Monroe Institute Outreach Workshops in California

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Adventures on the Edge of Enlightenment

Sample Workshop Schedule

Typical Day:       

  9:00 am       Meet and Greet - Sharing Circle

  9:15 am       Discussion on Hemi-Sync® and set-up for the first exercise

  9:30 am       First Hemi-Sync® exercise of the day

 10:15 am      Group Discussion

 10:30 am      Break and Set-up for next Hemi-Sync Exercise

  10:45 am      Hemi-Sync exercise 

  11:30 am     Application Session and Group Discussion

  12:00 pm      Lunch Break – many options in walking distance

  1:30 pm       Regroup, questions, and setup for next Exercise

  2:00 pm       Hemi-Sync exercise

  2:45 pm       Group Discussion

  3:15 pm       Break and Set-up for next Hemi-Sync Exercise
  3:30 pm Hemi-Sync exercise   4:15 pm Group Discussion
  4:45 pm Wrap-up and Next Steps


Payment Instructions

Workshop Participants Receive $200 off a future Monroe Institute Residency Program
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