Pesach 2018 with Karen and Michael Berg

Friday, March 30, 2018

Payment Information: 
Registrants who pay with a money order, cashiers check or via wire will not be registered in the system until the full payment is received with the signed registration form.  Online registrations are for those paying by credit card only.

By Money Order or Cashiers Check:
 If paying by money order or cashiers check you must pay in one lump sum. Fill out a manual registration form and send back by email or by fax (303-530-2691).  Please make the money order payable to Kabbalah Centre and send to:

Kabbalah Centre
Attn: Peter Dieudonne
315 W 36th Street, 6th Floor Suite 53
New York, NY 10018

By Wire Transfer: If paying by wire transfer, fill out a manual registration form and send back by email or by fax (303-530-2691). You will then be sent wire transfer instructions. Please note, your registration will not be entered until proof of payment has been provided.

Payment Plan:

The Payment plan is designed for credit card payments ONLY. The same credit card must be used for all payments. You will be charged in equal parts, with the first charge on the day you register and the final payment will be charged on March 1st. For example, if you register on February 15th, you will be charged 1/2 on February 15th and 1/2 on March 1st. A $10.00 fee applies to all payment plan registration records. NO payment plans will be accepted beginning March 1st.


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