Tri-State Housing Managers Conference

Conway, New Hampshire
Wednesday, October 25, 2017






Day 1, October 25, 2017 - Session Descriptions

Session 1:  LIHTC, Erik Whitton, presenter

This session will focus on various topics that are particulary relevant in the current climate; tools and strategies will be discussed and shared with attendees, maintain compliance with tenant files, understanding investor requirements/penalties, and manage developments that span multiple states.  Topics of interest will include gross rent floor, application and interview tips, verification tips, unit transfers, changes in family size, annual re-certifications, students status, advanced assets, advanced income.  The session will also include a review of strategies and requirements related to developments financed with acquisition/rehab credits as well as re-syndicated deals. 

Session 2a:  Why A Smoke Free Policy in Multi-Unit Housing Makes Sense for All, Susan Morrison, presenter

Topics in this session will include, Types of Smoke, How it travels, HUD's final rule, definition of prohibited tobacco products, optional additions to the policy, restriction smoking areas, electronic nicotine delivery systems, establishing a policy, building awareness on site and why a policy is needed, enforcement, air quality testing and resources/help. 

Session 2b and 2c:  Drug Awareness - Assessing the situation in your property

Law Enforcement Agents from VT, NH and ME will provide information on drugs and impairments.  The training will provide you with information to recognize and respond to person(s) suspected of drug use, abusing and being impaired to drugs at your properties.

Session 3:  Resident Conflict and Bullying, Steve Latulippe and Cristalee McSweeney, presenters

Having seniors understand how their behaviors affect others in a residential setting is paramount.  In this session, we will explore who bullies and why and giving residents and staff member tools to deal with it.  Understanding why senior tenants are reluctant to engage.  Finding ways to help them to engage and then to be accountable for their actions requires a teamwork between property management, victims, responsible parties and maybe even an outside agency who can be seen as neutral.  The bullying cycle will be examined and positive ways to work with the victims of bullying in a residential setting will also be offered.  Helping managers find positive ways to engage residents in discussions using restorative justice principles will be a main point of discussion.  This training will give you some specific ways to engage tenants and help them look at their behavior in a non-threatening, non-blaming way and help them to engage in a restorative process which includes all stakeholders. 

Day 2, October 26, 2017 - Session Descriptions

Session 1:  HOME, Monte Franke, presenter

Join HOME Program expert Monte Franke for an examination of compliance for HOME rental projects, including the requirements for unit mix, marketing, tenant eligibility and selection, rent limits, property standards, report and recordkeeping.  The workshop will include updates on 2013 HOME rule changes and recent HUD guidance, and allow you to ask your compliance questions.

Session 2a:  Asset Management, Brian Kilgallen, presenter

The headliner will be a presentation by Brian Kilgallen, a Regional Manager with Preservation Management, regarding file organization and audit preparation pertaining to HUD, LIHTC, RD and HOME programs.  As part of his presentation, Brian will provide each attendee with a user friendly guide to both file organization and audit preparation procedures.  Furthermore, on hand there will be representatives from HUD, RD, MH, VHFA, VSHA and VHCB to answer your questions.

Session 2b:  The Art of Hiring a Star!, Nancy Reno, presenter 


When managing multifamily properties, you need a broad range of skills to manage your property operations and attract the best team. Interviewing and identify the essential characteristics and skills needed can be a challenge for even the most experienced leader. In this course, you will learn the “Art of Hiring A Star “and how to effectively develop a recruiting plan, and hire the best talent.

Session 2c:  Creating a Winning Team!, Nancy Reno, presenter

Leading your property management team to enhance performance and building effective team can be challenging in today's competitive market.  In this course we will explore the key concepts of developing a strong and capable staff and how to use the proper coaching techniques and motivation tactics to boost career development.

Session 3:  Unconscious Bias, Karen Richards, presenter

Through a combination of lecture, video and exercise, this training will explore the brain science behind implicit or unconscious bias and how those biases affect our perceptions and ultimately our behavior.  The session will explore how these biases play out in the larger society in ways that can interfere with interpersonal relationships based on occupation, socioeconomic status, weight, political affiliation, etc., and deny equal opportunity to those in protected status (race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, etc.).  The objective is to increase awareness of the nature and sources of implicit bias, to recognize that everyone has implicit bias, to recognize the implications of it within the broader society and to develop skills/strategies for reducing and overriding it.

Disaster Planning, Emergency Response, and Crisis Management 101, James Burke, presenter

The word "emergency" and "disaster" conjures up many different images - medical incidents, fires, chemical spills or toxic gas releases, tornados, floods and hurricanes, terrorist activities, armed intruders, basic security concerns, and the list goes on.  Emergency situations and events can happen at any time; when you can anticipate and plan your response, you can greatly lessen the extend of injuries and property damage, and the negative impact on your business and operations.  The simple question is "are you prepared?"  There are a host of potential interruptions from an "all hazards" standpoint, planning your response and establishing strategies for mitigation, prevention and control, and business continuity will reduce the risk and impact on an event.

In this presentation you will learn ways to identify and assess hazards and risks for your business; mitigate, plan and prepare before an event; respond during an event; recover and resume critical systems, and return to normal operations; effective emergency management practices; best practices for planning, threat assessment, resource management, building specific procedures and training; resources available to assist you in addressing disaster planning and response.

 Day 3, October 27, 2017 - Session Descriptions

Session 1:  USDA Rural Development

Rural Development representatives will be available from Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine to discuss a wide range of topics that will include waiting lists, tenant selections, priorities, allowable project expenses, appraisals, workout plans and much more.

Session 2:  Hoarding and Bed Bugs, Kelly McDonough, presenter

Hoarding Vs. Clutter, this presentation will discuss the challenges of hoarding (including bed bugs), safety concerns of hoarding and ways to work with hoarders.  Over the years this is becoming a larger and larger problem in so many ways.  We now have the internet, yard sales, second hand stores, rental furniture stores to assist in our collection of belongings that we don't need.  Our new clutter gets delivered to the door in packages or junk mail.  When we find a problem there is no where to turn for help!  This training will give some tips to recognize signs of hoarding right away and some steps to take to combat the problem.

Bed bugs are not something we thought about dealing with when most went into the property management industry or it might have sacred us away!  During this presentation we will learn basic biology of bed bugs, challenges and barriers to treatment (including hoarding), how to pick a pest control company, picking a treatment plan, and preparing for bed bug treatment.  The psychological effects of bed bugs are far worse than the bites.  The goal of this presentation will be to reduce the fears, and give property management solid tools to walk away with.

Session 3:  First Line Defense, Mike Pearl, presenter

An interactive presentation outlining workplace violence indicators and civilian response to armed intruders.  The presentation is customized based on your venue specific assessment, and training is centered around the unique aspects of your business type.  You are the First Responder!!  First line defense was created by Lt. Michael Pearl, a Haverhill, MA native, after the realization that companies were not adequately trained and prepared to handle workplace violence incidents.  Lt. Pearl, still an active ranking officer, has done several physical security assessments, evaluated policies and procedures and conducted many full-scale exercises involving hundreds of participants.  In addition, he has trained over a thousand police officers and citizens regarding the responses to active shooter incidents with interactive presentations.  His career has spanned 17 years covering patrol, undercover operations, detectives bureau and currently the SWAT Commander of a 50 officer regional team.


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