2018 ARCOS Conference

San Antonio, Texas
Sunday, March 04, 2018

 See below for the latest updates to our agenda! Sessions and tracks are subject to change. 

Sunday, March 4, 2018 (Click Here for Full Descriptions of the Sessions)

Monday, March 5, 2018 (Click Here for Full Descriptions of the Sessions)

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 (Click Here for Full Descriptions of the Sessions)

Wednesday, March 7, 2018 (Click Here for Full Descriptions of the Sessions)

Sunday, March 4, 2018

ARCOS Learning Labs: Track #1

Resource Assist in Action

Description: Join a live, scenario-based training session for ARCOS Resource Assist, the newest solution to help you efficiently manage contractors. This will be a hands-on activity in a demonstration environment, so all are welcome to participate (even if you don't have the solution yet)

Speakers: Dan Ballstaedt, ARCOS

Crew Manager Perspectives: Workshop

Description: Need some advice on setting up perspectives in
Crew Manager? Krisi Gorbet from PG&E will be
there to help you set up perspectives on the spot,
as well as give advice on how to use them

Speakers: Krisi Gorbet, PG&E

Crew Manager: Moving from Daily Operations to Emergency and Back

Description: Practice moving your crews from daily operations to storm mode, and back in ARCOS Crew Manager. This will be taught by industry veteran Joe Ramos, and will include tips such as using "restore points", as well as how Crew Manager can be used for annual storm drills.

Speakers: Joe Ramos, ARCOS

Taking Control of Your Data

Description: Overwhelmed with Data? Learn how to efficiently load data into ARCOS, read data outputs and extractions and how to troubleshoot when you get warnings.

Speakers: PJ Haley, ARCOS

Resource Assist in Action

Description: Join a live, scenario-based training session for ARCOS Resource Assist, the newest solution to help you efficiently manage contractors. This will be a hands-on activity in a demonstration environment, so all are welcome to participate (even if you don't have the solution yet)

Speakers: Dan Ballstaedt, ARCOS

ARCOS Learning Labs: Track #2

Empowering Employees with ARCOS Mobile: Tips & Tricks

Description: Learn about how to optimize your use of current ARCOS Mobile functionality, as well as get hands-on experience with new features recently added to the mobile app.

Speakers: Meg Boggus, ARCOS

Investigation and Research Techniques

Description: Explore techniques to research issues and investigate callouts. This is an interactive experience in conflict resolution by learning to find out the who, what, when, where and how of a situation through ARCOS.  

Speakers: Shara Hutchinson, ARCOS

New Callout Tips & Tricks to Maximize your Experience

Description: The Best of "Tips and Tricks" will demonstrate the top tips and tricks that have been documented over the last year to give participants new tools to use while navigating ARCOS Solutions. You will learn about new functionality that has become available, as well as how utilities are using existing features in ARCOS in beneficial ways in an interactive learning environment.

Speakers: Linda Jones, ARCOS

Part 1: Advanced List Maintenance- Rosters that Foster Better Workflow

Description: In this two part session, find how how you can use list maintenance to your greatest advantage. Practice advanced skills such as hiding/ordering lists, managing different types of rosters and sort options.

Speaker: Dana Lemble, ARCOS

Part 2: Advanced List Maintenance- Rosters that Foster Better Workflow

Description:  In this two part session, find how how you can use list maintenance to your greatest advantage. Practice advanced skills such as hiding/ordering lists, managing different types of rosters and sort options.

Speaker: Dana Lemble, ARCOS

ARCOS Training for Beginner Administrators

In addition to the ARCOS Learning Labs, this year we’ve added a one-day training class for administrators! For new ARCOS Admins or those who would like a beginning refresher course, this class will include:

ARCOS Callout & ARCOS Mobile administrator basics:

Section 1: General Access & Administration
Login, Location Hierarchy, Employee Records and Schedule Section 2: Advanced Administration
List Administration and Maintenance, Shifts, System Administration and Mobile Security
Section 3: Callout-Related Functionality
Creating and Managing Callouts, Custom Messages, Research 7 Troubleshooting
Section 4: Usage Supported Functionality
Reports, Phonebook, ARCOS Support
Section 5: System Access- VRU & Mobile
Outbound and Inbound VRUs, ARCOS Mobile Account Management and Response

Monday, March 5, 2018

General Session

ARCOS Keynote Opener & Executive Summit Insights

ARCOS today and in the future. Learn how utilities are leveraging ARCOS across the country and get a peek into our strategic vision.  In this session, CEO Bruce Duff will provide the State of ARCOS and present the corporate direction for 2018 and beyond including important trends ARCOS will address.

Speakers: Bruce Duff, ARCOS & Executive Summit Participant

A New Age of Resource Management

You asked, we listened! Learn about the latest solution additions and features based on customer feedback and how they can benefit your company, reducing restoration time and improving efficiency.

This session, led by ARCOS experts, will feature new and upcoming solutions in 2018, as well as how ARCOS is expanding the platform for event and resource management.

ARCOS is continually striving to provide utilities with tools to quickly Respond, Restore and Report during daily operations and emergency events.

Speakers: Ted Schneider, ARCOS & Matt Mikula, ARCOS

Working in Harmony with External Resources and Technology

Join mutual assistance experts Jim Nowak and Jason Singer as they discuss how external resource management has evolved and become more streamlined with technology.

Dive into the complexities of mutual assistance and contractor management and their importance in the industry by looking at recent trends and challenges throughout the events in 2017, as well as unique events outside of weather that can affect the use of external resources.

In this session, you’ll come away with an understanding of the increasing importance of managing external resources effectively, as well as how different technologies can help streamline communication practices and resource allocation so that you can get boots on the ground faster, and your customer’s service restored sooner.

Speakers: Jim Nowak, ARCOS & Jason Singer, ARCOS

Breakout Sessions

Track #1: Effective Resource Management

How to Use Contractors Efficiently for Daily Operations and Emergencies

In this session, you will leave with best practices for both managing and communicating with contractors, as well as get insight into technology that is helping to streamline the process from expert and early adopter Zack DeLeon. Expect to expand your knowledge on how to plan for both native contractors and additional work, as well as how to handle big challenges such as eta estimation, logistics and reporting. Lastly, learn how ARCOS solutions can assist in the full contractor management process.  

Speakers: Zack DeLeon, Pedernales Electric Cooperative & Jim Nowak, ARCOS

What does the Next Era of Crew Management Look Like?

In this session, taught by ARCOS experts on utility processes and solution management, learn why efficient crew management is so important for both utilities and the roadmap at ARCOS.

Explore how the latest technologies are being combined to create a solution for crew management that maximizes time and resources and minimizes errors, administrative work and slow communication. You’ll be able to see how these new technologies will be used and applied to a real environment, the importance of the transition from daily operations to emergency and back and how using technology as part of a full resource management platform can give you full visibility in daily or emergency situations. In addition, you’ll see how innovative utilities are already forging the way into the next generation of crew management.

Speakers: Bill Brackett, ARCOS, Rob Kime, ARCOS, Jason Singer, ARCOS

Mutual Assistance: Eliminating Communication Mishaps and Increasing Awareness

As large-scale and multi-region events are becoming more frequent, efficient acquisition and use of mutual assistance resources is becoming paramount to response and restoration efforts. Due to the varying size and processes of utilities, mutual assistance efficiencies and situational awareness of crews can be difficult to obtain.

After this session, you’ll leave with a sense of trends and challenges in the current mutual assistance environment, an idea of how processes are evolving, best practices for working with other utilities and RMAGs and finally how technology is stepping in to help utilities and mutual assistance groups share resources and gain situational awareness during large scale events.  

Speakers: Phil Lewis, American Electric Power & Jason Singer, ARCOS

Track #2: Daily Success- Efficiency and Maximizing Current Solutions

A Story of Innovation: NiSource is Moving the Needle to Improve Response Time and Daily Operations Efficiency

Hear from Jim Wolfe at NiSource on how investments in mobility, integrations and technology led to both increased productivity in the field and decreased response time. By updating their processes, committing to an adoption and rollout strategy for mobile field employees and aligning initiatives with company goals, NiSource has achieved significant efficiency improvements. Come away from this session with some ideas on how to increase adoption of new technology, evaluate your processes and how to look for ways to leverage technology you’ve already invested in.

Speaker: Jim Wolfe, NiSource

How to Leverage Data to Manage Performance and Track Productivity

The secret to productivity? Getting the most out of your real-time data! Gain insight into how Eversource uses data and reports from their resource management solution to manage the performance of individual employees and evaluate a summary of each day to determine overall productivity. Leave this session with some key tips on how to leverage ARCOS to measure efficiency day to day or during emergency operations.

Speaker: Kaira Ellis, Eversource Energy


Do you have a brilliant way to use ARCOS that no one knows about?  Do you leverage ARCOS tools in ways that others wouldn’t expect?  Have you found a buried feature that makes a HUGE difference in your company’s effectiveness thanks to ARCOS? 

Come to the SHARCOS Tank, share your ideas and experiences with our SHARCS and win a prize for the peer-to-peer best idea of the day!

Learn from other companies and discover the capabilities of ARCOS that you might not be aware of and see if you can convince the SHARCS that YOU are the one that makes ARCOS even more successful! Can you swim with the SHARCS?

Speakers: David Jelinek, Southern Company with assistance from Dani Hays, ARCOS & Mitch Chapman, ARCOS

Track #3: The Front Lines of Innovation

Evolving Resource Management at your Utility

Description: Join Ameren on their journey to innovation as they explain how they’ve expanded with the ARCOS Resource Management solution, how and why they’ve made decisions to add technology and integrations, as well as what challenges they were faced with and how they overcame those challenges to get to success. They will expand upon lessons learned from rollout and adoption as well as how they chose which solutions were the logical next step for their utility, Lastly, Michelle and Bob will discuss the benefits that they’ve seen from using one platform for many of their resource management practices and how they stay on the cutting edge in a fast-moving landscape of change.

You’ll leave this session with ideas and strategies on how to evaluate your processes and decide the best next step to innovation for your utility, as well as what you’ll need to prepare before you make a decision.

Speakers: Michelle Laiben, Ameren & Bob Weatherford, Ameren, Moderated by Christi Stermer, ARCOS

Benefits of Mobilizing your Workforce: A Case Study

Learn how one of ARCOS’ first mobile users has reaped the benefits of mobilizing their workforce, and expanded mobile usage to other areas of their business. They will look at the successes they’ve had since adding the app, as well as challenges they’ve overcome to make their operations more efficient.

Speaker: Tracy Carter, City Utilities of Springfield Missouri  

Roundtable: How to Make the Next Step on your Innovation Journey

PSEG Long Island’s Jeff Plackis will take participants through his story of recent innovation and integration with ARCOS, exposing lessons learned and some suggestions on what to think about when adding a new solution or integrating two platforms. He will then throw some of those topics out for discussion and brainstorm to participants to expose how different utilities would handle integrations and the additions of new technology, especially in regards to how to prepare and ideas for managing the rollout process.

Speakers: Jeff Plackis, PSEG Long Island & Christi Stermer, ARCOS

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

General Session

Welcome & Awards

CEO Bruce Duff presents the Founder’s and Innovator’s awards to utilities who are on the front lines of innovation and making strides within the industry.

How to Keep up with a Mobile World

How do I know when to implement a mobile solution to the field? How do I get the most benefit from mobilizing the field? In this talk show session with two of the industry’s best experts on crew management and mobilizing the workforce, you’ll find the answers to those questions and many more. The choice to add another mobile process can be daunting, especially when adoption and rollout take significant time investments. See how PG&E and Eversource overcame objections and are now reaping the benefits of a mobilized workforce.

You’ll walk away from this session with an understanding of the mobile landscape, best practices and use cases for mobile solutions, as well as some exciting new features that ARCOS is developing to meet these new challenges.

Speakers: Krisi Gorbet, Pacific Gas & Electric & Kaira Ellis, Eversource Energy

Moderated by: Ted Schneider, ARCOS

The Communication Challenge: National and Utility Perspectives On Providing the Right Data to External Stakeholders

Take a look at what happens during a large-scale event for a national organization. Chris Eisenbrey from EEI will convey the lessons learned from a very busy 2017, and give advice on prioritizing communications, developing strategies for effective communication with multiple agencies and keeping data self sufficient. From there, we will explore the individual utility view at ConEdison in the heart of New York City, known for their world class liaison program. Stuart Smith will explain how technology comes into play when gathering data for external stakeholders, how to combat the challenge of keeping information up to date and how to prioritize during events.  

Speakers: Chris Eisenbrey, Edison Electric Institute & Stuart Smith, ConEdison

Customer Keynote: CPS (San Antonio)

Description: Coming Soon! 

Speaker: Rudy Garza, CPS


Track #1- The Great Communication Challenge

Lessons Learned from a Public Liaison: Prioritize Your Information

Being in a role that is responsible for gathering or communicating data for internal and external stakeholders can be hectic, especially if you’re also juggling several other initiatives during an event. With the number of emergencies in 2017 and many of them in California, Angie Gibson has gained a wealth of knowledge in the past year alone about working with public and community officials, as well as managing unprecedented events.Join Angie as she shares her experience being a public liaison, and how she organizes her correspondence and gathers data to quickly handle requests that come her way to keep the community safe and up to date.

Speaker: Angie Gibson, Pacific Gas & Electric

Roundtable: Solving the Communication Challenge with External Stakeholders

How do you handle public communications with the Media, State/City Officials or other public entities? Discuss different strategies for gathering data and giving your stakeholders the information they need easily.  

Moderator: Joe Ramos, ARCOS  

RoD User Group Roundtable

Jason Singer will lead the RoD users through topics selected by the group in advance. This will be an interactive roundtable session. Topics will be announced before the conference begins.

Moderator: Jason Singer, ARCOS

Track #2- Streamlining Operations with Mobile Solutions

Reducing Restoration from Days to Hours with mobile Damage Assessment

In 2017, we saw two of the worst hurricanes in modern history, Millions were left without power. But the utility community had been investing in new solutions and preparing for the worst kinds of events for several years. Had they not prepared themselves with both process and technology, the damage and resulting restoration efforts could have been worse and taken much longer. One of the ways that innovation helped customers get their power on quicker was the use of a closed loop Damage Assessment solution. Some utilities were able to assess the damage in hours, versus days when they had a manual process. Hear from ARCOS’ Lisa Steinhart and Steve McMaster to learn how assessment can be streamlined and see why some utilities were able to shave off a large amount of time from their process.

Speakers: Lisa Steinhart, ARCOS & Steve McMaster, ARCOS

Mobile Trends and Challenges: Cooperatives and Municipal Utilities

In this interactive session, learn how your cooperative and public utility peers are handling challenges with mobilizing the field with devices, rollout and adoption, and objections from the board for mobilization. The will be a discussion-based session with attendee participation.

Moderator: Utility Member & John Chapman, ARCOS

Track #3- Emergency Preparedness & Consistency   

Gas Industry Roundtable: Handling 3rd Party Damage and Unique Event Situations

Two Gas industry experts will lead an interactive roundtable to debate how to effectively plan for response to 3rd party damage, as well as handling events such as wildfires and flooding, which may have unexpected consequences.

Speakers: Steve Jones, Southwest Gas Corporation & Brian Palazzo, Southern California Gas Company

Sharpen your ICS Skill Set: A Lesson with Ann Steeves

Part 1 (25% of session)

Ann Steeves, utility industry veteran and expert on ICS and Mutual Assistance, will lead the audience through the evolution and trends of ICS in the past couple of years. In this session, they will take a look at the importance of setting Incident Objectives, as well as efficient Resource Planning.

The importance of ICS in utilities has been growing exponentially, especially as events are expanding beyond traditional storms and gas emergencies. Ann will uncover many ways in which ICS can be used enterprise-wide (loss of data center, loss of call center, fire in generation facility, etc.) and how ICS is “always on” in a utility.

Lastly, she will shed light on how technology comes into play while handling all types of incidents and reporting, as well as how ARCOS’ new solution for incident management will hel solve some of those challenges.

Part 2 (75% of session)

Learning Activity with Ann Steeves

Participants will be taken through 1-2 exercises that will help sharpen their ICS skill set and provide some tools to take back and use at their utility. Activities may include: Creating resource plans or developing Incident Objectives & Goals.

Speaker: Ann Steeves, HC-EMI,LLC

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

General Session

Handling Unique Events: Safety & Situational Awareness

How do you prepare for the unexpected emergency? In this session, you’ll hear about how utilities can take steps to ensure response is fast and that safety is confirmed, even during unexpected events such as the Boston Marathon Bombing and the wildfires in California. Learn techniques and strategies to plan for any size and type of event so that response and communication are swift and accurate.  

Speakers: Dennis Desrosiers, Eversource Energy & Angie Gibson, Pacific Gas & Electric

Lessons Learned in 2017: Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

2017 was a year of learning. As one of the worst weather years in decades, it put infrastructure, process and technology to the test. There was much knowledge to gain from the events, but there were also many success stories because utilities were prepared and had invested in their process and technology to be able to handle the unexpected. Hear from Pedernales Electric Cooperative, CenterPoint Energy and TECO to see how their regions prepped for the hurricanes, managed resources during the events, how technology was utilized and what lessons they gleaned along the way.

Speakers: Zack DeLeon, Pedernales Electric Cooperative, Jessica Sanford, CenterPoint Energy, & Luke DiRuzza, TECO


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