TECHINT2017, A "TS//SI/TK//USOnly" Event.

Chantilly, Virginia
Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Engility Heritage Conference Center (“HCC”) Security Information

This will be an “TS//SI/TK” (US-ONLY) briefing and workshop.  To attend, please submit your Visit Request immediately and in accordance with the following security instructions.

Important Note: The following security policies are specific to this Engility location.  Prior clearance submissions for other Engility-related facilities are managed separately and are not available to this physically-separate SCF.  “Thank you” in advance for your cooperation in carefully following the guidance, below.

U.S. Citizens:  Please forward your Visit Certification to the HCC Security Office if you do not already have a permanent, 2017 certification on file.  Please note that the Engility Heritage Conference Center recognizes “Blue Badge reciprocity for (a) U.S. Government civilian personnel and (b) IC assigned U.S. Military personnel and, other than personal identification, no other paperwork is required.  All others will need a current visit certification on file prior to attending a classified event.  Unfortunately, “Green Badges” cannot be accepted at this facility.

  Certifications may be sent via:
  1. Unclassified Fax: 651-783-4491
  2. e-Fax: 651-783-4491
  3. Unclassified Email:
  4. Secure Fax: 703-378-5048
  5. JPAS: SMO Code 9G9243 (SCI)

Note: For the purpose of providing a phone number for the Security POC, the phone number is 703-633-8388 but please do not call that number to verify passage of your clearance.  If there is a problem, you will be notified in due time to take corrective action.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Address:  Engility Heritage Conference Center (HCC), 4803 Stonecroft Blvd., Chantilly, Virginia 20151.

Your Clearance Submission should include: Your Name, Social Security Number, Place and Date of Birth, Clearance Level and Accesses and indicate the Meeting Name (ATIA Meetings and Briefings), Engility POC  (Monica Chavez) and Date(s) of Visit (December 5-7, 2017).

For administrative convenience, we recommend that you “term-cert” your clearance for twelve (12) months, or at least through the end of the current year.

Security Questions?  If you have any security or other questions, please forward them to ATIA Executive Director, Jim Longley, at << >> and we will respond promptly.

Thank you for your careful attention to these specifications!


Contact Information

  • Mr. Jim Longley

Payment Instructions

  • Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express accepted.

    Checks must be received by COB on Friday, December 1, 2017, to allow time for processing; electronic registration will remain open, however, until noon on Monday, December 4.

    Make checks to:

    Adv. Technical Intelligence Assn.
    Post Office Box 1173
    Alexandria, VA 22313-1173

    Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express accepted.