18th National Academy for IDEA Administrative Law Judges and Impartial Hearing Officers

St. Paul, Minnesota
Tuesday, July 09, 2019
QUESTIONS: EDLAW, LLC  (206) 922-3319  academy@edlaw.net  
P.O. BOX 9681  SEATTLE, WA 98109-0681
As in prior years, we are offering a "Basics" program on Tuesday, July 9, for persons new to special education and special education due process hearings. The "Regular" program, on Wednesday through Friday, July 10-12, examines topics that are likely to arise before hearing officers of all experience.

Basics - Introduction to Special Education Due Process Hearings

>Tuesday, July 9

  • Overview of the special education process/Mary Schwartz, IHO, Illinois
  • Basic hearing procedures/James Mortenson, ALJ, Minnesota
  • Basic caselaw/Mary Schwartz, IHO, Illinois
Regular Program

 >Wednesday, July 11
(subject to revision)
  • Disciplinary Hearings Under IDEA/Steve Elliot and Ian Spechler, IHOs, Texas
  • Writing Hearing Decisions/Teresa L. Bullock, SLRO, Ohio
  • Sanctioning Authority of IDEA Hearing Officers/Jim Gerl, IHO, Pennsylvania
>Thursday, July 13
  • What We Know About IDEA Hearing Officers/Prof. Perry A. Zirkel, Lehigh University
  • How We Can Improve IDEA Hearings/Panel: Prof. Zirkel; ALJ Mortenson; ALJ Gerl; Prof. Weber; Mr Merced
  • Recent Caselaw Developments/Prof. Mark C. Weber, Vincent dePaul Professor Law, DePaul University College of Law
  • Recent Caselaw Developments/Prof. Mark C. Weber, Vincent dePaul Professor of Law, DePaul University College of Law

>Friday, July 14
  • Ethics - 1/Deusdedi Merced, Special Education Solutions 
  • Ethics - 2/Deusdedi Merced, Special Education Solutions
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Basics & Regular Program

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  • Questions? Call or email Academy Director, S. James Rosenfeld
    Phone: (206) 922-3319

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