Energizing Engagement through Action Learning - 2018 Annual Forum

Woodinville, Washington
Monday, October 22, 2018
Keynote Speaker

Dr. Reldan (Relly) Nadler

Dr. Nadler is the author of many books on leadership and team performance. He is a Master Certified Executive Coach (MCC) who has coached and helped thousands of leaders and is a senior faculty member of The College of Executive Coaching, one of the oldest coaching schools. Relly has spent many years in the world of experiential learning and is an expert in applying emotional intelligence tools to business objectives and leadership development.


Dr. Bea Carson, MALC

Dr. Carson is the President of WIAL and is a Master Action Learning Coach (MALC). She has  extensive experience in teaching and training the WIAL method of action learning. Her insights and rich narratives offer learners the very best tapestry of knowledge and it is her vision that fuels

the growth of WIAL-USA.



Dr. Michael Marquardt, MALC

Dr. Marquardt is instrumental in developing the WIAL method of action learning. He has written many books on action learning and is one of the world’s foremost and proficient practitioners. Until recently, Dr. Marquardt was the Director of Human Resources for American University. It could be argued that Michael is the most competent professional in the arena of action learning.


Contact Information

  • Cheryl Thompson - cheryl.thompson@wial-usa.org
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