2019 Colorado Protein Stability Conference: 25th Anniversary

Breckenridge, Colorado
Monday, July 29, 2019

Conference Overview

Opening reception. There will be an opening reception with buffet dinner and beverages at 7 pm on Monday, July 29.

Plenary lectures. The topics for the plenary lectures will include:

  • Protein Folding, Dynamics, Stability and Self Assembly
  • Amyloidosis and Protein Aggregation
  • Stability, Formulation, Analysis and Processing of Therapeutic Proteins

Poster session. There will be a poster session for contributed papers on the morning of Wednesday, July 31. This session will allow for further discussions of the critical issues.

Closing reception. There will be a closing reception with buffet dinner and beverages at 6:00 pm on Thursday, August 1.

Abstract Submission for Poster Session

Abstracts should be prepared on a single page with one-inch margins. Abstracts will be reproduced as received for the proceedings booklet of the Conference. Abstracts should be submitted no later than June 15th, 2019 to john.carpenter@ucdenver.edu.

Student Poster Competition

The Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and the Conference Sponsors are proud to sponsor this competition to promote excellence in student research. The student presenting the poster judged to be the best will receive The Timasheff Award. The Award is established in honor of our mentor and friend, Prof. Serge N. Timasheff, whose creative, rigorous research has provided us with so many critically important ways to address and understand fundamental issues in biology and biophysical chemistry. The cash prizes are: $1000 for the winner, $500 for first runner-up and $250 for second runner-up.

Students should send their abstracts to John Carpenter by email and indicate in the email message that they wish to enter the competition.


The registration fee covers conference registration, abstract booklet, breakfast and lunch each day, morning and afternoon coffee breaks, and opening and closing receptions with buffet dinner and beverages.

Registration Fees (before May 15)
Registration Fee $1195
Government Rate $795
Student/Postdoc Rate $695
Late Registration Fees (after May 15)
Late Registration Fee $1495
Late Government Rate $995
Late Student Postdoc Rate $795

Cancellation Policy

Only requests for cancellation received prior to June 15th, 2019 will receive a refund, minus a $100 processing fee. If cancellation is not received by June 15th, 2019, the registration fee will be forfeited.

Conference Schedule

Tuesday, July 30 

      7:30 am Breakfast

8:25 John Carpenter, Univ. of Colorado Welcoming Comments

 Protein Folding, Dynamics, Stability and Self Assembly

8:30      Ken Dill, Stony Brook Univ. 
      Modeling antibodies and other proteins interacting
     in pairs, aggregates and amyloid
        9:05      Cecilia Clementi, Rice Univ.
              Incorporating experimental data in long-timescales
     protein simulations

9:40      Vince Hilser, Johns Hopkins Univ.
     Ensemble-based tuning of enzyme activity

10:15    Coffee Break 

10:45    Mike Fitzgerald, Duke Univ.
     Mass spectrometry-based proteomic methods and
     applications for protein folding and stability measurements

11:20     Kevin Plaxco, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara
      On the thermodynamics of protein-surface interactions

11:55     David Bain, Univ. of Colorado 
       Dissection of interactions parameters for reversibly
      self-associateing antibodies under nonideal conditions

        12:30pm  Lunch

Amyloidosis and Protein Aggregation

1:30       Nikolay Dokholyan, Penn State Univ. 
               From etiology to therapeutics for Lou Gehrig's Disease

        2:05      Vladimir Uversky, Univ. of South Florida
         Intrinsic disorder, protein aggregation and membrane-
                       less organelles

              2:40       Eva Chi, Univ. of New Mexico
       Combining molecular models and scattering for antibody
               interactions from low to high protein concentration
 3:15       Coffee Break

 3:45       Luke Wiseman, Scripps Research Institute
       Unfolded protein response-dependent regulation of
secretory proteostasis

 4:20       Yongchao Su, Merck
       Molecule mechanism of insoluble aggregation: 
       a peptide drug example

 4:55        Chris Roberts, Univ. of Delaware
Irreversible protein aggregates and subvisicble particles --
what is the role of reversible aggregates and more
complex mechanisms

Wednesday, July 31

8:00 am        Breakfast

9:00              Poster Session

9 - 11 am    Even numbered posters presented

                             11 - 1pm     Odd numbered posters presented

1:00 pm        Lunch

Thursday, August 1

7:30 am         Breakfast

Formulation, Analysis and Processing of Therapeutic Proteins

8:30          Dean Ripple, NIST
 Standards for count and size of protein aggregates: from
  200 nm to the visible

9:05          Tim Menzen, Coriolis
                  Recent advances in submicron and micron particle
  analysis for biopharmaceuticals

9:40          Cavan Kalonia, Medimmune
 The role of solid-liquid interfaces in protein 
  subvisible particle formation

10:15        Coffee  Break

10:45        Wolfgang Friess, Ludwig-Maximilians Univ.
  New insights into the aggregation of monoclonal 
  antibodies at the air-liquid interface

11:20         Roberto Pisano, Politecnico di Torino
  Clarifying the role of carbohydrate and other additives
  in the preservation of protein during lyophilization: A new
  approach combining simulations and experiments

11:55          Laura Tanenbaum, Janssen, JNJ
   High concentration formulation development of a monoclonal
   antibody: A multifaceted approach using platform 
   technologies and computational modeling

12:30pm    Lunch

1:30           Pete Tessier, Univ. of Michigan
  Chemical and physical properties of drug-like antibodies 

2:05           Krishna Mallela, Univ. of Colorado
  High resolution analysis of protein drugs by 2D
  NMR methods

2:40           Liz Topp, Purdue Univ. 
  Solid-state hydrogen deuterium exchange mass spectrometry
  (ssHDX-MS) and the stability of lyophlized proteins

3:15           David Volkin, Univ. of Kansas
  Analytical and formulation challenges to develop new 
  vaccine candidates at low-cost for the developing

3:50           Coffee Break    

4:20           Christian Schöneich, Univ. of Kansas
          Novel pathways of oxidative protein degradation: a tale of
  radicals, tungstate and excipients

4:55           Gerhard Winter, Ludwig-Maximilians Univ. 
  Protein-drug formulation: From the 1990's until today --
  A winding road upwards

6:00           Closing Reception

9:40      Yang Zhang, Univ. of Michigan
     Protein folding and protein design
9:40      Yang Zhang, Univ. of Michigan
     Protein folding and protein design


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