Foundation Series Workshops

Toronto, ON
Monday, September 29, 2008

Foundation Series Workshops

Redefining Human Energy

Toronto, ON - September 29, 2008

Diminishing Returns
How To Increase Profits in the Classroom
1:00 - 4:00pm

ADHD, Autism, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Developmental Delay, Developmental Coordination Disorder, Learning Disabled, Sensory Processing Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, TV and videogame addictions...Today’s Child is different!   As the gap in student ability grows ever wider, parents and teachers struggle to develop tools and techniques to ensure every child learns.  School categorization of these children is frustrating, time consuming and often leaves the child with a label that parents and teachers don’t understand, much less know how to treat. These children not only demonstrate academic difficulties, but often have a host of confusing behavioral and social problems as well.  Recent studies show a decline in literacy scores in Canada’s 15 year old population, indicating the need for an urgent review of existing government curriculum guidelines and university instructional methods for our teachers.  Children are physically moving less, and as a result are not getting the necessary motor and sensory stimulation for normal development, resulting in delays and disabilities that the health and education systems are only beginning to detect, much less understand.  Printing, reading and attention delays are the norm, with an ever widening gap in skill performance creating a challenge to teachers and schools everywhere.  With technology use continuing to rise resulting in attachment and developmental impairments, teachers are struggling to find effective classroom management strategies and instructional techniques to address today’s diverse student population.   We have reached a time in our education system where no matter what we do, the returns are diminishing.

Workshop Goal – Diminishing Returns raises awareness regarding the diversity of today’s student population, and offers specific and immediate solutions that teachers, principals and government can implement in order to adequately address this growing concern.

Learning Outcomes

  • List five of the fastest growing childhood physical, mental and social diagnoses, and describe how the current education system fails to meet the needs of these children.
  • Analyze current research on technology’s impact on academic performance and children’s ability to pay attention in class.
  • Using the provided Foundation Scale for Grades K-6, rank your students’ individual performance levels, and determine creative intervention strategies to address ‘The Gap’.
  • Identify three critical factors for child development, and using the provided Zone’in to Learn Classroom and Gym Designs, identify three immediate changes you can implement to increase profitability in the classroom.  
  • Using the provided Zone-O-Meter, identify classroom and gym energy zones, and apply relevant Zone’in tools and techniques to get students Zone’in to Learn.

Contact Information

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    6840 Seaview Road
    Sechelt, BC  V0N 3A4

    Toll free phone: 1-888-896-6346
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