2009 Hewlett-Packard Global Business Challenge

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The 2009 Hewlett-Packard
Global Business Challenge

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Rules and Procedures

The HPGBC contest is based on Junior Achievement’s JA Titan software program. Teams will be divided into competitive groups of eight teams each for the first round of contest.


The following RULES must be observed:

  1. All six decisions must be made each period.
  2. Performance Index (PI) determines the winner in each group. The JA Titan Performance Index (PI) is a composite score based on a variety of business performance indices such as: retained earnings, market share, etc. Winning teams in each round advance to compete in the next round.
  3. Standard interpretive comments do not appear on reports.
  4. Up to six possible JA Titan scenarios will be used for the elimination rounds. A custom, never-seen-before scenario will be used for the final round. Information regarding the final round will be given to finalist upon arrival at the face-to-face challenge.
  5. Decisions submitted for which there are insufficient funds will not be altered by the contest administrators.
  6. Decisions from the previous period will be repeated for teams that do not turn in decisions by the stated deadlines.
  7. Schedule: Decisions will be due twice per week during Round One, Two, and Three. A detailed schedule can be found by clicking Schedule on this website. Deadlines will be according to this schedule.
  8. Decisions are due by 12:00 noon Eastern Time on the due dates. (U.S.A. Eastern Time is GMT -5 until March 8 when Daylight Savings Time beings and Eastern Time becomes GMT -4. This is the same time that the UN headquarters uses in New York, USA.)
  9. A Company Report and an Industry Report can be downloaded from the website. Contact the contest administrator if there are any difficulties.
  10. Students are allowed to compete on only ONE team per year. If a student is found to be competing on two or more teams, that student and the teams on which that student is participating will be automatically disqualified.
  11. Each team must complete a description and provide a complete list of members when registering for the competition by Friday, January 16, 2009. Failure to do so may disqualify teams from participation in the competition. Team member changes occurring without prior written notification to JA Worldwide or the HPGBC Administrator may be grounds for disqualification.
  12. Teams that do not pay the registration fee by noon (U.S.A. Mountain Time) Friday, January 16, 2009, will be disqualified.
  13. Finalists from the previous year’s competition are not eligible to compete in the Final Round.
  14. The Contest Administrator, acting as the banker, reserves the right to intervene in cases where it is believed collusion, price fixing, or cartel development is occurring. The Administrator will ensure fair play and that sound business decisions are made by the team/company. All decisions made by the JA Worldwide competition administrator are final.
  15. Only two members per team may compete in the final face-to-face round.
  16. Each team must have at least two members and no more than 30 members competing on a team. If a team has only two members, they must not have previously participated in a Final Round as they will not be allowed to compete in the Final Round again. Therefore, it is suggested that each team have at least two members that have not previously competed in the Final Round of the HPGBC.
  17. Age Restrictions: Students must be between the ages of 14 and 22 at the start of the contest each year.
  18. There are two divisions: High School and College/University. Upon registering, teams must select the division in which they will compete. High School is for students enrolled in secondary educational institutions or who are between the ages of between 14 and 18. Students in college/university (higher education institutions) or who are between the ages of 19 and 22, are required to enter the College/University division.
  19. Teams competing in the wrong division will be automatically disqualified.
  20. The final eight teams will be determined on a proportional basis based on the number of teams signed up in each division. For example, if 800 teams register, 500 University level and 300 High School level, then 5 University teams and 3 High School teams would compete in the Final Round of the competition.
  21. No country will be allowed to have more than two teams in the Final Round. One of the goals of the contest, as determined by JA Worldwide, is to achieve diversity or variety of countries in the Final 8 Round of Competition. Therefore, JA Worldwide will assign teams from the same country to compete against each other in Round One, Two, and Three as deemed necessary to achieve this goal.
  22. The contest travel prize covers the cost of airfare, lodging, meals, and VIP tours for the two competing members of a team only and one chaperon per country. Other team members and chaperones will be charged an observer fee to attend the events of the final round, as well as paying their own airfare. Because of limited space, observers must apply to JA Worldwide to accompany their students. Only registered team members and approved chaperones will be permitted to attend final round events as an observer. All observers must pay the observer fee.
  23. During the Final Round of competition, students will be supplied with blank paper, pencils, and HP calculators. Students will not be allowed to bring their own calculators, or computers, or any notes, handouts, etc. Electronic language translation devices will need prior approval before being allowed into the competition room.
  24. Students disqualified for any reason from the HPGBC in prior years are not eligible to compete.
  25. Each JA Member Office has the right to determine which teams can participate from its country.
  26. JA International Members wishing to participate in this competition must be Members in Good Standing.


Contact Information

Payment Instructions

  • Payment Instructions:
    An invoice of your total conference fee balance will be sent in your confirmation email upon completing registration.

    Bank information for all wire payments to JA Worldwide:

    Bank information for all wire transfer payments to JA Worldwide:
    Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
    Bank Branch: San Francisco, CA
    Swift Number: WFBIUS6S
    ABA Number: 121000248
    Account Name: JA Worldwide
    Account Number: 5058072580

    Provide this form to your bank.

    The wire amount received should be for the total due in US dollars. 

    If your bank uses an intermediary bank, find out what the fee is and increase payment by the fee amount or we will not receive the full payment.
    Fees resulting from this wire should be processed using the following SWIFT standards.
    OUR: Remitter pays all fees. 

    Please email
    gluckett@ja.org with details of wire amount and reason for remittance.