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Varina Patel
Landscape photography is demanding. It is not unusual for Varina to climb a steep trail and wait several hours for sunset – despite intense heat or numbing cold – only to climb back down in the dark without getting the shot because the light wasn’t right. She is more than willing to return to a location many times if necessary. She doesn't mind cold hands, wet feet, muddy clothes, or aching muscles – if in the end, the photograph makes an impression. She loves hiking long trails through wilderness, crossing rivers on slippery stones, and climbing sand dunes by the light of the moon. She thrives on rising before the sun in order to capture those first rays of sun on the mountain. Varina is irresistibly drawn to the challenge of finding the right light, in the right place, at the right time.
Varina's work has appeared in National Parks Magazine, Popular Photography Magazine, Outback Photo, PhotoBurst, and Nature Photographers Online Magazine – as well as many other publications.
Jay Patel
Jay's photographs try to capture both the physical and emotional nature of light. “Light in nature takes on astonishingly diverse shapes, forms and colors that allow us to interact with the world around us. The calm deep blue of twilight, the dynamic fiery red glow of lava, the piercing beams of sun breaking through the clouds, and the soft romantic moonlight reflected in a glacial lake all affect our mood, our feelings and our very outlook on life". It is this physical and emotional nature of light that he passionately struggles to capture through his photographs. He is well aware, however, that his photographs can convey only so much of the wonder as it is beyond his abilities to replicate the awe and magnificence of the natural world. He is not sure his efforts will endure the test of time, but he certainly hopes they will provide inspiration for others who may also try to capture the nature of light
Jay's work has appeared in National Geographic, Unique Image Magazine, Timecatcher Calendars, Outback Photo, Nature Photographers Online Magazine, Art Business Review - and various other publications.

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