Clarabridge's Annual C3 User Event 2010

Monday, January 24, 2011

C3 Agenda at a Glance

Monday, January 25, 2010

7:00  – 4:00 pm


7:00  – 9:00 am

             Continental Breakfast

9:00  – 12:00 am


Pre-Conference Workshop: Classification Best Practices- $199* (Early Bird)

From initial data collection through final report analysis, this session will discuss organizing and classifying customer feedback using Clarabridge’s best practices methodology. This methodology leverages best practices for text analytics with our extensive implementation experience with the leaders in industries from entertainment to retail to software, to provide proven recommendations for success on all aspects of your project.
* Appropriate for all audiences

12:00  – 1:00 pm

Lunch Break

1:00  – 4:00 pm

Pre-Conference Workshop: Report Design for Actionable Customer Feedback- $199* (Early Bird)

You’ve spent time collecting and categorizing data, and now you’re faced with a dizzying array of reports. How do you glean the actionable insights that have the most impact on your business? Join us for a look at Clarabridge analysis reports, and a discussion of where to look for these insights, and how to efficiently and effectively get to the root cause of problems using BI tools.
* Appropriate for all audiences

* Register for 1 Workshop, Recieve 50% off the 2nd Workshop

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

8:00  – 4:00 pm





8:00  – 9:00 am

 Continental Breakfast

9:00  – 9:15 am

Welcome: Sid Banerjee, CEO, Clarabridge

9:20  – 10:20 am

Keynote Address: Customer Experience- The Path to Loyalty
Bruce Temkin, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc.

10:25  – 11:05  am

Break-Out Tracks

Effective Capture Techniques Using Call Center Data
Dave Marko, Clarabridge 

The ABC's of Custom Dictionaries & Advanced Sentiment

Detect the Customer Feeling
Shane Axtell, Clarabridge 

11:05  – 11:20  am


11:20  – 12:00  pm

Break-Out Tracks

How to Approach Different
Feedback Channels
 Jim Schwab, Alterian/Techrigy
Rory Byrne, Kapow Technologies

Foundation for Success:
Clarabridge Analysis Schema &
Report Building

Karen Hidalgo, Clarabridge

12:00  – 1:10  pm

Yachtsman Steakhouse in Disney's Yacht Club Resort 

1:10  – 2:00 pm

Round Table Discussions

2:10  – 2:55 pm

Client Panel: Best Practices for Interpreting Customer Feedback
Janna Ignatow, Expedia
Kenny Hunter, Best Buy
Chris Jones, Intuit

3:00  – 3:40 pm

Break-Out Tracks

Creating a Customer Experience Competency Center within an Organization
Dave Marko, Clarabridge 

Advanced Classification

Organize for Analysis
Melissa Pippine, Clarabridge 
Melanie Solomon, Clarabridge

3:40  – 3:55 pm


3:55  – 4:40 pm

Information is the Difference that Makes a Difference
Hal Bloom, Sage Software

4:45  – 5:30 pm

Introducing your CFO to your Customer –
Lessons Learned in CEM Funding
Debbie Tsusaki, Choice Hotels
Trevor Croop, Gaylord Hotels
    Wynn Parrish, BE Aerospace
Nancy Kunkle, QVC

7:00 pm – ?    


                                  Clarabridge Connections Reception
 Atlantic Dance Hall at Disney's BoardWalk Area

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

8:00  – 2:00 pm



8:00  – 9:00 am

Continental Breakfast

9:00  – 10:00 am

5 Decisions that Earn Devoted Customers and Business Prosperity

Keynote Speaker: Jeanne Bliss, President, CustomerBLISS

10:05  - 11:05 am

Executive Perspectives on Customer Experience Management

Chris Malone, Choice Hotels

Karalyn Sartor, Best Buy

Chuck Miller, AOL
Zouhair Sebati, Verizon
Moderator: Sid Banerjee 

11:05  – 11:20 am


11:20  – 12:00 pm

Break-Out Tracks

Two Worlds Together:
Market Research and Text Mining

Michael House, Maritz

John Georgesen, Convergys

Advice for Adding Ad Hoc Data
Mike Ackerman, Clarabridge

12:00  – 1:05 pm

Yachtsman Steakhouse in Disney's Yacht Club Resort

1:15  – 2:00 pm

Clarabridge Futures
Justin Langseth, President & CTO, Clarabridge

2:05  – 2:45 pm

Social Media Mania:
Best Practices for Including Social Media in Your Analytics
William Lindner, Clarabridge
Jim Reynolds, Alterian/Techrigy

2:50 – 3:40 pm

Deploying a Text Analytics Solution Across Your Enterprise

Chris Jones, Intuit, Inc.

Customer Experience
The Path to Loyalty: Bruce Temkin, Forrester Research

Customer experience is a hot topic. And it should be. Forrester’s research shows a high correlation between good customer experience and loyal customers. But how can companies capitalize on this connection? During this session, Forrester Research’s Bruce Temkin will provide insights from his extensive research into consumer behavior and customer experience best practices. His presentation will address the following questions:


  • What is the current state of customer experience efforts?
  • How is customer experience management evolving across organizations?
  • What are the key trends for customer experience?

Effective Capture Techniques Using Call Center Data: Dave Marko, Clarabridge
Review Best Practices on Data Capture techniques to allow your Call Center Data to be an integral component of your Customer Experience Program.

The ABC’s of Custom Dictionaries: Shane Axtell, Clarabridge
Learn how to build a custom dictionary and what you can do with it.

Advanced Sentiment: Shane Axtell, Clarabridge 
Discover Clarabridge’s advanced sentiment capabilities which go beyond tagging words as positive or negative. Clarabridge’s ability to use contextual information surrounding a word to manipulate its sentiment will be demonstrated.

Foundation for Success: Clarabridge Analysis Schema & Report Building: Karen Hidalgo, Clarabridge

An introduction to the Clarabridge reporting data model and how it relates to the underlying Clarabridge Analysis Schema.  As data processing occurs, learn where in the analysis schema Clarabridge is storing the parsed data and how that underlying data is then used on the Clarabridge Baseline Reports.

Information is the Difference that Makes a Difference: Hal Bloom, Sage Software
Learn why measuring customer loyalty can be key to your success and understand how powerful the voice of the customer really is.  Hal Bloom will lead you through Sage’s journey of transforming the traditional Net Promoter methodology into a dynamic interactive interface that capitalizes on what customers are telling you.

The presentation will demonstrate how Sage effectively ranks the issues that customers are talking about in relation to their Net Promoter scores and identifies the aspects of their business that cause their customers to recommend them.  Hal will also include an interesting twist on the Dating Game, providing you with insight on how you can help a customer determine you are the best match.



5 Decisions that Earn Devoted Customers and Business Prosperity: Jeanne Bliss, CustomerBLISS

The companies who are thriving now share five purposeful decisions that drive how they run their business.  Not focused on “getting” their customers’ rave.  They work to earn it.  In this session, Jeanne Bliss, who is one of only a handful of executives to have been “Chief Customer Officer” inside America’s corporations for twenty-five years, shares the outcome of two years of preparation for writing her newest book:  “I Love You More than My Dog: Five Decisions for Extreme Customer Loyalty In Good  Times and Bad.” In this session, attendees receive: 

  •  The five decisions her research of two years uncovered that these companies have in common
  • Case studies and examples for how these decisions are made: the intent, the motivation and the impact behind decisions that differentiate these businesses, driving business growth
  • An examination of your own organization through challenge questions that enable you to reflect how you make the same decisions in your business
  • Assessment of the story that your decisions are earning you in the marketplace, and with your employees and customers

Advice for Adding Adhoc Data to Clarabridge: Mike Ackerman, Clarabridge
The 4.0 version of Clarabridge provides a useful new feature that will allow a business analyst to upload and process new data sources without administrative support, right from the Navigator web interface. This session will discuss the scenarios when adhoc uploads may be useful in the enterprise environment and will also share guidelines on preparing your data for upload.

Clarabridge Futures: Justin Langseth, Clarabridge
Learn about the new features and innovations coming in future versions of Clarabridge.  New features in version 4.0 will be demonstrated, along with a sneak peak at version 4.1, currently under development in Clarabridge’s R&D labs.

Social Media Mania: Best Practices for Including Social Media in Your Analytics: William Lindner, Clarabridge
Customers are talking about your company on Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook as well as describing their experiences on blogging sites. Learn how Clarabridge offers a unique and sophisticated approach to cutting through the chatter of Social Media to find out how your customers feel about your company and products.

Deploying a text analytics solution across your enterprise: Chris Jones, Intuit
Learn how Intuit has grown from a business unit sponsored single source pilot to an enterprise wide service.  Chris will share their successes as well as their challenges of their 3+ year journey as they try to mine VOC data across as many sources as they can find.  This session will be geared toward companies who actively or are looking to take a more active role in the day to day administration of the Clarabridge software as well as all the other activities that come along with it.

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