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How to Update Your Member Roster

Membership rosters should be reviewed periodically during the membership year to ensure accuracy.

Who Can Update the Roster?
NJCSA's membership database designates one person as the group's "Primary Contact." This is a purely administrative title, which enables that person to log in and update the group's member roster and also print invoices or receipts. Because these are purely administrative responsibilities, the Primary Contact is usually an office manager, executive secretary, a business official, or a marketing manager. To identify or change your group's "primary contact," contact Carrie. 

If you are the Primary Contact, to Update your Group's Member Rosterclick here. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions.

Who Can Appear in Our Roster?
School Member rosters should contain all full-time paid school staff, administrators and board members who directly work in a chartered school. (For approved applicants & founding groups, this is your core group of founders and board members.) This can include support staff as well, such as IT directors, food service directors, nurses, security directors & custodians. Schools cannot add independent consultants to their rosters without prior approval from NJCSA. Consultants & CMO/EMO representatives should be encouraged to become Associate Members. 

Associate Member rosters can contain employees working for your firm, nonprofit or consulting agency and who provide services or products to New Jersey charter schools. Be sure to include any administrative employee (i.e., a marketing manager) who would purchase vendor opportunities, and also include all employees who might need a badge to the New Jersey Charter Schools Annual Conference. CMOs/EMOs should become Associate Members.

What Contact Information Do I Need to Enter?
Before getting started, gather together the following required information for each person:
  • email address
  • full name, including prefix (Ms, Mr, Dr, Rev, etc)
  • job title
  • daytime phone number
  • mailing address (if different than the school's address)
I'm the Primary Contact; So How Do I Update the Roster?
It will be helpful to print this page and follow these instructions exactly; the process can be confusing if it's the first time you've accessed the roster on your own. 
  1. In your web browser, go to https://www.regonline.com/register/login.aspx?eventID=861914
  2. Enter the Primary Contact's e-mail address and password. (If you do not know the password, look for the link to reset it. The Primary Contact should quickly receive an e-mail asking to create a new password. Once it's been reset, repeat step 1, above.)
  3. Once you enter the password, the member roster will appear. Please review it and compare to your internal list of full-time employees and board trustees.
    --To view each person's contact information, click the "Contact Information" link.
    Note: To change someone's full name or e-mail address, you must call or email Carrie with the old & new information. This data can only be changed manually by NJCSA.
    --To delete a person, click the Cancel link
    --To add a new person, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Add Another Person" link. Repeat this for each new person.
  4. Do not click the "Renew Your Membership" link (we don't use that feature and clicking it will cause problems with your account)
  5. When finished reviewing your roster, click "Continue." The Payment screen will appear, but only as a recap of your current and former memberships. Please do not add or change any figures on this screen. Simply scroll down this page and click "Continue." You will not be charged any fees for simply updating your roster, but changing any figures on this page could cause the system to request payment.
  6. You will arrive at the final Checkout screen, where you have one last chance to review your roster and make changes, cancellations or additions. 
  7. If everyone on this final checkout screen is correct, scroll down to the bottom and click "Finish." If you do not click "finish," all of your work will be unfortunately lost and need to be re-entered again. (There is no way to salvage unfinished entries.) As you scroll through this final page, please do not check the box for Membership Renewal. We do not use this item for processing renewals, and unfortunately we cannot hide it from view. Do not click this check box, as checking it will cause a problem with your account.
That's it! Please keep these instructions handy for updating your roster throughout the year.

Contact Information

Payment Instructions

  • Membership is not valid until dues are paid in full. The Association reserves the right to deny or revoke membership at its sole discretion.

    Please note: Each employee from your school or company who will be applying the member discount to attend member meetings, workshops, and/or the Annual Conference (even to buy a booth/ad/sponsorship) is required to be added as a member prior to registering for the event.

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