2010 Windermere Symposium (REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED)

Seattle, Washington
Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Windermere Leadership Update
OB Jacobi, President of Windermere Real Estate Company, will introduce Windermere leadership to talk about exciting developments in education, technology and marketing. They will roll out new tools and programs designed to increase your success in today's market.  

Windermere Foundation
Windermere Foundation video contest entries and winners will be announced. 

Keynote Speaker, Mike Staver, CEO, The Staver Group
How It Was, Is Not How It Is: How to Create an Exceptional Customer Service Experience
Mike Staver, CEO of the Staver Group, will explain the keys to leveraging your relationships to create a clear and compelling sense of differentiation, and increase your market share. In a highly competitive marketplace, relationships and service cannot be your only differentiator. Creating exceptional client-centered relationships is the key to sustainability. You must trust that the customer/client knows best. It is your job to show them you respect what they know and add your expertise to build a compelling experience. 
Triple Your Memory, Triple Your Business
U.S. memory champion Ron White, will demonstrate why he is the nation's number one memory expert and one of the tops in the World. He will share tips on how anyone and everyone can learn to improve their memory.
Continuing Education Classes
Windermere Symposium offers continuing education classes to provide you with an opportunity to earn up to 9 continuing education credits during the two-day event. These classes have been approved in Washington and Oregon and are subject to approval in other states.  
Demco Law, "War Stories"
Lars Neste and Matt Davis of Demco Law will give you a view of what happens when a Real Estate transaction goes horribly wrong. Ever wondered why you have E & O? The Demco Law Firm presents a compelling discussion of the most interesting and instructive cases from the past several years. Some cases of note: Fair Housing, lead based paint, conflicts of interest, agent verification of disclosures, agent attendance at inspections, unauthorized practice of law, and more.   
Denise Lones, "The Power of 3"
Are you looking for consistent commission checks...right now? Do you struggle to build loyalty with clients or have trouble articulating why you are the agent of choice for potential clients? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, join us for this business-changing class. "The Power of 3" is a new class offered by Denise Lones. You will learn: 

• How to strategize your business-generating activities and focus on those that will bring you commission dollars now rather than later.
• How positioning yourself as an expert can turn a "maybe" client into a client who is ready to move forward. 
• An easy-to-follow communication system that will get your leads moving toward action. 
Why developing your distinct marketing message can make all the difference in your business.

Larry Kendall, "Thriving in a Changing Market"
Larry Kendall will preview the the Ninja program using key excerpts that include the following topics; adding value and the value proposition, customer service and business strategy, and a customer centric sales strategy.

Skill Building Seminars
In addition to the continuing education classes outlined above, we'll offer a variety of seminars to help you improve your skills in current hot topics. Note, these seminars are not eligible for continuing education credits.  

Marketing: Co-branding and Best Practices
Noelle Bortfeld, Executive Vice President of Marketing at Windermere Services Company presents a 
workshop on how to define yourself as a brand to achieve greater recognition, trust and loyalty. You will create your own brand profile and positioning statement that will ultimately drive your own distinct messaging, tone and voice to set you apart from the competition.

Premier Marketing
Rick Franz, Associate Broker, Windermere Real Estate, The lucrative niche of luxury and high-end residential sales commands a unique approach to compliment your existing service. Join in and learn what it takes to accommodate this market through powerful tips and insight from our panel of luxury market agents from across the Windermere network, including Tere Foster, WA and Libby Benz, OR.  

Social Media Basics: 10 tips for social web newbies
Justin Waskow, Director, Organizational Development of Windermere Services Company will offer tips and techniques that can be immediately applied to help you operate more efficiently and make your promotional efforts stand out. Justin is focused on providing exclusive tools and resources designed to help attract new clients, market listings, and offer a one-stop resource for clientele.

Social Media Advanced
Michael Fanning, Sr. Vice President, Client Services, Windermere Services Company, Already using Facebook? Are you taking advantage of all it has to offer? In this seminar you'll find out about advanced features of social networking and how to use them to benefit your business.

Sales Training
Don Crace, President and Owner, Dale Carnegie Training Franchise covering WA, OR, and ID,
Credibility and trust – how important is this to your success in sales? In this seminar we will address how to build rapport with clients so you can build credibility and trust,what information you need to know, what questions you can ask, how to separate yourself from the competition, what makes you the agent they want to work with, and more.

Getting Past the Fear
Matthew Gardner, Principal, Gardner Economics will present a workshop on what is happening in the current market and how to help customers get past the fear in making a move. 

Negotiating with Bullies 
Tom Hayman, Co-founder, Real Estate Negotiation Institute will teach you professional negotiation techniques to handle unreasonable clients, overly aggressive agents, insulting offers or counter offers and even the intimidating short sale bank negotiators.

Value Proposition
Michael Fanning, Sr. Vice President Client Services, Windermere Services Company, These days consumers have far more choices of service providers at their disposal. In a changing market, being able to articulate your value is essential to your success as an agent. Review the values that Windermere agents bring to the table and how to talk about them in a way that resonates with customers.

How to Build a Successful Referral Business 
Pam Chute, Leading RE,
It’s true that referrals from past clients and spheres of influence are the number one source of business for successful sales associates.  But did you know that sending outgoing referrals can also significantly increase your earnings in 2010 and each year in the future?  This session demonstrates that outgoing referral opportunities are all around you, that offering referral assistance enhances your professionalism and why you can trust your LeadingRE peers to deliver exemplary service and close the business!  You will walk out of this session with the tools necessary to immediately begin earning more money from your business.

Short Sale Negotiation
Robyn Yates, Co-President, Windermere Services Nevada presents "No Fear Short-Sale Processing." Learn how to qualify short-sale sellers to more quickly and effectively get approvals.  

Moving From Surviving to Thriving: Adapting a Mindset for Success in Difficult Times
Marilyn Richards, Richards Coaching and Consulting, In these challenging times, what sets us apart and distinguishes us as leaders? Its our ability to adapt a positive mindset and embrace the expectation of success. This seminar will provide you with practical tools to help you stay positive and optimistic even in the face of chaos and uncertainty.

How to Deal with Difficult People 
Dan Givens, General Manager, Designated Broker, Windermere Real Estate NW, Inc. discusses different personality types and how to successfully navigate each for a winning outcome each time.



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