2011 ACDFA East-Central Conference

Akron, OH
Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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Technical Information for East Central Regional Conference 2011

General Information

Adjudicated Concerts and the Gala Concert will take place at E.J. Thomas Performing Arts Hall (EJTPAH), the premier performance stage in the Akron area. E.J. Thomas Performing Arts Hall is adjacent to the School of Dance, Theatre, and Arts Administration located in Guzzetta Hall on the campus of the University of Akron. All adjudication feedback sessions will take place in the Guzzetta Recital Hall immediately following each Adjudication Concert. Please see map for details.

Theatre Rules
  • No food or drink is permitted in the theatre or immediate backstage area, other than water in sealable water bottles.
  • There is no alcohol, smoking, or other drugs allowed in the theatre.
  • Although the total seating capacity is 3000 seats at the E.J. Hall, the ACDFA will only use the main floor seating area consisting of 800 seats. There will be no balcony access for these events.
  • Only technical crew and performers (along with their faculty and technical personnel) for the adjudicated concert or tech in progress will be permitted backstage during technical rehearsals and concerts.
  • The schedule of Adjudication Technical Rehearsals and Concerts will be assigned by the Technical Coordinator. The schedule will be posted online by March 11, 2011. Your scheduled technical rehearsal is the only access you will have to the stage prior to your concert.
  • Do not bring guests or any students who are not performing to the theatre for any technical rehearsals. No one will be permitted to watch technical rehearsals whether they are from your school or not. Guests are more than welcome to watch the actual concert.
  • No foreign substances (water, confetti, lit cigarettes, etc.) are permitted on the stage without prior approval from the technical coordinator.
  • Any damage incurred to the dance floor due to the type of shoes worn will be billed directly to your school. NO shoes that leave scuffmarks may be worn on stage. Tap shoes must not have sharp edges. The use of rosin will not be permitted. Props and scenery must be safe with no splinters or sharp edges.
  • Any damage incurred to the theatre due to personal misconduct will be billed directly to your school.
  • Please remind your students to be courteous and respectful to other performers and stage crew during rehearsals and concerts.
Stage Manager
  • Each school is required to bring a stage manager to coordinate all technical aspects of the adjudicated dances with the technical coordinator. This includes completing preliminary paperwork (the “Adjudication Concert Technical Form”), setting light cues, setting sound levels and coordinating any other technical needs.
  • The conference host's technical staff includes a Technical Director/Stage Lighting Designer, a Production Stage Manager, and a Sound Engineer for the adjudicated concerts; however, a company stage manager who is technically responsible for each piece must be present during the technical rehearsal and adjudication concert to indicate cue placement and audio cues to this staff.
  • The stage manager should be familiar with basic stage management show calling procedures.
  • The stage manager will supervise your strike.
  • It is strongly suggested that this person be in addition to the choreographer to ensure a smooth technical rehearsal in the limited time allowed.
Technical Rehearsal Arrival & Procedure
  • Please enter EJTPAH through the “Stage Door,” the blue door off of Hill Street.
  • Each group must arrive and check in ONE HOUR PRIOR to their scheduled TECHNICAL REHEARSAL time.
  • Upon arrival at the Stage Door, please check in the following items:
    • Your group.
    • Your music CD in a labeled jewel case.
    • Your lighting gels (if you are providing your own) in a labeled 8 ½ “ x 11” envelope.
    • Any hand carried props and/or scenery.
    • DVD (if using video projection) labeled in a jewel case.
  • Once checked in, your group will be directed to the dressing room area.
  • After using the dressing rooms, participants will be directed up the back stairway to the lobby. Dancers may use the lobby for warm-up as this area is carpeted and barres will be available. Musicians will not be permitted to warm-up in the lobby.
  • All participants in your piece (including musicians) must be in the lobby area "ready to go” prior to your tech time as this is where you will be called to stage by the tech crew. We will not wait for missing participants. Participants will move from the lobby area through the House and onto the stage for their technical rehearsal.
  • The choreographer/faculty director should accompany the performers to the lobby.
  • Your stage manager will be permitted to wait either in the lobby or silently in the theatre. The stage manager may not ask the technical director, coordinator, or any crew member in the theatre any questions until your designated tech time. There will be University of Akron students, other than the crew, in the lobby to provide direction.
  • Each group will receive 15 minutes of technical rehearsal time for Adjudicated Concerts. At your scheduled tech time, a timer (with alarm) will be set for fifteen minutes. At fourteen minutes, a call of “one minute” will be announced. At this call, we will confirm that we have a set sound level, we will record the lighting cues, and your group will be directed to leave the stage. We apologize for the harshness of this method but it is the only way we can accommodate the large number of pieces in the limited amount of time. Please try to ask the Technical Coordinator all of your tech related questions via email prior to February 1, 2011.
  • Due to the strict time limitations each group will face, an “ADJUDICATION CONCERT TECHNICAL FORM” has been devised in order to facilitate the most efficient tech time possible. The “ADJUDICATION CONCERT TECHNICAL FORM” MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE TECHNICAL COORDINATOR BY FEBRUARY 1, 2011. Failure to return this form by February 1st will result in having to use your 15 minutes of technical time to deal with your technical requirements.
  • During tech times, only the school scheduled will be permitted backstage, on stage, or in the theatre proper. All others will be required to wait in the lobby.
  • Following your technical rehearsal, return to the dressing room and remove ALL belongings. Costumes may not be kept in dressing rooms between technical rehearsals and the Adjudication Concert
  • Please exit EJTPAH through the Stage Door.
  • The stage crew will keep your sound CD and gels (if applicable) between your technical rehearsal and the Adjudication Concert.
Adjudication Concert Arrival & Procedure
  • Please enter EJTPAH through the “Stage Door.”
  • Each group must arrive and check in 30 MINUTES PRIOR to their scheduled PERFORMANCE time.
  • Dressing rooms and warm-up space will be available 90 minutes prior to the start of each Adjudication Concert.
  • Your dancers and stage manager will be called from the scene shop to backstage one piece prior to your dance.
  • Your stage manager will call light and sound cues from off-stage right. There will be a video monitor available at the console.
  • Following your concert, return to the dressing rooms and remove ALL belongings.
  • Your stage manager should collect your sound CD and gels from the sound booth in the middle of the house at the conclusion of the concert before the feedback session begins.
  • Feedback sessions immediately follow each Adjudication Concert in Guzzetta Recital Hall.

Adjudication & Gala Concert Technical Information: E.J. Thomas Performing Arts Hall

Stage Dimensions
  • The performance area is approximately 40’ wide x 27’ deep.
  • The dance area is a sprung floor covered with Marley.
  • There are 4 wings per side and a crossover upstage of the Cyc.
  • Please see the stage dimensions and performance area dimensions.
  • Rosin, talc, powder, body paint or other similar substances are not permitted.
Dressing Rooms
  • Dressing rooms will be made available to each group at their technical rehearsal check-in.
  • All dressing rooms have costume racks, make-up mirrors and access to toilets and sinks. Shower facilities are not available.
  • Space is limited and will be shared. Costumes, make-up and other personal items may not be stored in dressing rooms and will need to be cleared immediately following all technical rehearsals and concerts. DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING IN THE DRESSING ROOMS AT ANY TIME.
  • We will be doing our utmost to provide a secure backstage area. Please help us by not bringing any unneeded valuables to the theatre. Please assign a person within your company the responsibility of collecting and securing all valuables.
Warm-up Space
  • Space will be provided for dancers to warm-up prior to technical rehearsals and concerts.
  • Warm-up for adjudication technical rehearsals will take place in the lobby of EJTPAH. This area is carpeted and barres will be available.
  • Warm-up for concerts will be in rehearsal room located in the basement of EJTPAH. This hall has a wooden floor and barres affixed to the walls.
  • Sound playback will not be available in either warm-up location.
  • Please include a detailed description of any scenery or props you are planning to use on the Adjudication Concert Technical Form.
  • The technical staff highly recommends only the use of hand carried scenery and/or props.
  • No flying scenery will be permitted.
  • If using ground-supported scenery, it may not be nailed, screwed or otherwise permanently affixed to the floor.
  • Scenery and props will be checked in one hour prior to your group’s technical rehearsal.
  • No scenic elements (e.g., bentwood chair) will be provided by EJTPAH or the University of Akron.
  • All props and scenic elements are the responsibility of the person acting as your stage manager.
  • EJTPAH is equipped with a complete, high-resolution sound system. Its technical capabilities are limited only by the budget of the productions it hosts.
  • CD is the preferred Sound Playback medium. R-DAT and Minidisc are acceptable media; cassette tapes are not. All music tracks will be transferred to Minidisc for rehearsal and performance, as it is the most reliable playback medium.
  • For best sound quality, when recording your CD, please use AIFF (Apple) or WAV (Windows) file standards. In other words, full CD-quality, uncompressed Audio. DO NOT use MP3 format or other lossy formats, as they will sound very thin and distorted over the PA system.
  • Transfer your tracks DIRECTLY from the original commercial CDs. Do not rip them to iTunes or Windows Media Player in a lower resolution audio format first.
  • Use of songs downloaded from the iTunes Music store is acceptable if you specify the Apple Lossless Encoder or AAC encoding.
  • Please burn your CDs at a maximum of 8X speed. Burning at a higher speed can result in high error rates and unplayable discs.
  • Take care not to scratch EITHER side of your CD-R. Scuffs, scratches and fingerprints can greatly affect CD playback or render it unusable.
  • Avoid using tracks with high amounts of background noise or hiss if possible.
  • If your track needs to be faded manually, please make a note of it for the Sound Engineer.
  • If your piece contains multiple tracks, please make sure the timing is correct and note any manual pauses in between tracks. It is your stage manager’s responsibility to call ALL sound cues, including pauses.
  • PLAY YOUR CD in a consumer-grade CD player (not a PC Drive) before you give it to us to ensure its playability.
  • Your CD must play successfully in our player for us to use it!
  • Each CD should contain ONLY the music for the piece being presented (no extra tracks please).
  • Please provide a jewel case for the protection of your CD. Each CD and jewel case should be clearly marked with the following information:
    • Adjudication Concert #
    • Name of School
    • Title of Dance
    • Name of Choreographer
    • Length of Music in Minutes and Seconds
    • Number of tracks- for internal cues
  • ACDFA/The University of Akron will maintain possession of your CD from the point of signing in for your technical rehearsal until the adjudication “talk back” of your scheduled performance. Your CD will be returned to you at the “talk back.” Under no circumstances will your performance CD be returned to you until after your piece is performed in the Adjudication Concert. For this reason we recommend you have at least one “back-up” CD of each piece you are adjudicating. The back-up CD should remain in the possession of your Stage Manager.
  • EJTPAH can accommodate live musicians in the orchestra pit. A piano can also be made available for use in the pit. Please let the Technical Coordinator, Chris Hariasz, know as soon as possible if you are considering live music or have other sound requests such as microphones, direct boxes or a second sound FX cue. Every attempt will be made to accommodate requests made by February 1, 2011. Last minute requests will not be granted.
  • See ACDF website for live musicians rule.
  • If you plan to use live musicians in the pit, please provide a complete stage plot with mic inputs, direct box inputs, and monitor mix requirements. Keep in mind that any live musician setup requires a sound check and run through. This can easily become a very time-consuming process. Please remember, you only have 15 minutes to tech your dance!
  • Any live musician setup will have to remain in place throughout the dance concert, as there will probably not be time for extensive set changes other than a quick entrance of musicians just prior to the piece and a quick exit at the conclusion.
  • A wireless hand-held talk-back mic will be available for use in the house during your technical rehearsal, for communicating with performers on the stage.
Background Options
  • A white cyc or a black scrim (flown immediately downstage of the cyc).
  • Cyc lights in basic red, blue and green will be available to front light either background choice.
Video Projection
  • There will be one video projector, located in the technical booth at the back of the house, available for use during the Adjudication and Gala Concerts.
  • Schools that choose to use projection will NOT be offered any additional tech time.
  • The booth projector will be focused on the upstage cyc wall. Dancers moving in front of the image will cast shadows.
  • The image will be approximately 33’ wide. It will fit completely onto the back wall. Since the upstage opening is approx. 40’ wide, there will be white cyc showing on either side of the image.
  • Please only use DVD playback format.
  • This should be a self-contained video performance. That is, the only cue we will be able to execute is “go/start”. The video should fade to black at the end of the piece.
  • EJTPAH will be hung with a standard dance repertory light plot which will include stage washes, side light and area specials.
  • Please see the ACDFA 2011 Magic Sheet  for specific lighting information.
  • There will be NO focus changes by anyone for any reason. There is absolutely no changeover time in the schedule. Please keep it simple.
  • Each dance will be allowed 5 pre-recorded light cues including the ending blackout. You do not need to use all five (5) cues; a simple “lights up, lights out” is often sufficient.
  • Please note that per ACDF adjudication regulations, bows are not to be included in the adjudication concerts. Bows will be added to pieces selected for the Gala Concert during Gala Tech rehearsals. A standard bow cue is available.
  • Please complete both the “Lighting Elements” and “Lighting Cues” portions of the Adjudication Concert Tech Form.
Pool "Specials"
  • All pools are “No Color” and approximately 10’ in diameter.
  • Pool Areas are as follows:
    • Upstage Right ¼
    • Upstage Center
    • Upstage Left ¼
    • MidStage Right ¼
    • Center Center
    • Midstage Left ¼
    • Downstage Right ¼
    • Downtstage Center
    • Downstage Left ¼
Stage Washes
Stage Washes are assigned to submasters as follows:
  • Submaster #1: SL Shins (color changeable)
  • Submaster #2: SR Shins (color changeable)
  • Submaster #3: SL Head Highs (color changeable)
  • Submaster #4: SR Head Highs (color changeable)
  • Submaster #5: SL Cool High sides (R80)
  • Submaster #6: SR Cool High sides (L132)
  • Submaster #7: SL Warm High sides (L107)
  • Submaster #8: Warm High sides (R34)
  • Submaster #9: Blue Backlights (R80)
  • Submaster #10: Red Backlights (R26)
  • Submaster #11: Amber Backlights (L104)
  • Submaster #12: Green Backlights (L139)
  • Submaster #13: Blue Cyc Wash (R83 or equivalent)
  • Submaster #14: Green Cyc Wash (R91 or equivalent)
  • Submaster #15: Red Cyc Wash (R26 or equivalent)
  • Submaster #16: SL Blue Green Pipe Ends
  • Submaster #17: SR Amber Pipe Ends
  • Submaster #18: N/C Leaves Gobo Wash
  • Submaster #19: Sharp Break-Up Gobo Wash
  • Submaster #20: No Color Boom Tops SL
  • Submaster #21: No Color Boom Tops SR
  • Submaster #22: Front Wash Lav. DN STAGE (R54)
  • Submaster #23: Front Wash Lav. UP STAGE (R54)
    Gel Color
    • The gel color of the shins and heads/mids may be changed for each dance.
    • You may choose colors from the list below or you may bring your own.
    • If you choose to bring your own gels, they must be Source 4 size (6 ¼” x 6 ¼”) and clearly marked with the color #, the name of your school and the name of the dance.
    • If you do not designate a color on your Tech Form we will leave the instruments “No Color”.
    • There are 4 booms per side.
    • Available Gel Colors:
      • Rx09 Pale Amber
      • Rx16 Light Amber
      • Rx21 Golden Amber
      • Rx26 Light Red
      • Rx27 Medium Red
      • Rx33 No Color Pink
      • Rx36 Medium Pink
      • Rx44 Middle Rose
      • Rx46 Magenta
      • Rx52 Light Lavender
      • Rx54 Special Lavender
      • Rx55 Lilac
      • Rx57 Lavender
      • Rx60 No Color Blue
      • Rx65 Daylight Blue
      • Rx76 Light Green Blue
      • Rx80 Primary Blue
      • Rx87 Pale Yellow Green
      • Rx91 Primary Green
      • L201 Full Ct. Blue
      • L202 ½ Ct. Blue
    Providing Cue Information
    • The Tech Form requests Cue information as follows:
      • *Time in seconds is the number of seconds it takes for the lighting change to occur (not the time in the dance where the cue takes place).
    • You have 2 options for filling out the “Submaster or Channels Used” section of the
    • Tech Form. Option 1 –Submasters
      • For each cue, fill in the form using the submaster numbers and the level at which you would like to start.
      • You may also list specials.
      • Be sure to list when each submaster or special goes out (00%) as well as when it comes on.
      • For example:
    • Option 2 – Channel
      • Please refer to the ACDFA 2011 Magic Sheet to specify which channels you would like in each cue.
      • All cues will be written in Cue Only Mode, not Tracking Mode.
      • Please list the cue as a PRESET or an ADD.
      • Preset: When programming, the light board operator will enter the cue exactly as written.
      • Add: When programming, the light board operator will enter the cues building off the previous cue. If using this mode, be sure to add the channels that are going out as well as coming up.
      • For example:
    Technical Rehearsal Preparation
    • In an effort to ensure that your 15 minutes of technical rehearsal time is used most effectively, we have included an Adjudication Tech Form (Word).
    • Please complete this form and email it to:
    • This form MUST BE RETURNED BY FEBRUARY 1, 2011.
    • By completing this form and returning it on time, most of your technical issues can be taken care of in advance, allowing your group to focus on spacing and possibly running your piece during the technical rehearsal. Technical difficulties resulting from incomplete forms will have to be dealt with during your group’s 15-minute technical rehearsal.
    • Any questions you may have prior to filling out this form should be directed to Chris Hariasz, Technical Coordinator, at hariasz@uakron.edu.
    • A schedule, confirming your Adjudication Concert placement and scheduled Technical rehearsal time, will be posted online no later than March 11, 2011.

    Informal Concert Guidelines

    1. All groups and individuals registered for the conference are eligible to perform in the Informal Concerts.
    2. Dances presented in the Informal Concerts are restricted to works NOT being adjudicated.
    3. In the interest of creating opportunities for many schools, it is requested that only ONE dance per institution be shown in Informal Concerts.
    4. Performance slots will be filled on a first come, first served basis.
    5. The maximum time for each work presented in the Informal Concert is 12 minutes. The burden of meeting this time requirement rests with the choreographer. ACDFA recommends that the choreographers allow a time margin within the 12-minute limit for technical errors or theatre peculiarities.
    6. A brief spoken introduction may precede the piece. The introduction time must be included in the 12-minute time limit for the piece.
    7. Works-in-progress may be shown.
    8. An audio CD of concert quality must be provided by the choreographer in the format specified by the Informal Concert Technical Coordinator.
    Information and specific rules for 2011 ACDFA East-Central Regional Conference in Akron, Ohio
    1. The Informal Concerts will take place in Daum Theatre (Kolbe Hall) on the University of Akron campus. (Please refer to the campus map for directions.)
      • The performance area of the stage is approximately 30 feet wide and 24 feet deep. It is a traditional wooden stage floor, with Marley-type surface taped on top. There are 5 wings on each side, with a light tree (boom) placed in the middle of the first four wings, and a floor mounted shin light in the fifth wing. Therefore, the actual exit/entrance part of the wing will accommodate only one performer at a time.
      • Stage Right area is very small, allowing only a passage up and down for one/two people at a time.
      • Crossover area behind the cyclorama is also very narrow (2.5').
      • Only Stage Left can accommodate larger groups of performers.
      • There will be three small dressing rooms available for use by performers. The dressing rooms are located downstairs (one flight) from the stage. The rooms will have to serve all participants and will not be lockable. Please spend as little time as possible in the dressing rooms. Please do not leave any valuables in there. A general rule is for participants to arrive in the dressing rooms 10 minutes before their scheduled performance time, and to leave immediately thereafter.
      • There will be no warm-up area available for the Informal Concerts. Please warm up in one of the dance studios in Guzzetta Hall. The walk between the two buildings is about 5 minutes.
    2. Lighting. A standard general dance plot will be in place for the concerts. No specials will be available. No internal cues will be available (lights up - lights down only). Lights and music will be started together. There will be no curtain calls. Choreographers will have only the following options to choose from:
      1. warm wash
      2. cool wash
      Cyc colors to choose from will be:
      1. black
      2. blue
      Please indicate your preferences on the Informal Concert Tech Form.doc.
    3. Sound. Participants are responsible for getting their music ready for the Concert (CD format. Please see sound requirements for the Adjudicated Concerts for specific instructions regarding the format and recording procedure. CD is the end product for Informal Concerts – no mini CD will be recorded or accepted). Participants should arrive at the theatre and deliver their music no later than 15 minutes before the start of the Concert(s). The music can be picked up from the control booth immediately after the Concert(s).
    4. Procedure. Depending on participant interest, there will be one or two Informal Concerts scheduled (Thursday, March 17 from 5:00 P.M. to 6:15 P.M., and Saturday, March, 19 from 3:15 P.M. to 4:30 P.M.). Participants will be notified no later than March 9 about the date and approximate time of their performance.
      • The theatre and the dressing room will be open for 50 minutes one hour prior to the scheduled Informal Concert(s) start time. During this time, the stage may be used for quick spacing adjustments (in the show order). Sound check will be performed at the same time. Please be considerate of other participants’ needs (That means probably no more than 5-7 minutes on stage).
      • The actual concert will be run in the following fashion: The stage will be dimly lit for dancers to take their places (No blackout). The technical coordinator’s assistant will give the dancers a count down to the start of music and lights up, which will be started simultaneously. The lights will be faded down with the music to a dim scene-change look, at which point the performers are to exit the stage and go to the dressing rooms, as the next group of performers will be taking places for their piece.
    5. Please e-mail Informal Concert Tech Forms and all your technical or procedural questions to: Chris Hariasz at hariasz@uakron.edu.

    Contact Information

    Payment Instructions

    • All checks should be payable to
      The University of Akron

      Send Payment to:
      The University of Akron
      Attn: Frances Donatelli
      School of Dance, Theatre,
           and Arts Administration
      Akron, OH 44325-1005