Rochester Scor! Camp 2011

Rochester, New York

NEW: Cello Fiesta!
Ever dream of spending an ENTIRE DAY making music and hanging out with your cello amigos? Make it real this year at Scor!'s Cello Fiesta! Soak in rich, gorgeous cello sound. Endless cello madness for your insatiable cello appetite. Learn cello. Play cello. Talk cello. The party lasts all day at Cello Fiesta!, complete with technique instruction, inspirational instructors, and ensemble playing. Finish off the day out to dinner with your bass-clef friends. You'll never know how fun it was... unless you come! Tuesday, July 12. Sessions for Cello Fiesta! begin at 10:00 am. Check-in/arrival begins at 9:30. Be there... with cello. (Sombreros welcome but not required.)

Note: Your lunch price of $12 will automatically be added when you select the Cello Fiesta! option.

NEW: Fiddle Fiesta!
Fiddle Fiesta!: Ever dream of spending an ENTIRE DAY making music and hanging out with new-found fiddling amigos? Make it real this year at Scor!'s Fiddle Fiesta! Get enthused with fun and furious fiddle tunes. Endless fiddling madness for your insatiable musical appetite. Fiddling: Learn it. Play it. Talk it. The party lasts all day at Fiddle Fiesta!, complete with technique instruction, inspirational instructors, and ensemble playing. Violists & Bass players welcome too! Finish off the day out to dinner if you'd like. You'll never know how fun it was... unless you come! Tuesday, July 12. Be there... with fiddle. (Sombreros welcome but not required.)

Sessions for Fiddle Fiesta! begin at 10:00 am. Check-in/arrival begins at 9:30 am.

Note: Your lunch price of $12 will automatically be added when you select the Fiddle Fiesta! option.


About Pre-Camp

What is Pre-Camp? An opportunity for you to enjoy more of Scor! in three hours of hands-on learning immediately preceeding main camp. Choose from various engaging and popular topics.

When is Pre-Camp?
Pre-Camp will be held on Wednesday, July 13, the day main camp begins. 

8:45-9:30 AM    Sign in 
9:30-10:30        Pre-Camp Hour 1
10:45-11:45      Pre-Camp Hour 2
1:00-2:00          Pre-Camp Hour 3

This is all before main camp orientation (3:00) and the start of main camp (4:00).

What if I am staying overnight?
If you are from out of town, you’ll want to arrive in Rochester on Tuesday. If you sign up for a pre-camp, you'll be prompted to also sign up for Wednesday lunch.

Does it cost extra?
Yes, but it’s only $79 for 3 whole hours of specialized instruction. ($89 for Keys to Unlock Your Playing or Chamber Music Intensive)

Is Pre-Camp required?
No, it is an option to elongate and enrich your Scor! experience. (Unless you sign up for Foundations Track, in which case you're required to attend the Foundations Track Intro pre-camp.) 


Pre-Camp Options

Keys to Unlock Your Playing:
for anyone
Unlock the mind. Overcome mental obstacles that hold you back from playing your best. Unlock the body. Release unnecessary physical tension that hinders your pitch, tone, and technique. Unlock the heart. Grow in your expressive potential by gaining musical tools that increase your expressive palette. This new and special pre-camp will be jointly led by Scor! founders Beth and Kyle Bultman.

Bass for Cellists: for General or Performance Track Cellists
You may have encountered situations where more bassists are needed, either in an orchestra or in a folk/alternative styles group. We're here to help you solve that dilemma. Bass for Cellists (similar to the popular "Viola for Violinists" held recently) is a special opportunity to gain proficiency at the bass by immersion learning and instruction. You'll have the opportunity to play bass in orchestra, if desired. We’ll address tone production, holding the instrument, left hand position, and shifting. No bass? No problem. Rent one from Scor!, & it will be waiting for you when you arrive. Take the plunge, play the bass!

Eclectic Styles Exploration: 
Curious about other styles of string playing, but nowhere to try them out? This option is perfect for you. Delve beyond the classical world to try styles such as jazz & blues, fiddle & folk, world music, and more. Details TBA.

Technique Intensive: Fearless Shifting: geared toward General & Basic Track participants, all welcome 
The mysteries of secure, in-tune, and relaxed shifting revealed. Learn to have a balanced set-up, and address such topics as left arm motion, hand shape, preserving hand shape in a shift, shifting process, and shifting intonation. Begin your path to more enjoyable string playing. Better technique to sound better! (No prior shifting experience necessary.) 

Chamber Music Intensive: for General and Performance Track participants 
Back by popular demand! More chamber music! This is your chance to play chamber music* with your friends, get constantly coached, and play alongside a professional! Learn alongside an experienced faculty member who plays as a member of your group, interspersing chamber music hints with the fun of playing and reading music together! Spend the first hour honing chamber music skills hands-on in a group setting. Then, read chamber music with your peers and your coach. Chamber Music Intensive is a blast, and will hopefully help to satisfy the ravenous appetite for chamber music out there – or just get it going! Space is limited in this pre-camp option, so sign up soon!

*chamber music – We make an effort to form string quartets as the chamber music group of choice for this pre-camp option. However, we may need to form ensembles with different instrumentations rather than exclude people from participating. The best way to guarantee your ensemble of choice is to convince your friends to sign up with you! We will fill the remaining position in your group with a faculty member.

Foundations Track Intro: for first-time string players
Required for Foundations Track attendees. 
Always wanted to play the violin? Cello? Viola or Bass? This track is for you! You'll be playing some tunes by the time you walk out the door in 4 days*! This introduction is a crucial part of the program, presenting and practicing beginning playing skills. Have fun with basic musical skills, and learn alongside your peers. No instrument? No problem. Rent one from Scor! It’s never too late to start!

*The tunes you are playing in 4 days will not yet rival Itzhak Perlman or Yo-Yo Ma. It takes some years of practice on a string instrument to sound really good, but we can get you started! Then, come back in future years for more!

Contact Information

  • Toll Free: Ph/Fax: 877-726-SCOR (7267)
    Mail:        67 Pembroke Street
                   Rochester, NY  14620

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