2012 Industry Summit

Las Vegas, NV
Sunday, March 18, 2012

20 great tips for Summit attendees

Our Welcome Committee provided the following tips for Industry Summit attendees.  Please utilize their Top 20 suggestions, and send us yours!

Thanks to committee members Jim Bernardini (Lefty’s, CA); Rick Rollar (Dugout, TN); and Mike Fruitman (Stadium, CO) for their great contributions.


  1. Extra travel bag.  Retailers should consider packing a “pull-along’’ travel bag inside your suitcase.  You won’t need to pay for an extra bag on the outbound trip, but will have one available for the return – perfect for carrying handouts and promotional items back to your business.
  2. Business bio.  Consider creating a short (1-page) biography for your store/business – and include your photo.  Share it with the attendees you meet – it will help them connect a “name and a face’’
  3. Cards to trade.  Group them in $100 packs, making them easier to trade. Summit organizers will provide a list of potential trading partners and what players/teams they’re seeking.
  4. Cash.  You may have the opportunity to purchase cards from other attendees; available cash can be a great asset at an event like The Summit.
  5. Business-casual clothes.  The Summit is a business-casual event (khakis and golf/polo shirts are acceptable for all Summit events).  Consider wearing clothing that features your business name; it will help potential business partners identify you.
  6. Backpack. Bring a “carry bag’’ or backpack to each day’s meeting.  You will receive one or more from a Summit corporate sponsor at registration; bring it each day to capture the wealth of handouts and promotional items you will receive.
  7. Breath mints.  It’s a long few days -- you will have chances to meet with many key people in our industry. Make sure you are presenting yourself in the best way possible.
  8. Business cards.  Have 15-20 extra business cards available to share – even though you will have put some in the BCW Business Card display during registration.  Never know who you will meet!
  9. Schedule meeting in advance.  Use the Summit’s “attendee’’ list to determine a list of key contacts, and attempt to schedule in-person meetings with those individuals (perhaps at breakfast, or even during a sponsored lunch.)  Maximize the potential of every moment at The Summit; you won’t have this access to industry experts until next year’s event.
  10. Layers of clothing.   Temperatures can vary dramatically in the convention center – make sure to have a jacket or sweater handy.


  1. Cab to Orleans:  Tell your airport cab driver to take Tropicana, not the airport highway (which can add $10 to the bill)
  2. Partner on a return trip to airport:   Save $$$ by sharing a cab to airport with another Summit attendee.
  3. Ship items for Industry Summit to the address below.  They will be available for pick-up at the 2nd floor business office, very near the Summit show floor. Note that The Orleans charges a receiving fee.  You can also return-ship items via the business center. For details, visit www.orleanscasino.com

n  Orleans Hotel & Casino
n  4500 Tropicana Blvd
n  Las Vegas, NV  89103
n  Hold for guest (your name), Industry Summit, March 18-21


  1. Attend everything.   Don’t miss any event – even if the presentation doesn’t fit your business model, you might miss the chance to sit next to a potential key contact.
  2. Outreach.    Commit to meeting someone new at every Summit event.  New contacts are the most important thing you will obtain at this event – get as many as possible.  “It’s great to re-connect with old friends, but at some point, I will have gleaned everything I can from them. So I really look forward to the new attendees, because they will undoubtedly give me an idea that can help my store.’’ – Mike Fruitman
  3. Mute button.   Place your cell phone on “mute’’ during Summit events; you will have an opportunity to return messages during each day’s scheduled breaks.
  4. Ask questions.   Get the answers you are seeking – from peers, competitors, whoever. Said Bernardini: “We all wait 360 days to have this opportunity – don’t leave anything on the table.’’


  1. Follow up.   Send thank-you notes to those who contributed to your Summit success, and reach out to potential new business partners.
  2. Prioritize your improvements.  “You will learn so much, and hear so many great ideas, that it is impossible to implement it all right away.  So commit to doing a few things well – and hold yourself accountable for making them part of your business within 15 or 30 days of leaving the Summit.’’ -- Rick Rollar
  3. Plan for 2013.  Our next Summit is only 360 days away!

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