Lead Retrieval Order Form - Niagara Summit

Las Vegas, Nevada
Sunday, April 29, 2012

How will the order be confirmed?
Once registered, a confirmation email is generated to you, with an embedded link to the lead retrieval database.

What equipment is included in the rental fee?
Each rental comes with a Blackberry device and cradle.

When and where do I get my device?
You can collect your device(s) from our service desk onsite during setup where you and your team will receive a brief demonstration of the device and its features.

What do I do with my device when the show floor hours end?
When breakdown commences, please return the device(s) to the service counter where they were collected at the start of the event.

How do I scan?
You and your team will receive a full demonstration on the device’s usage when you collect it from us. They are easy to use and require pulling a trigger on the device to activate the barcode reader, which will read the barcode on an attendee’s badge allowing you to see their contact details onscreen.

Can I edit my answers and notes on the device after I have scanned someone?
Yes. You have the ability to go back and edit the answers and notes you have for a particular scan, at any point during the event.

If cellular service is down, how will I know my data went through?
All data is sent in real time. In the event of limited connectivity devices can work offline, then batch data and sync updates immediately once back in range.

How much data can be stored?
Devices have redundant data storage including Blackberry memory and SD card, which provides some failover in the event of loss of internet connectivity and device damage.

Will my information stay on the Blackberry once the event is over?
No. The device data is cleared completely after each show. Your data is then stored on a secure database.

How can I access my data?
Data is stored on a secure database, and is retrievable via a web portal login (password protected on Swiftium servers). It is available up to 90 days post event; thereafter the data is archived and retrievable upon request directly to Swiftium.

Do I have to order power?
No, the devices are battery powered. If you do have power at your booth, we can provide a charger for you to charge the Blackberry. The scanning sled is not a rechargeable battery which we can replace for you.

How long do the batteries last?
Depends on how much scanning is done and how often you are using the Blackberry to view and edit leads. Through normal usage, and shutting the device off each night, power should last 2-3 days.

Is Internet accessible from the device?
The Blackberry’s only allow for scanning badges, and are therefore not equipped with a data plan or Internet access.

What if I need onsite help?
There will be a representative on-site to assist you with any questions you may have.

Where is this program offered?
The devices are available in the United States. Currently, Canada is supported, however roaming fees and additional charges apply.

What is the cost for each device?
$250 for pre-orders. $275 on-site.

What are the payment options?

Payment is by credit card.
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