2012 GPiLEARN Users Conference and Workshop

Tempe, Arizona
Monday, April 30, 2012

"The 2010 GPiLEARN user’s conference was a great opportunity to catch up on all that latest technology in the world of Power Generation training. It is an excellent opportunity to meet and network with other professionals who are committed to developing the best trained workforce possible. This conference is where the learning curve gets really steep. I always come for the refresher training and stay for the conference, I wouldn't miss it."

Joel Stump
Training Specialist
H.W. Sundt Generating Station
Tucson Electric Power

“I look forward to the GPiLEARN conference every year.  Networking with other training professionals; hearing about their victories (and defeats) helps me not only learn but lets me see I’m not alone in the challenges of power industry training. The refresher training is always helpful too; it’s another opportunity to learn and exchange ideas with other training professionals.  I leave the conference every year with enthusiasm and a renewed sense of why I wanted to be involved in power industry training.”

Sonny Powell
Training Manager
Wood Group Power Operations

“This was my first time to attend a General Physics conference; yet, I felt very at home with the rest of the participants. All of the participants can attest to the quality of products that General Physics produces. This was evident by many of the side discussions that took place during the conference. The value I got out of the meeting was to be able to network with not only employees from utility companies, but users of the GP product. This “continuous learning” and “continual improvement” environment that was created re-energized my team with respect to seeking out new and unique ways of using the General Physics training programs.”

Dirk Hughes
Luminant Academy

“This was my first time attending a General Physics conference.  Being a new   administrator, it was great to be able to attend a training class during the conference. The presenters were extremely knowledgeable and shared how they are successfully implementing GPiLEARN. I enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people from GP and the numerous utilities that attended. I am already looking forward to next year’s conference.”

Mick Peterson
Training Specialist
Midwest Generation

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