Being & Becoming Retreat, Winter 2012

Tucson, Arizona
Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter Retreat: Tucson, Arizona (December 27- Jan 6)

2013 Retreats with Andrew Cohen

  • May 6: Day Retreat, Stockholm, Sweden
    Venue: TBD

  • May 18-19: Urban Being & Becoming Weekend Retreat, NYC, USA
    Venue: TBD

  • August 7-18: Summer Being & Becoming Retreat, Tuscany, Italy
    Venue: Demidoff Hotel Resort
  • >> Register for the Summer Retreat

  • November 23-24: Urban Retreat, Berlin, Germany
    Venue: TBD

  • December 27 - Jan 5: Winter Being & Becoming Retreat, Tucson, Arizona,
    Dates and Venue: TBC

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If you have any questions about this retreat, and would like to speak to a member of our retreat team please contact Aterah Nusrat at +1 413 637 6116 or by email at


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