IDEX Premiere 2013

Orlando, Florida
Thursday, April 11, 2013

    A World of Quality Collectibles & Playthings

Thursday, April 11

9am - 12pm
Bo Bergemann BJD Workshop
Instructor/Presenter: Bo Bergemann
Put together your very own Bo Bergemann BJD! Great for beginners, this hands-on workshop is a special opportunity for collectors to do all the fun parts of completing a doll. Choose the eyes, wig, outfit, and shoes and finish the doll the way you want. The dolls provided are all original Bo Bergemann BJDs, which retail for a minimum of $425. Anyone who can play with a doll will enjoy this class!
Materials required: Instructor will provide all materials.
Difficulty level: Easy
Price: $320

9am - 1pm
Learn to Sculpt a Doll Face
Instructor/Presenter: Ankie Daanen
Ankie Daanen will teach you how to sculpt from Japanese air-drying. Students will learn how to paper clay a doll face in Ankie Daanen style. 
Materials required: Instructor will provide all materials.
Difficulty level: Easy
Price: $100

9am - 1pm
Baby Hair Rooting Techniques
Instructor/Presenter: Beverly Stoehr
Learn the technique of rooting hair for your treasured dolls. Bring your own rooting tools, soft vinyl head and mohair.
Materials required: Soft vinyl head, #42 needles and rooting tool, mohair.
Difficulty level: Easy
Price: $99

9am - 5pm
Learn to Sculpt an Open-Eye Baby Head
Instructor/Presenter: Pat Moulton
Award winning artist, Pat Moulton, will teach you to sculpt an open eye baby’s head using a real skull baby armature. Students will use glass eyes.
Come and have fun and leave with a cute baby’s head.
Materials required: Instructor will provide all materials.
Difficulty level: Some skill required
Price: $150

9am - 6pm
Beginner Reborn Genesis Painting
Instructor/Presenter: Karen Valtin
Geared towards the beginner to intermediate student, Karen Valtin will instruct attendees on the proper way to neutralize and paint vinyl to get a realistic skin tone. Attendees will learn to mix paint and proper paint-to-thinner ratios to achieve different effects. E-Book included to continue at home. 
Materials required: brushes and ceramic/glass paint palette.
Instructor will provide the following: paints, kit, thinners, mediums, drying rack, heat gun, sponges, Q-tips and e-books.
Difficulty level: Easy
Price: $250

11am - 4pm
Design & Construction of a BJD
Instructor/Presenter: Joe MacPhale
Ancient Whispers’ ball-jointed dolls are balanced and stand on their own without the aid of a doll stand. Learn the fundamental elements and construction of the BJD, from joint placement to assembly and positioning, with artist Joe MacPhale.
Materials required: sculpting tools, jewelry pliers, X-Acto knife, round nose pliers, needle nose pliers, wire cutters, white small flat brushes, and glasses/hands-free magnifiers (if needed).
Instructor will provide the following: polymer clay, pins, glue and sandpaper.
Difficulty level: Advanced skills required
Price: $130

1pm - 5pm
Sculpting Small Hands
Instructor/Presenter: Diane Keeler
Learn how to sculpt small beautiful hands. Students will learn anatomy and proportions of the hand.
Materials required: Instructor will provide all materials.
Difficulty level: Some skills required
Price: $50

6pm - 8pm
Opening Reception for Buyers & Exhibitors
Kick off IDEX 2013 in style. All exhibitors and buyers attending IDEX are invited to this opening reception to enjoy a cold beverage, some bites of delicious hors d’oeuvres, and conversation with friends old and new. This is a free event but please register as space is limited.
Price: FREE

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Friday, April 12

Friday- Sunday
Steiff Identification/ Valuation Clinic
Presenter: Rebekah Kaufman
Steiff expert Rebekah Kaufman will be on hand to help identify and propose a value for your collectible Steiff piece.
Kaufman will discuss the history, place and timeline of your Steiff teddy bear or stuffed animal, as well as interesting facts about each piece. She will also be able to tell you how much your piece may be worth on eBay, for insurance purposes and a quick sell (i.e. if you wanted to sell your piece that day).

Those who wish to participate in the clinic may bring a maximum of three Steiff items. Visit booth 606 to set a time to have your pieces identified by Rebekah.
Price: general show floor admission required + $5 donation

10am - 11am
How to Increase Business 80% This Year
Instructor/Presenter: Clyde Volpe
Attendees will learn how to create a marketing strategy along with how, when, where, and why to advertise. Plus, the correct amount to budget per year to increase profits. The five guaranteed secrets to increasing business 80%. 
Price: $20

10am - 12pm
Top to Bottom
Instructor/Presenter: Connie Lowe
Decorate a vintage style corset and matching shoes all in one event! Using antique and modern trims students will decorate one corset and one pair of shoes.
Materials required: A cheerful attitude!
Difficulty level: Some skill required
Price: $75

1pm - 2pm
A Brief History of the Margarete Steiff Company: Seen, In Part, Through the Eyes of Its Wonderful Dolls

Presenter: Rebekah Kaufman, Consultant Archivist, Steiff North America
Since the 1890's the Steiff Company has had a tradition of creating exquisite, handcrafted dolls whose designs and detail mirror society's priorities and ideals. This program will walk attendees through a century- plus of Steiff's design history and includes many examples of the company's dolls from 1910 through 1970 from the presenter's personal collection.
Price: Free

1pm - 3pm
Ellowyne Wilde Invites IDEX attendees to an Afternoon of Tea and (sigh...) Ennui
Instructor/Presenter: Robert Tonner and Debra DeForte
Join Ellowyne Wilde for an afternoon of tea and ennui. A light dessert will be served, along with a hint of boredom and woe. Robert Tonner and Debra DeForte of Wilde Imagination will present a unique program, along with a special Lizette for each attendee.
This event is limited to 120 attendees.
Register for the Afternoon of Tea and (sigh...) Ennui.
Price: $159

1pm – 5pm
Create a Miniature Bear (Pin) Kit
Instructor/Presenter: Deb Canham
Using a pre-sewn or stuffed miniature bears kit students will focus on finishing the head with eyes, ears, mouth and nose. Students can add additional decorations to the bear. He or she can be a miniature bear or a pin. 
Materials required: Scissors and needles
Instructor will provide the following: fabrics, ribbons, beads, kit and workshop prizes.
Difficulty level: Easy
Price: $50

2pm - 3:30pm

Dollies for Your Dolly
Instructor/Presenter: Kim Lasher
Make a little doll for your dolls and BJDs. All items will be provided: resin head and mix and match "rag doll" pieces for her body, arms, legs and hair.
Required materials: Instructor will provide all materials.
Difficulty level: Some skill required
Price: $125

6pm - 9:30pm
Debut of Dolls and Diamond Awards Cocktail & Banquet

The 7th annual Debut of Dolls, hosted by DOLLS magazine, will kick off with an artist signing event in conjunction with a silent auction for charity, featuring artist OOAKs. Be sure to get your copy of the 2013 Debut of Dolls collector issue signed by your favorite artists! Following the signing and auction cocktail hour, the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award and 2013 Diamond Awards will be presented during the banquet dinner. Come dressed in your finest “Spring Fling” attire to celebrate the “best of the best” talent in the doll industry!
Click here to register for the Debut of Dolls and Diamond Awards
Price $85

Saturday, April 13

9am - 2pm
Sweet Face-Up Awesome Airbrush by Joe MacPhale
Attendees will be shown the elements and techniques of proper assembly and use of the airbrush by artist Joe MacPhale of Ancient Whispers. Different types of airbrush techniques will be discussed as well as what type of airbrush is best for face-ups. Students will apply these techniques on one of the face paints provided and will learn the art of fine-tuning with a liner brush and application of details like painted eyelashes, eyebrows and false eyelashes. Students will leave with a complete face plate to take home!
Required materials: small cuticle scissors and close-up glasses or hands-free magnifiers, if needed.
Difficulty level: some skills required
Price: $120

9am - 1pm
Proportion and Anatomy Drawing for Sculpting
Instructor: Maryanne Oldenburg

Attendees will learn the procedure for drawing templates for the proper body and head proportions to create their own clay sculpts. Using supplied photos for reference, students will create a frontal and profile of the head and the complete subject figure's body, limbs, hands and feet. Students will then be able to use these drawings as templates to sculpt the figure of their choice, whether it is a baby, child or an adult, maybe even a fairy!
Required Materials: Notebook or paper (optional), several sharp pencils or mechanical pencil with good erasers, a 12" ruler.
Difficulty level: Easy
Price: $25

9am - 12pm
How to Needle-Felt a “Gnome” of Your Own! 
Instructor/Presenter: Irene Heckel-Volpe
Learn the basics of needle felting while creating your own gnome to take home. This class is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced needle-felters. 
Required materials: A sense of humor and whimsy! Instructor will provide all materials required to complete the project.
Difficulty level: Easy
Price: $75

10am - 11:30am
High Tea with Berdine Creedy and Friends
Instructor/Presenter: Berdine Creedy
Come and experience the wonder of having tea with good friends, laughing at great stories, and taking part in this fun-filled event! This year there will not be an event doll, but each person attending will receive a valuable gift. There will only be 20 exclusive NEW 14” resin BJD’s for this Tea, which can be purchased as a centerpiece. The luck-of-the-draw will determine who can purchase Lily-Rose, who is so cute Berdine simply cannot wait to introduce her to everyone!
To register visit or contact Berdine directly at
Price: $65

11am - 12:30pm
Bears, Pop-Ups and Laughter
Instructor/Presenter: Darlene Allen
Enjoy a discussion on Pop-Up Puppets with a cup of tea, coffee and refreshments, and award winning artist Darlene Allen of Raspbeary Bears. Collectors - bear and doll alike - will treasure the hand-crafted pop up puppet Darlene has designed and made just for those attending this event. Limited to 25 participants. Registration and payment (via check or credit card) required in advance.
To register contact Darlene Allen at
Price: $85

1pm- 3pm
JAMIEshow Celebrates Mel Odom

Come celebrate Gene's 18th birthday with Mel Odom. Hosted by JAMIEshow Dolls and FDQ Magazine. Join us for a two hour luncheon featuring guest of honor Mel Odom as he talks about Gene Marshall and announces a new collaborative effort with JAMIEshow Dolls. This is Mel's first public appearance since his retirement of Gene Marshall in 2010. Meet and greet Mel in persona nd watch a history of the Gene through the eys of Mr. Odom. We will be presenting a special new Ltd. Edition doll at the event, which will be available for purchase and to take home.
Click here to register for the JAMIEshow Celebrates Mel Odom Event
Price: $65

2pm - 3pm
Marketing Dolls in Difficult Times
Instructor/Presenter: Jack Johnston
Jack Johnston is a renowned doll maker and marketer. His lecture is designed to teach doll makers how to advertise their creations on electronic and paper media. He will explain how to maximize all methods of marketing. 
Price: FREE

3pm - 5pm
Good Bears of the World Charity Auction
Join Good Bears of the World for the special opportunity to be the winning bidder on a special bear. The auction will be held on the showfloor of IDEX and promises to be fun and fast paced.100% of the proceeds of the auction will help Good Bears of the World keep teddies in the arms of those who need a hug!

6pm - 9pm
IDEX’s 4th Annual BJD Mixer “Saturday Night Fever”
Sponsored exclusively by Angelic Dreamz
Get down tonight! Raid your closet and break out the glitter, the polyester, the flared pants, and the platform shoes because tonight we are going to take this IDEX event back in time to when the music was disco and the parties were groovin’. Join other BJD enthusiasts for an opportunity to purchase a special anime style, disco theme BJD doll by Angelic Dreamz. Come enjoy a wild time with food, drinks, and more.
Price: $75

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Sunday, April 14

8am - 10am
Tonner Breakfast of Champions
Join Robert Tonner and company for a Breakfast of Champions!  See the new line up close over eggs and toast, and rub elbows with fellow doll lovers and Robert Tonner himself. Your event fee will include breakfast, a presentation by Robert Tonner, and for the first time ever, you get YOUR CHOICE of souvenir at the IDEX Breakfast of Champions! You'll use Tonner Bucks that will be provided to you to "shop" for your choice of souvenir at the event. Choose from 5 amazing selections:

Basic Houston + Cape Town Fashion Pack
Color Block Astor
Taxi! Billy
Golden Swirl Deluxe Astor
Maudlynne Macabre

Here at Tonner, we give you the freedom to choose! Exercise your rights and come to the Tonner Breakfast of Champions- You wont want to miss it!
Click here to register!
Price: $50

9:30am - 11am
Tiny Treasures Reborn Awards Brunch
Celebrate the fine art of reborning! Join us for this delectable breakfast and the presentation of the 2013 Tiny Treasures Reborn Awards. Leading up to IDEX, artists will have the opportunity to enter their dolls in the Best Reborn Awards and be judged on several specific categories including color application, rooting, and overall artistry. Judging will be conducted by a panel of industry leaders, and everyone who attends IDEX will be asked to vote in the People’s Choice category. Winners will be announced at this awards breakfast.
Price: $50


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