GD&T Seminar Series 2019-20

Santa Clara
Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Presented by:   Dr. Greg Hetland of International Institute of GD&T 

Sponsored by:  Indicate Technologies Inc.     

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Dr. Greg Hetland

Dr. Greg Hetland has 30+ years' experience in the Aerospace, Defense and Commercial industries with extensive expertise in the Mechanical and Precision Engineering fields as an Engineer, Manager, Consultant, Educator and Author.

Dr. Hetland is a recognized leader in the dimensional tolerancing and physical metrology fields. He has extensive success in visionary transformation and establishing and achieving corporate technology goals, with a proven track record of influencing external development initiatives achieved through collaborations with companies, universities and national laboratories throughout the world.

Dr. Hetland has extensive technical society affiliations. He is recognized worldwide as chairman and member of U.S. committees as well as U.S. representative on international standards' development in the areas of physical metrology, dimensional tolerancing and uncertainty analysis, with emphasis in the sub-micrometer regime.

Given the state of global technology and growing technological constraints, such as miniaturization and tolerance truncation, the world requires higher precision in the engineering modeling and analytical tools and the critical need to expand current knowledge and principles within all engineering disciplines. Based on this critical and global need, Dr. Hetland consults in the areas of corporate technology forecasting, advanced measurement development, advanced mechanical design and modeling techniques, physical measurement strategies, uncertainty analysis, employee development planning, external technology development collaborations, analysis, and recommendations based on technology trends.

Training Transformation

Dr. Hetland has developed a proven and simplified approach to GD&T training allowing new users to understand the fundamentals to advanced topics in an accelerated time frame.

Dr. Hetland's extensive industrial background in advanced development areas span: design, manufacturing, quality, and sub-micrometer advanced physical measurement development and integration, providing in-depth knowledge to the broad array of perceptions and implications of all technical disciplines. This foundational knowledge, combined with years of direct training, has provided Dr. Hetland with unique insight and a vision towards global simplification methods that he now makes available to the world for effective industrial deployment.

During Dr. Hetland's industrial involvement with one large company (a world leader in their field), he led a joint management and executive analysis of internal efficiencies directly related to the lack of full utilization, adequacy and integration of Precision GD&T and related standards. The end result of this analysis results in up to $0.40 per dollar lost due to lack of understanding and compliance to Precision GD&T practices.

On a global scale, Dr. Hetland's multiple years of customer and supplier interaction, along with active involvement on national & international standards initiatives, brought him in touch with many industries and a broad array of individuals from all technical disciplines. This direct involvement made him fluently aware of their magnitude of problems and limitations related to Precision GD&T. Dr. Hetland's analysis to date indicates the magnitude of these negative cost implications reaches up to 40% of current operational costs. Additional analysis indicates that in order to achieve required efficiency levels, the GD&T training expenditures would be less than 10% of a company's current loss.

Dr. Hetland continues his observations of companies suffering needless daily financial loss and has become painfully and completely aware of the visible areas of current negative cost most companies are incurring. This led him to his decision to take this valuable real-life package of interactive practical sciences and make it available for public and in-house seminars so companies around the world can take full advantage to truly benefit.


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