2013 Texas Groundwater Summit

San Marcos, Texas

2013 Summit Presentations
Click on the speakers' name to view a PDF of their Summit slides. If there is a presentation missing that you'd like to have, please email groundwater@iemshows.com for more information.

ABCs of GCDs
So you have a GCD... Now What? - Greg Ellis
What is a Management Plan? - Rima Petrossian
GCD Rulemaking - Monique Norman
Administrative Procedures 101 - Bill Dugat
Joint Planning/Regional Water Planning - Kirk Holland

Groundwater Conservation Districts Panel
Leah Adams
John Dupnik
Zach Holland
C. E. Williams

Policy & Groundwater
Legislative Update - Brian Sledge
Case Law Update - Sarah Faust
GCDs and the ESA - Mike Gershon

Keynote Address
Robert Mace

Brackish Groundwater
How GCDs can Manage Brackish Groundwater - Ty Embrey, Robert Puente
Groundwater Desalination - Mike Irlbeck
Aquifer Storage and Recovery (Technical) - James Dwyer
Aquifer Storage and Recovery (GCD) - Tim Andruss

Energy & Groundwater Part 1
Drought and the Energy Water Nexus in Texas - Bridget Scanlon
The Effects of Hydraulic Fracturing on Groundwater Quantity & Quality - Paul Bertetti
Risks to Water Resources from Aged and Improperly Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells - Ron Green
Railroad Commission of Texas Rulemaking Update - Leslie Savage

Science, Technology & Groundwater
The Joy of Dyeing - Geary Schindel
Advanced Water Monitoring - Brian Hunt, Brian Smith
Groundwater Availability Modeling - Steve Young
Use of GRACE Satellites to Monitor Water Depletion during Drought - Bridget Scanlon 2

Energy & Groundwater Part 2
Oil and Gas & Groundwater (GCD) - Jim Allison
Oil and Gas & Groundwater (O&G) - Cory Pomeroy
Mining Panel (Surface Mining) - Chris Pepper
Mining Panel (Uranium Mining) - Trey Powers
Mining Panel (Environmental) - Rick Lowerre

Groundwater Ownership: Updates and Perspectives Panel
Agriculture - Jason Skaggs
Wholesalers - Karen Bondy
Municipal - Jarrett Atkinson
Landowner - Brent Covert
Environmental - Ken Kramer

People & Groundwater
TWDB's Estimates of Total Recoverable Groundwater in Storage - Larry French
Groundwater Use Estimates - Robert Bradley
Metering: Issues and Considerations - Steve Walthour
Taxes, Takings and Groundwater - Renea Hicks

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