AYSO Section 2 Golden Gate Camp 2015

Atherton, California
Friday, July 31, 2015

Welcome to Golden Gate Camp
       Frequently asked questions

Why attend Golden Gate Camp?

      Golden Gate Camp is an annual retreat for the advanced training of Coaches, Referees, Management Staff and Instructors.  While at camp you will have the opportunity to meet volunteers from different regions share experiences, develop friendships; learn together and from each other in a comfortable setting away from the distractions of our everyday lives. 

      Some courses are as short as one day, or spread over Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Course fees include overnight accommodations (in the college dorms) and meals in the dining facility. More specific details on meals and overnight accommodations can be found by clicking the lodging tab. Class size is limited, so enroll early to guarantee a spot.

      When volunteers receive training our kids benefit and our regions run more smoothly.

 Now that I’ve registered what do I do?

Be sure to print page 1 of your invoice and mail it with your payment.  Make checks payable to: AYSO Section 2 Golden Gate Camp.  Mail to: Galeen Stratton, P. O. Box 3117, Truckee, Ca  96160.  Payments must be received prior to you attending a class.  Certain classes are limited in the number of attendees, seats in those classes are not secure until payment has been received and you have received confirmation of payment. We are not set up to “bill” your Region or Area.

 Check the Agenda on the home page, find the roster number, log into www.eayso.org, after entering your log in & password, click on “Enroll to take a class” enter the roster number in the menu box and sign up on the roster.  This helps to ensure the correct volunteer (i.e., Jim Smith) is issued certification at the completion of the course.

I don’t know my Section, Area, or Region where can I find that?

Ask your Regional Commissioner, a board member or look on your volunteer form in the boxes immediately after your Birth Date.

 Prerequisites – where are they listed?

Prerequisites or required AYSO certifications for the course are listed in the highlighted Details to the right of your course selection and course cost.

Prerequisites – where do I find my AYSO certifications?

Log into www.eayso.org, click on “View Certifications”.  If you have multiple certifications either as a coach, board member or referee you will need to choose the specific discipline in the blue menu bar.

 What if I signed up for the wrong course?

Email the Camp Director at GGC-info@section2.org they can correct this.

Can Youth Volunteer attend?

      Yes, Youth Volunteers are welcome to attend.  If staying on campus they must room (dorm style) with a parent or guardian of the same gender (college rules).

What about meals?

See the chart under the lodging tab.

 What about overnight accommodations?

Dorm style rooms, sheets, pillow, blanket, towels, toilet paper provided.  Rooms are NOT air conditioned if the weather looks to be warm you may want to bring a fan.  If you are cold at night you may want to bring an extra blanket.

 If I live close by do I have to stay on Campus?

We prefer you stay on campus, however if you choose not to the price remains the same.

 Can my region pay directly?

      Yes, however it is the registrant’s responsibility to be sure payment is made and received. Additionally for courses with limited seats that seat is not confirmed until payment is received.   Email confirmations are sent upon receipt of payment.

 If I pay will I be reimbursed by my region?

Contact your Regional Commissioner for confirmation on this matter.

What if I cannot attend the camp can I get a refund or can another volunteer take my place?

Yes, another volunteer may take your reservation with notification and approval confirmation by the Camp Director.  Email the Camp Director at GGC-info@section2.org.

 Refund Policy

Golden Gate Camp is run on a breakeven cost model as a service so our volunteers can receive training in a residential weekend setting where they have access to the some of the best instructors in AYSO. When people signup and then cancel or do not show up we still incur certain costs as our Section must commit to the venue for meals, class room space, materials, and instructors.   Many of these are sunk costs which we have committed to and are not able to recoup.  While we do understand that there are a number of personal and work situations which can occur and may cause a volunteer to have to cancel we have still incurred costs which can’t be refunded.

If for any reason you can’t attend GGC you must immediately notify the Camp Director at GGC-info@section2.org.

We feel the following is a fair reflection of fees and lead times where we can make a refund should a request be made.

Refund Policy:

1) Cancellation prior to June 27, 2015 (and with acknowledgement of cancellation from the Camp Director).....100% refund of fees paid.

2) Cancellation from June 27, 2015 to July 11, 2015, 3 weeks before the day the camp begins (and with acknowledgement of cancellation from the Camp Director).....50% refund of fees paid at the full rate fee of $255.00, but 0% refund for any partial fee or individual class fees.

3) Cancellation after July 11, 2015 or a NO SHOW - NO REFUNDS..

 Will there be internet available?

        Yes, a password will be provided for you, ask at check-in.

 Do I need a parking pass?

No, HOWEVER do not park in Faculty, Staff or and individually marked spaces.  YOU WILL BE TOWED AWAY!


Contact Information

Payment Instructions

  • Make checks payable to: AYSO Section 2 Golden Gate Camp

    Mail along with page 1 of your invoice to:
    Galeen Stratton
    P. O. Box 3117
    Truckee, Ca  96160

    If you register after July 18th bring your payment to registration check-in.

    Should your plans change and you cannot attend camp please email us as courses have limited space and we would like to offer the seat to another.  As well food and supplies must be ordered.

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