Fiber College of Maine 2016

Searsport, Maine
Wednesday, September 07, 2016
Jen Appleby Wet Felt, Dry Felt Faerie Hut (Sa-All Day)

Beth Berman Screen Printing (F-PM)

Tyvek Beads (Sa-PM)

Batik Printing (Su-PM)

Screen Printing (F-PM)

Beverly Army Williams Photo Haiku Postcards (F-AM)

Katharine Cobey Breakthrough Knitting (W/Th All Day)

Spinning on Purpose (Su-AM)

Heather Davis 2 at a time Socks (F-AM)

Mary DeLano Embroidered Cuffs (F-AM)

Crazy Recycled Mats (F-PM)

Embroidered Buttons (Sa-PM)

Donna Druchunas Lithuanian Beaded Wrist Warmers (Su-AM)

Amish Oval Rug (Su-PM)

Serena Dube Peyote Stitch Pendant (F-PM)

Deborah Dutton Folded Cards (F-PM)

Altered Book Accordion Folder (Su-AM)

Amy Felske Maine Sea Dragon (W/Th)

Kerin Ferrin Tuffets 2-Part (Sa-AM & Su-AM)

Sharon Fischer Hexagon Paper Piece Quilting (F-AM)

Jim Grant Sock Cranking (Rolling Sessions)

Elizabeth (Betsy) Habich Designing a Picture Quilt (Sa-All Day), Piecing a Picture Quilt (Su-All Day)

Hawk Henries Bamboo Flute Carving (W/Th)

Rose Ann Hunter Wool Crazy Quilt (F-AM)

Baa Baa Plaid Sheep (F-PM)

Donna Johnson Slow Stitching of Slow Fabric (Sa-All Day)

Daryl Lancaster Weaving Trim (W/Th)

Inspiration for the Color Challenged (Sa-AM)

Closures (Sa-PM)

Kimberli MacKay Tunic Time (W/Th)

French Apron (Sa-PM)

Gabriela Montoya-Eyerman Luxury Fiber Blending (Sa-AM)

Leanne Nickon Silk Scarf Painting (Su-AM)

Jackie Ottino Nature's Palette (F-all day)

Frankly Scarlet (Su-All Day)

Anita Palsgrove Treasure Keeper (Su-PM)

Amelia Poole Eco Printing  (W/Th)

Tina Puckett Mini Basket (F-AM)

Freeform Basket (F-PM)

Freeform Tray (Sa-All Day)

Catherine Salamon Cotton Prep and Spinning (F)

Get Lei'd (Sa-PM)

Sally Savage Paper Mache Elf (F-PM)

Creative Spirit-Paint/Dress Elf (Su-AM)

Steven Schreurs Chain Mail Clinic (W/Th Intensive) and Rolling Sessions

Erica Schlueter Finished Knitting (Sa-AM)

Double Knitting Intro (Su-PM)

Jeanne Seronde Perkins Fiber Mache Basket (F-AM)

Laurie Sims Tunisian Entrelac Cowl (Su-PM)

Susie Stephenson Felted Boots (W/Th)

By the Sea Chair Pads-Rug Hooking (Su-All Day)

Colleen Teerling Adventurous Colorwork Knitting (F-PM) and Supplemental (Sa-PM)

Lauri Troutman Decorative Wood Burning for your Fiber Tools (F-AM)

Kristen Weyrick-Scott Fantasy Felted Mask - 2 Part (F-PM and Sa-PM) 

Felted Jelly Fish Light (Su-AM)

Conni Whittaker Buttons, Pendants & Beads (F-AM; F-PM)

Leslie Wind Metalwork for Beginners (Rolling Sessions)

Ken Wise Hand Carved Wooden Spoons (Su-PM)

Carolee Withee Crochet Jewelry (F-AM)

Gale Zucker Photo Haiku Postcards (F-AM)

Creative Vision Photography (Sa-PM)


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