HCAMP's Winter Acoustic Music CAMP 2017

Kerrville, Texas
Friday, February 17, 2017




Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Meals & Accommodations

Questions about Mt. Wesley Cabins

Questions about Location

What are the goals of the camp for the students?

a. improve your personal skill level

b. improve your  ability to play in a group of various instruments

c. make some friends in the music world

d. leave camp with lots of material to work on

Is this strictly a bluegrass camp?

No,  You will be exposed to bluegrass, country, roots, Celtic, Old Time, some classical music.
Your registration information and your teacher’s preferences usually determine the music used for each class. 

Can I use an amplified instrument in class?

No, but you can amplify your instrument in the evening jams and open mic sessions 

What will I be doing each day at camp?

There is a class schedule  which details the camp on a day to day basis. In instrument classes you will be
playing with other students all playing the same instruments. In structured jams and social orchestra
you will be playing with other students playing other instruments. After dinner each evening,
the students gather in informal groups on campus and jam.

How do you handle the different skill levels in class?

How the different skill levels are handled depends on the class size and make up of the attending students.
We use the registration information you provide concerning your skill level to help determine the most effective
class format. Our goal is to maintain small classes and a great learning atmosphere.
I can’t read music, will that limit me at camp?

Our teachers are encouraged to provide printed handouts as well as teach using visual instruction.
Most handout materials include standard music notation as well as Tab.
Tab is a very basic written format that can be learned very quickly.
I would suggest you become familiar with Tab before arriving at camp. 

Is this a kid’s camp?

Not really – average age last year was 55+. That said we do have some teenagers each year.
Young folks 18 and under are required to be accompanied by an adult at camp
(Not in class but under their supervision on campus)
we do not have the ability to supervise children outside of class.

 I just bought my instrument, I don’t know how to play it, is HCAMP worthwhile for me?
If we have 8 or more real beginners for one instrument we will provide a teacher who will start from
square 1 and move you forward.  If you sign up for a beginner's level class and the class does not reach minimums,
any tuition deposit will be refunded in full.

How big are the classes?
Classes vary in size but are usually limited to not more than 12 persons in a class. One of the goals of the camp
is to maintain small classes so that students get plenty of personal attention.

Is it possible to talk with the instructors before camp?
Yes – we provide you with each teacher’s email address. The faculty are always pleased to answer your questions.

Are the classrooms air conditioned?

What is the Open Mic time?

Students can perform during lunch for the campers. There will be a sound system in the Dining Hall for anyone
to perform with during meals or in the evening jam area..

What is the student concert? Do I have to perform at it? 

One of the most enjoyable activities is the Sunday student concert. Sunday afternoon, the students play in class groups.
jam groups who have worked up a song or two and solo performance are scheduled during the open mic times.
Performance skill is not required just a desire to play some music and have some fun.
No one has to perform but most do and most participate in more than one group.

What are the faculty concerts?
Our fabulous instructors perform once on Friday  night.
The concert is for HCAMP students and is not open ot the public.

I play several instruments; can I attend classes in more than one instrument at HCAMP?

Yes you can, but we don’t encourage it. We have tried it in the past and it has not been very successful
since either the teacher has to stop and try to bring the late arriving student up to the rest of the class
or the student is required to start in the middle of a course.
Our suggestion is to submerge yourself in one instrument in class. You can always play your other instruments at the jams.
What are structured jams? 
A group of musicians of like skill level, playing various instruments and working on chord changes, how to take breaks,
and how to compliment each others music. Staff leads and guides the structured jams.

What are unstructured jams?
Informal music get togethers each evening where students break into small groups and just play what ever they want to play.

Meals & Accommodations

Do I have to stay at Mt. Wesley?
No, You can stay anywhere you would like.

Are there hotel/motel rooms, B&Bs, or RVparks in Kerrville?
Yes, 1200 of them. If you are interested in staying off campus please contact the Kerrville CVB and they will send you a packet
of info on accommodations in Kerrville. Call them at  800-221-7958 or their web site is

Do I have to eat the meals on campus?
No, You can bring your own food, eat off campus or you can purchase lunches only, or all meals on campus from HCAMP.

Can my spouse or guardian eat on campus even if they are not enrolled as a student?
Yes, we usually have several spouses or adults accompanying underage students; they can purchase meals in the same manner and at the same rate as the students.

I have special diet needs, can that be handled on campus?
Yes, please contact us about two weeks before camp and we will coordinate your dietary needs with the kitchen staff.

 Mt. Wesley Cabins

 What is the difference between a private room and multiple occupancy ?

Each cabin has multiple beds and can sleep up to six people. We rent a limited number of cabins for single occupancy
Mt. Wesley charges a per person rate for the cabin. See the lodging registration information for details.

What size are the beds?

Doubles. Linen service is included in the room fee but you may want to bring extra towels.

Are the cabins air conditioned and heated?


Are there kitchen facilities in the cabins?

No, but there are refrigerators in several of the classrooms and in the main lounge area.

Location and Campus

Where is the campus located in Kerrville?

Driving Directions:  At the intersection of  IH10 & Hwy 16, Enter Kerrville on Hwy 16. Stay on Hwy 16S to intersection of Hwy 27 ( Main St.) at courthouse. Take a right onto Hwy 27W past Harper Rd. and the Walmart. Look for Methodist Encampment Rd on right. ( Cecil – used car lot on corner). Take a right onto Methodist Encampment to Mt. Wesley Conference Center on your left past intersection of Jackson Rd.


 Located in the heart of the beautiful Texas Hill Country, the Mount Wesley Conference Center is situated on a hillside within the city limits of Kerrville. The scenic, peaceful 64 acres of woodland provide a unique, secluded, and safe haven -- a sanctuary from the real world -- where guests can retreat to become refreshed and renewed.

Does the Mt. Wesley campus have wireless internet access for the HCAMP students.


 Yes, but it is limited to Dining Hall area and the main lounge areas.

How can we get from the San Antonio airport to the Mt. Wesley campus?

The Camp can sometimes arrange  shuttle from the San Antonio airport to Mt. Wesley for the students on
Friday and Sunday. This needs to be coordinated two weeks before camp so we can schedule possible pickups and drop off times.
 Rental cars are readily available at the airport. 

Can we walk to class or do we need to drive?

The campus is small and most students walk to class, meals and the jams. There is convenient parking
adjacent to wherever you need to go. There is a Google map on the web page.



Contact Information

  • Phone: 830-459-2120
    Email: rbm@hcamp.org

Payment Instructions

  • Pay online at registration Form or
    Make check payable to: HCAMP
    Mail to : HCAMP  
    P.O. Box 291574
    Kerrville, TX 78029

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