Astute Connect 2017

San Antonio, Texas
Monday, September 24, 2018
  • The Future of Customer Experience
    CX has become the top priority for business and technology leaders. Astute CTO Alex George will share predictions for the future of customer experience in 2017 and beyond. See first-hand that Astute's focus is on ensuring our customers can deliver the expected experience and are prepared for surfacing trends.
  • Keynote Speaker
    We are excited to announce that Blake Morgan, customer experience author, speaker and advisor, will be joining us as our keynote speaker! Blake will share her perspective on creating incredible consumer experiences that define and differentiate your brand.
  • Customer Panel
    In this session, we will highlight a few of Astute's customers who have combined creativity and smart solutions to stand out and wow their consumers. Be inspired by their unique stories and imagine how we can help turn your innovative ideas into a reality.
  • Best Practice Roundtable Discussions
    Nothing is better than sharing ideas with others who have similar day to day challenges. Enjoy this great opportunity to meet peers in the field and discuss best practices around a variety of pressing industry topics.
  • Product Roadmaps for 2017
    Listen as our product managers reveal the key improvements you can look forward to and explain how they will increase the value of your software solutions.
  • Customer Care: The Heart of your Organization
    As a customer care professional you know it and I know it. Does the rest of the company know it? How can we tell more stories within our companies to allow others to see and feel the impact that our department has on the organization? Can this be ingrained in the culture? Attend this session to learn how some of our SOCAP member companies impact this philosophy and feel free to share your story. Please contact me at in advance if you would like to share.
  • Consumer Experience Maturity Framework
    Get an introduction to the Framework and take a self-assessment.
  • Real-Time Analytics with Social
    See how to watch trending topics and gain insights as they happen, by using Astute Social. Command Center to tell you what you need to know in real-time.
  • Beyond Authoring: Alternative Sources to Expand Your Knowledgebase
    See how Astute Knowledge can generate content and topics automatically through the use of trusted sites, existing documents and more.
  • Consumer Privacy: What Are Your Risks and Responsibilities?
    Take a look at how government and industry regulations can impact your customer engagements. Understand the risks involved and how you can build a Compliance Program to mitigate them.
  • Chatbots Are Transforming the Digital Customer Care Landscape
    Chatbots can handle high-volume, repeatable tasks, freeing up human agents to pay attention to the more complex interactions that need their attention. The combination of bots and human agents, along with a presence on the right channels and an intelligent escalation approach, will add up to a winning CX strategy.
Astute 101 Training
  • Identify Trends with Frequency Reports
    Explore frequency reports and how you can use them to identify trends.
  • Easier Authoring with Astute Knowledge
    Find out how to use the Learner Tool in Astute Knowledge to prioritize content to be added.
  • Configuring ESP
    Learn how to set up ePowerCenter to enable personalized interactions by using past history, loyalty status, etc. to give tailored guidance to your agents.
  • Automate, Automate, Automate: Agent Automation in ePowerCenter
    Make sure you know the shortcuts to help your agents be as efficient as possible.
  • Social Engagement within Your CRM
    Master the basics of using Astute Social and ePowerCenter together. See how to route high-priority posts to the right person in your organization even if they aren't a user of the software and confirm issue resolution from one central interface.
  • Configure Your Agent Desktop
    The homepage is for more than just queues. Learn how to use it most effectively with widgets, resources, chat and more!
Masters Training
  • Advanced Reporting Features for ePowerCenter
    Find out how to view and understand your data better with robust reporting capabilities in ePowerCenter.
  • Optimizing ePowerCenter for Your Business
    Make sure you are getting the most from ePowerCenter.
  • ePowerCenter Advanced Admin Training
    Get tips and tricks for administering ePowerCenter.
  • Meeting PCI Regulations with Astute Products
    Discuss best practices for processes and in-product PCI compliance. (Includes ePowerCenter and Astute Knowledge)
  • Using Social Across the Enterprise
    Discover how Social can create alignment across multiple lines of business. With the ability to listen, publish and analyze trends, consumer relations and marketing can work together to provide a more seamless customer experience.
  • Intelligent Escalations
    Hear examples of how Astute products work together to provide seamless escalations that start in self-service, and learn how your agents get in-context information within ePowerCenter.
Answer Center
  • Ask The Experts
    Astute product experts will be available for on-demand support to help address any specific product questions you have. Need help building a report? Wondering how to add a certain field? Stop by the Answer Center on Monday or Tuesday.

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