What's The Fix?

Seattle, Washington
Wednesday, June 14, 2017


At My Starting Line
By Rebecca Seago-Coyle

June 4, 2010 at 1:04 PM I got my #WhatTheHealthCare moment when the nurse on the other end of the phone told me the results were positive. I actually had to say the words because she couldn’t. I have cancer, I asked. Breast Cancer? Read more

What’s The Fix? A Free Health Care Conference for Everyone
By Anna Greene

What’s The Fix? | June 14, 2017 At What’s The Fix? We invite health care industry leaders and everyday people alike to join us as we listen and learn from a group of incredible patients, caregivers and innovators who are working to put people at… Read more

My Patient Advocacy 101
By Yanling Yu

My experience of advocating for patients has taught me that awareness on patient safety must be taught to every stakeholder in health care, including patients and families, health care providers, policy makers, and medical equipment manufacturers. Only together, can we make a difference. Read more

Lightning In a Bottle: The Power of Commitments
By Naveen Rao

By now, you’ve probably heard about What’s the Fix – an inaugural conference dedicated to the topic of patients making fixes in health care from the ground up (If you haven’t there’s plenty of time to catch up!). In addition to flipping the script and having patients and families leading the discussion, we wanted to do something different. We wanted to try and harness the energy of those dialogues and brainstorms and use it to change the world. Read more

Mother knows Best: What Health Care Can Learn from “Dr. Mom”
By Naveen Rao

Mother’s Day is a chance for many of us to take a moment to reflect on the impact that our moms have had in our lives. They brought us into this world and juggled many roles for us as we grew up: chef, chauffeur, coach… Read more

My Mother’s Story: We’re People, not Products
By Lacie Beck

Mother’s Day is a time to show appreciation for the special women in our lives who kissed away our boo-boos, dried our tears, and forced us to eat our vegetables. However, for those of us whose mothers are no longer with us, this holiday can…
Read more

Humor is powerful in healthcare, but stories will change the industry.
By WheezyNurse

A few weeks back, I put a few questions out to the Twittersphere to see what kind of responses I might get for HealthSparq and the #WhatTheHealthCare/#WTFix campaign. We wanted to see what caregivers, nurses, physicians, hospital admins (my people!) had to say…Read more

What to Expect at What’s the Fix? Part II: Afternoon Agenda
By Anna Greene

What’s the Fix? is a conference specifically created to bring stories to light and to use those stories to help change the mess that is health care. We aren’t trying to fix health care at the macro level (an extremely difficult task, and, as someone…Read more

FDA’s Mirror Moment: Will a new office reflect patient needs?
By Naveen Rao 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed creating a new office for Patient Affairs to serve as a central hub for the agency’s engagement with patient communities. What does that mean? In a nutshell, the agency is trying to make it easier for both…Read more

What To Expect At What's The Fix? Part I: The Morning Sessions 
By Anna Greene

During the morning sessions at What’s the Fix? our speakers have each overcome major health care hurdles on their own, and have dedicated themselves to driving change as a result of what they have learned. They’ll share their experience and set us up for an amazing day...Read more

Not Taking "I Don't Know" As An Answer
By Burt Rosen

We’ve all had our own “what the health care” moments. I’m pretty sure there’s no one in the world who hasn’t had at least one. Let me tell you about one of mine, which happens to be the story that inspired me to launch #whatthehealthcare and now our What’s the Fix? conference in June...Read more

Health Care Has a Person/Problem Conundrum. So, What’s The Fix?
By Naveen Rao

If we take away the sophisticated technology, the convoluted coverage schemes, all of the latin vocab words, the policy-making and policy-repealing, the diagnosis codes, and strange-sounding drug names, we’re left with two basic things: a person, and a problem….Read more 

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