2017 IBBA Annual Conference

Dallas, Texas
Friday, May 05, 2017
Workshop Offerings

Whether you are an experienced Business Broker or are new to the industry, IBBA Workshops will provide you with the opportunity to build upon your skill set in three categories: The Next Level, Fast Track To Success, and Franchise Sales Dynamics.

Saturday, May 6th 

10:15 am – 11:45 am

Title: The Ever Changing SBA Rules with A Few Workarounds and Options to Help Address Them
Presenter: Steve Mariani 
Abstract: Here we discuss the ever changing SBA rules along with a few workarounds and options to help address them. The hot topics during this session will include licensing and how to qualify a potential buyer, creative seller notes, earn-outs and the new required franchise addendum, amongst others. The updated SBA rules surfaced on January 1 so we’ll explain how we’ve adjusted and you can too. Brokers and lenders alike are welcome to come and bring any questions on 7a goodwill loans. You’re sure to leave with an expanded understanding of today’s lending markets as Steve shares his 20 plus years of experience in the industry.
Track: “The Next Level”

Title: Everything You Wished You Knew About Doing Transactions With Private Equity Groups
Presenter: Matthew Bradbury
Abstract: What’s it like to work with private equity?  This workshop will highlight an overview of private equity, the private equity process and the math PEGs use to close transactions.  Do you know the 80:20 rule for working with PEGs?  How do you know if you’re working with a capable group or one who is likely to re-trade?  You’ll learn how they view add backs and we’ll cover case studies of transactions with PE buyers that went off without a hitch and others that went off the rails.  Hear what made the transactions good (or bad) and how you can have success working with PE in your own practice.
Track: “The Next Level”

Title: Staying Ahead Of The Curve: Today's Online Marketing Trends And Best Practices To Grow Your Business
 Luba Kagan
Abstract: This is a must attend workshop for forward-thinking business brokers looking for tactics to boost their online visibility and attract more clients. Now more than ever, as a broker, you need a strong online presence to communicate your value to potential clients.

In this workshop you’ll learn about the growing significance of mobile, video and Influencer marketing and how it has affected the digital landscape. You’ll also understand how to leverage social media and online content to highlight your knowledge as a thought leader. You’ll leave this workshop with the insight needed to help searchers find you and in turn, become clients.

Result: Get noticed online, attract more clients and grow your business!
Track: "Fast Track to Success"

Title: Resale Franchises: Why They Should Be Part Of Your Inventory And How To Be Successful Selling Them
Joseph Harrel 
Abstract:  The objective of this workshop is to help you make more money by understanding the key factors that make or break a franchise resale deal. By understanding the game, you will be better prepared to successfully get deals done.

You will learn:

  • The key differences between selling an independent business and selling an existing franchise.
  • To use franchises as alternatives to present to buyers who are corporate refugees and or older first time buyers.
  • Identify traits in buyers to determine whether they are potential franchisees or entrepreneurs.
  • Determine if your buyer can successfully survive the franchisor’s due diligence process.
  • Learn to know when to walk away from listings due to inherent problems with a franchise system.
  • What are the pitfalls to watch out for and how do you navigate the franchisors screening process?
  • How to successfully leverage a done deal into direct referrals from the franchisor for future listings.
Track: "Franchise Sales Dynamics"   

How Does Your Office Rank with Other Offices Using Key Performance Indicators?
Presenter: Chris Jones 
Abstract: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be a game changer for your business brokerage practice.  Business Brokerage is so much more than listings and closings.  And looking at your Income Statement at the end of the year is looking in the rear view mirror.  We will explore key metrics and leading indicators that will help you start predicting where your business is heading, including:

  • Conversion Rates of Seller Leads into Listings
  • Conversion Rates of Buyers
  • Number of Brokers
  • Web Leads and Web Leads PER LISTING
  • Showings PER LISTING
  • Listings and Listings PER BROKER and how your business compares
  • Listing # vs Listing $: Which is more important?
  • Average Listing Size
  • Average Days to Close
  • Average Closing Size & Number of Closings
  • If time allows we may also discuss Agent Dashboards

Attendees are encouraged to bring any data they currently track.  You will have an opportunity to share and compare data if you wish.

Track: "Fast Track to Success"

1:30 pm –3:00 pm

Title: Understanding The Essential Value Drivers of a Small Business
Presenter: Randy Bring
Abstract: Whether you are a Business Broker working for a business owner who is ready to cash in on his years of hard work or working on behalf of a Buyer looking to buy the business of her dreams, your ability to identify and understand a company’s value drivers will help you gain a better understanding of the true worth of the business you are trying to sell or the one your Buyer is considering buying. Value drivers are the key elements of a business that shape how a Buyer views a business and must be understood by the Broker and both the Buyer and Seller because they have a clear and decisive impact on the three universal concerns of all Buyers; value, risk and potential.
The true value of a business is most often determined by factors beyond the various typical financial valuation models. Value drivers that relate to the risk, the potential for growth and the sustained profitability of the target business are an important part of the Buyer’s overall assessment of the business he is considering buying. It is in the best interests of the Broker and both the Seller and the Buyer to be able to readily identify these value drivers as part of the overall business sale process thus assuring the maximum value for both parties.
Track: "Fast Track to Success"

Title: Working Capital - It Is Important Regardless of the Deal
Presenter: Mike Adhikari
Abstract: Increasingly Mainstreet brokers have an opportunity to represent non-retail businesses with working capital (WC). Understanding WC plays a critical role in securing a listing and in closing a sale. This session will discuss various aspects of WC impacting Mainstreet brokerage. Topics will include …What is WC in a business sale? How does WC differ from accounting definition of WC? What specific balance sheet items are, or should be, included or excluded in WC? How to manage WC when financials are inadequate? Is cash ever included in WC?
Track: “The Next Level”

Title: Leveraging Technology to Do More Deals
Presenter: Clint Fiore
Abstract: With thousands of SaaS (Software as a Service) companies out there all claiming to have the "solution" for your business, how do you make sense of it all? Clint is a former tech executive turned Business Broker dedicated to using the latest tech tools to make his firm efficient at handling high volumes of Brokerage Deals and a well-organized Buyer database to close more deals, without letting anything fall through the cracks. In this class he will share his best secrets on selecting the best tools that can do exactly what you need (and nothing you don't) in the simplest, and most cost effective way. This class takes thousands of hours of research on how tech tools can make a Business Broker's life easier, and presents it in a bullet-point-simple, actionable way. You will leave immediately ready to improve your business processes and know exactly where to start whether a novice that needs everything or an experienced high-tech pro that just needs some tweaks and updates.
Track: "Fast Track to Success"

Title: "May the FOURS Be With You" Area Representative Francihise Model - Best Kept Secret in Franchising
Presenter: Daniel Durney
Abstract: In this course you'll learn about the business model for Area Representative / Regional Development / Master Franchising to better position it for your more sophisticated investors/candidates.

4 Levels of Franchising

4 Terms Used for Area Representative (AR)

4 Qualifications of an AR4 Job Duties of AR

4 Revenue Streams

4 Differences between a AR and Unit Candidates

4 Reasons a ZOR would use this Growth Strategy

 4 General Considerations4 Steps in Due Diligence Process

4 Qs for Validation

4 Qs for Discovery Day

1st BONUS: 4 Stories to share with your candidates
2nd BONUS: 4 GREAT Attorney Jokes!

Track: "Franchise Sales Dynamics"

Title: The Evolving Business Brokerage Business
Presenter: Doug Robbins
Abstract: Doug Robbins, Founder of Robbinex® will summarize the results of fifteen (14 hour) days of intensive study into the operations of the profession along with the results of numerous ‘beta tests’ initiated from that study and others since … those tests that worked and those that failed. 

Tracking the changes since Doug started in 1974, reveal some fascinating trend lines from which we can forecast the future with uncanny accuracy. Changing technology will continue to dramatically impact:

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Systems, Procedures, & Documentation
  • Up-front fees, work fees, commissions, success fees
  • The services/products that will need to be offered
  • New sources of revenue
  • Consulting opportunities
  • Facilitating the expertise of others
  • New forms of competition
  • Education requirements

All will change. Join Doug for a peek at what successful business brokerage offices will most likely evolve into over the next 7 years.
Track: “The Next Level”


3:15 pm – 4:45 pm

Title: Trade Associations:  Where Eagles Flock Together and Smart Business Intermediaries Prosper
Presenter: Carl Grimes
Abstract: Business owners are like eagles, they generally are solitary and don't gather together except on certain occasions.
Trade Association meetings and CE, CPE are where they may be found.
In this workshop, you will learn how focusing marketing efforts on these opportunities is a key to catching business owners attention.
Track: "Fast Track to Success"

Title: Business Broker Marketing Blueprint: How to Gain an Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition, Book More Listings, And Make More Money
Presenter: Paul Forsberg
Abstract: There are numerous courses out there teaching business brokers how to do their job better and be more effective. Recasting financials, working deals, negotiation, etc., but there is next to nothing when it comes to teaching business brokers how to make the phone ring with quality leads, book more appointments, and get more listings.

In this workshop, you will learn the 5 Fundamental Elements of Every Successful and Sellable Business
  1. Vision (If you don’t know where you want to go, you’ll never get there)
  2. Customer Identification (You need to know who your target customer is so you can market to them effectively)
  3. Marketing (Once you know your target market, you can stop chasing all the shiny objects out there and market efficiently, effectively, and affordably)
  4. Front end Sales (For Business Brokers, this is the listing presentation.)
  5. Product Fulfillment (For Business Brokers, this is closing the transaction and creating referrals)
Track: "Fast Track to Success"

Title: Alternatives to A Sale: How to Use Mezzanine Debt to Finance a Recapitalization to Fuel Growth and also Provide Liquidity for an Entrepreneur
Presenter: Christopher Roden
Abstract: Mezzanine debt providers like C3 Capital have been working closely with entrepreneurs to provide growth capital and liquidity to lower middle market companies for many years.  The workshop will walk through various alternatives and real life stories (C3 has closed over 80 investments) to explain how the use of patient capital like mezzanine debt can not only be effective in fueling growth (and increasing enterprise value) but can also be used as tool to provide dividend or distribution liquidity to the owner/family to complete a partial exit and other financial planning objectives.
Track: "The Next Level"

Title: No More Lookie-Lous: How to Leverage Curiosity and Fear to Do More Deals
Presenter: Rebecca Monet
Abstract: Do you find yourself spending way too much time and money with non-buyers or indecisive individuals? Join us on our mission to eliminate Lookie-Louism. Learn how to convert a ‘think about it guy’ into a ‘buy it guy’. You will learn the impact comfort zone has on your prospect’s ability to see and attain a brighter future. Discover the unique social, emotional, relational and financial fears that entrap your prospects and prevent them from moving forward. Learn ways you can assist your prospect over their walls of fear, into insatiable curiosity about business ownership. Discover how to transform fear into more deals. 
Track: "Franchise Sales Dynamics"

Title: Value Acceleration Consultancy as Added Revenue for Your Brokerage Practice
Presenter: Marquita Wiley
Abstract: Value Acceleration consultancy is gaining popularity throughout our profession as a method of offering more robust service to our clients base and to insure revenue consistency throughout the fiscal year.  This workshop will address the following topics relative to Value Acceleration Consultancy: What is “Value Acceleration Consultancy”?  What competencies are required to successfully offer this service?  What supporting software is needed to offer this service?  What investment is required to offer this service?  What is the added revenue potential of this service?
Track: "The Next Level"


Sunday, May 7h

8:30 am – 10:00 am

Title: Build Up the Bucks! How to Structure the Sale of a Client's Business to Increase the Cash Flow
Presenter: Dr. Bart Basi
Abstract: Each business is unique and complex in its nature; an installer's business is different from an architect’s business, which is different from a distributorship. The deal structure needed to create a transfer of a business is complex. Proper deal structuring will increase the cash flow to the seller. Dr. Basi will take the audience from the initial contact to determining the cash after taxes in an understandable format.
Track: "Fast Track to Success"

Title: Utilizing Technology to Sell Businesses
Presenter: Ismael Wrixen
Abstract: Offline business brokers typically lead transaction communication directly in person or over the phone. While other brokerage industries, for example real estate, are leveraging technology to reach wider audiences and facilitate quicker and more seamless deal execution, offline business brokers have typically been slow adopters of new technologies. As a business owner that takes a technology-first approach, I have been able to leverage the Internet and various SaaS tools to attract over 12,000 business owner enquiries and complete over 450 deals since 2010. In this workshop, I will provide an introduction into digital marketing and the online tools available to help business brokers improve, grow and streamline their sales techniques and execution strategies. This will include the use of CRMs, email automation platforms, blogging, data rooms and other relevant platforms for selling a business. I will go through examples of these tools and how other brokers and I have benefited from them.
Track: "The Next Level"

Title: More on Market Multiples   Why are some ratios so different from others from the same data source?
Presenter: Warren Burkholder
We have all experienced that very frustrating moment when after carefully recasting the P & L and finding the applicable market data from Pratt’s Stats, Bizcomps, and or PeerComps we complete our calculations only to find we have indications of Most Probable Selling Price all over a wide range of values.



Track: "Fast Track to Success"

10:15 am – 11:45 am

Title: Converting Leads to Clients
Presenter: Greg Kells
Abstract: Business Brokers need a methodology to minimize the time it takes to deal with leads while improving the conversion rate, turning leads into clients. This is true for both seller leads and buyer leads. This workshop will present such a methodology. It is focused upon qualifying the buyer, their motivation, financial resources, desired life style, skills, goals and qualifying the seller in relation to their financial goals and life style objectives while also qualifying the business and its readiness for sale. Assuming the qualification is appropriate the rest of the conversion process hinges on building TRUST so the client accepts direction and trusts that you know what is best for them and you are acting in their best interest. Trust relates to the Broker and their knowledge and experience, the firm and their systems, processes and track record, and the prospects view of the integrity of the Broker and the Firm.
Track: "The Next Level"

Title: Selling to Fund-less Sponsors: Fact, Myth, and Trends   
Presenter: Todd Daughinais
Abstract: Since the introduction of the Independent, or “Fundless” Sponsor model in the early 1990’s, these buyers have continued to expand and now represent a sizable share of the market for transactions completed in the lower middle-market. Over the last 5 years, the number of Fundless sponsors has doubled, currently representing over 1,000 individual buyers, mostly focused on the lower middle market segment.  But not all Fundless Sponsors are created equally…

This Workshop will explore the different types of Fundless Sponsor buyers, discuss trends impacting the Fundless Sponsor model, break down the practical differences between independent sponsors and traditional buyers, provide insight on what to look for when evaluating an independent sponsor buyer and discuss the pros and cons of selling to a Fundless Sponsor. The Workshop will provide you with practical tools and advice to counsel your clients when approached by a Fundless buyer to enable a successful transaction. 
Track: "The Next Level"

Title: How to Successfully Market Your Listings to Asian Investors or Represent Them to Acquire Businesses 
Presenter: Winchell Cheung
Abstract: In the last few years, an increasing number of Asian immigrants and investors, particularly those from China, have sought investment opportunities in the US. Their investment motivations and objectives can be very diverse, but the common thread seemingly held by many is that investing and owning an asset or business in the US is safe and secure. My presentation will discuss different aspects of this trend and enable members to better market their listings to potential Asian buyers/investors, or better represent their Asian clients.
  • Cultural aspects
  • Types of business and industry of interest for Asian buyers
  • Major considerations for buying a business or asset
  • Ways / channels to market listings
Track: "The Next Level"

Mastermind Sessions
Experience Growth from Peer Insights into Best Practices at our Mastermind Sessions! Time after time we hear the reason that attendees keep coming back to our conferences are the trade secrets that they’re able to pick up by interacting with their fellow intermediaries. Rather than gaining this information during the breaks in between formal workshops and classes, Mastermind Sessions allow for dedicated time allocated to intense conversations centered around the issues that matter most to business intermediaries with typically no more than 15 of your peers. Topics of discussion range from successful strategies to gain new listings, to tips on preparing the buyers and sellers for the sales process. The 2017 IBBA Annual Conference will offer a "Mastermind" event on Friday, May 5th.

How It Works 
Mastermind Sessions offer powerful peer-to-peer sharing forums that focuses on a specific and important purpose or task. The idea is simple; attend the session you have the most interest in. If the session is not what you thought it was — get up and join another one. Suggested topics, along with their facilitators, will be added to the bottom of this page as suggestions are received. Like last year, the agenda will be built in advance, and in real time, by having all participants (if they choose) add additional topics that afternoon that they don't see on the board. If you are interested in facilitating a topic, please submit this form. Whether you are a broker with 20 years of experience or someone new to the field, you will be able to participate in an open-forum unlike any other industry event. The willingness of the IBBA members to open up with others from all over the world and share their Best Practices is amazing and it is not something you can get from your local/regional association! Attending the mastermind sessions ensures that you will leave the conference with concepts and connections that will make you more money and help close more deals in the remainder of 2017 and the years beyond. Learn how to work smarter and take full advantage of the current intermediary market, so you can fire up your performance!

Help Us Build The Agenda!
Interested in suggesting and facilitating a Mastermind topic? To submit a topic, fill out this form and join us as we build the afternoon’s agenda.

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